A story that I should be able to stick to! XD

I decided to try a little humor since I write a lot of depressing stuff. =O

ANYWAY, this is gonna be one of those classic Sasuke is boss Sakura is worker type stories buuuuut I'm gonna try and make it enjoyable enough to read that you don't care! =D

ePiKk FaLe

Summary: "Because Pig," I said calmly, "I accidentally told Uchiha Sasuke, AKA my BOSS that I think he's gay to his face and now he's out to reap my immortal soul." "...Yeah, I get THAT, but why do you have to hide out in MY house?"

Chapter One: A Fail of Epic Proportions

"-And that's why I can never, ever, EVER go to work again." I concluded as I leaned back in the floral print sofa and shoved the last double chocolate cookie into my mouth. "By the way love, this couch is hideous. You should redecorate."

The blond woman across from me (Who just so happens to be my best fried Ino) silently stuck up one of her fingers.

...I'm pretty sure you can guess which one it was.

"At least I can go to work tomorrow Sakura." She replied. "Keep on and I'll smack a sign that says: "Come Get This Uchiha" on your gigantic forehead, then throw your happy butt out into the street."

Now of course, I couldn't let that happen. I'm only 24, which meant I had a whole lifetime of being uber sexy ahead of me. This also meant that I could not allow my super-sexy-delicious boss Uchiha Sasuke to find me and send my soul to Hell and then have his crazed fangirls to dump my body in a ditch somewhere.

...Did I mention suck all my blood? Cause you know, I'm pretty sure he's a vampire or something...ZOMG, what if he can SPARKLE! Like, like Edward Cullen! ...Hm...I never realized how gay that was...oh right, Ino.

"Oh my gosh Ino-Chan! You're looking positively STUNNING this evening!" I exclaimed while batting my eyelashes in a very cute, VERY irresistible way.

"Oh really? Thanks Saku-"

"For a fugly boar that is."

Heh heh, Sakura-1 Ino-0

ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe

Okay, so maybe I should've saved my totally awesome bacon burning for when Ino-pig couldn't hear cause now I'm standing in the hallway of this crappy apartment building with a floor so nasty I didn't even feel comfortable rolling my luggage on it.

There are MANY reasons that this horrid place is the only place I can go...(None of which are my fault of course)

Number One: Ino is a selfish hoe who throws innocent pink haired girls out on the street.

Number Two: Hinata-Chan's dad has this HUGE stick up his arse. (I was I supposed to know her cousin was a guy?)

Number Three: ...Kiba is also a hoe, but in a different sense of the word.

Number Four: Lee would probably try to jump my bones while I slept. (Then again, who wouldn't want some of DIS? ;D)

Yeah, the list goes on. I've pretty much marked off everyone I've ever met, save for one that is. (Actually, I HAD marked him off too, but I decided he was the lesser of about 50 evils.)

Hesitantly, I knocked at apartment 303...And nothing happened.

Neatly laying aside my bags, I then proceeded to beat the hell of the door while screaming like an enraged banshee.

A few seconds later I heard a bang and a crash and a muffled: "I'm foaming dom it!" ...Or at least that's what it sounded like...

Then the door flew open and there stood my wonderful savior Naruto. He blinked, as if not really sure he was currently seeing, before breaking into a wide grin and screaming "SAKURA-CHAN" louder than he ever had in his life.

Did I mention he was a complete moron? Like seriously, it's 5 in the afternoon, people are probably trying to sleep.

Silently, as he hugged my guts out that is, I looked pathetically to the sky. (Well, it was actually an off white, cracked, water stained ceiling but whatever.) Why, of all the people, WHY did it have to be NARUTO?

He pulled away, still grinning, and gave me a wonderful glimpse of his bare chest. There was a whole lot to see, let me tell you. I subconsciously licked my lips, which totally would've freaked him out if he wasn't too dense to notice. "I need a place to stay Naru-Chan, and I must admit the view from your apartment is mighty fine."

"Eh," he scratched his head, "but Sakura-Chan, you haven't even been inside! How do you know what you can see through the window?"

...I grinned.

ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe ePiKk FaLe

I woke up the next morning to the smell of stale ramen and the sounds of Naruto's snoring coming from the livingroom. Being the gentleman that he was, he let me take the bed while he slept on the couch. (I certainly wouldn't have minded sharing. ;D) We'd have to have a little talk about those horrid orange sheets though. I shivered.

Dude just lost some cool points, and the poor thing didn't have many to start with.

Suddenly I heard it, I heard the voice. It was a very smart, smexy voice that was saying: "Sakuraaaaaa, get your size 4 butt out of bed and go to workkkkkk! You need some Monay, Cash, Benjamins, you broke girl!

Which is why I did just that.

Now, I bet you're saying "Why on earth would that bimbo go back to work after going through so much to avoid her boss?" Well dearies, to put it simply, mama needs a new pair of shoes. (In a matter speaking of course.) Chances are if I skip work, not ONLY will he massacre me and reap my soul, he'd FIRE me too and I just can't mooch off Naruto forever cause too much ramen makes my feet swell. In my defense, I did stop by Starbucks and take like, a bajillion years ordering to put off my arrival at death's door for as long as I could.

A Caffè Misto really is a great distraction, let me tell you. I was practically inhaling the thing by the time I finally slid through the doors of Sharingan Corp.

I managed to avoid Uchiha-Sama all the way up until lunchtime using my awesome ninja skillz...Well actually I had the secretary Tenten (Another one of my super awesome friends) to look out for me and I'd duck the other way when she gave the "signal."

Of course you may have noticed that I have a high appreciation for the opposite gender. This is why I soooooooo couldn't stop myself from ogling at the mailroom guy when he came prancing his nice backside past my desk and in turn, began to completely ignore the lovely Tenten. When the nameless mailroom guy finally decided to stop dazzling me with his hotness, I finally looked up to see her tugging frantically at her ear.

"Hey," I murmured, "isn't that the signal?"

"...Signal for what Haruno?"

Well crap.



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