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The kids were all gone, which gave the old friends some time to catch up, with the exception of Angel who had taken two of the girls out to eat. Everyone was lounging in Mark and Roger's apartment, snacking of whatever they had in their pantry.

"I really don't know what to do. I mean, I surrogate, I help a family, I never expect to see my KID! She just found out her mom isn't her mom and I'm not ready to be a mom or if I ever will be a mom. I hope it all blows over." Mark sighed. Maureen didn't have half a mind when it came to matters like this.

"You are her mother after all. At least acknowledge her, she'll be staying with us for three weeks!" Joanne moved slightly away from Maureen.

"Pookie, but I never wanted to be her mom! I was helping out some poor fucking family in Germany!" Of course, Mark thought, yet another lovers spat.

"Girls, let's stop fighting." Mimi tried to calm them down. The two didn't speak for the remainder of their time there.

"Well, I'm excited to see the guys perform. I was thinking of making a documentary of their time here, that each of them can take home."

"Seems like a great idea Mark." Joanne tried to smile. Mark just kind of shuffled awkwardly, the tension still great in the room.


Otto was roaming the streets of New York with Georg and the pretty girl in their group, Quinn. Otto wasn't exactly sure why she was with them, but he didn't object or point it out that she could be with one of her friends. Silence.

"Well, what are you guys up to?" Georg tried. No real response.

"We could walk down Broadway... see if we can get information for our songs?" Quinn offered. The two looked at her quizzically. "You know... Broadway? Where they put on all the musicals and crap? Whatever, let's just go." She got a taxi and soon enough, they were on Broadway. After they had searched and Quinn told them of a few musicals, they all had what they were to do in mind...


Martha was waiting for Angel to hail a taxi as she quietly made small talk with Tina.

"So, what do you like to do besides singing?"

"Well, I guess I like to dance a little... you sure have to be able to do a lot of that if you're in glee club." She let out a little laugh. "And you?"

"I write a little... I mostly just spend time with Anna, Wendla, and Thea."

"Ahh, Anna's in my group! I'm usually with Mercedes, Kurt, and Artie." Tina slightly blushed at the end.

"You like him?" Martha was quite straight forward. They had been sitting together last night...

"We're, uh, dating I guess." Martha gasped a little. Back home, girls would be in plenty of trouble if they were seeing someone at this age. "That's normal in America... like with Rachel and Finn and Puck and Quinn. It's not out of the ordinary here..." Martha felt out of place in this new place... Perfect time to adapt.


Ilse wouldn't have guessed she'd be with Anna... the girls didn't talk often and Ilse suspected Anna thought ill of her because of her choice to run off. But here they were, probably because they were in the same group and all the others went off on their own. They were in the lobby, unsure of where to go. One of the girls from Maureen's group came up to them.

"You don't know what the hell y'all are doing now are you?" the girls just shook their heads. "Come with me. I've been to New York with my dad a few times... dentist conventions and all that. I'm Mercedes by the way."

"I'm Ilse."

"And I'm Anna."

"Cool, I'll just get us a taxi and we'll find our way around."


Kurt was still sitting uncomfortably with the German boys minutes later. Luckily, they saw Quinn with Georg and Otto. Kurt wouldn't have expected her to be with guys like them, but walked over to them anyway.

"Quinn. Would you like to join us?" Kurt was begging for a way to break the silence. Quinn walked in with the two boys.

"Kurt..." she mumbled. "Why aren't you with Mercedes or Tina or Artie or Finn for that matter?"

"I could very well ask why you aren't with Mercedes or Puck."


"Has anyone thought of what they're doing for their songs?" Kurt asked the group.

"I'm doing Funny Honey from Chicago." Quinn asserted.

"If I can find a girl to do it with me, I'm doing one of they 'Hey' songs from Next to Normal, an American musical." Georg said.

"I'm still not sure." Otto shrugged. Ernst and Hanschen shrugged with him.

"I thought of Popular from Wicked, or Mr. Cellophane from Chicago, but I did that for my glee audition, and now Quinn has the Chicago area covered. Maybe something else..."


For any Next to Normal fans out there, Skylar Astin, the original Georg, was going to play the original Henry and Phoebe Strole, the original Anna, was set to play the original Natalie. That of course changed, but they still fit the parts wonderfully so I was thinking of having Anna sing either 'Hey #1 or #2' For all of you music lovers, give me some song suggestions! It doesn't have to be from a musical, it could be anything, just por favor help (: ohhh and thank you to:

RellsBells and Rhiblitzleberry.

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