So yah, I won't be continuing epikk fale anytime soon. I might at some other point in my life, but it certainly won't be right now. (Though I might write a chapter for you guys since my birthday is coming up if I feel like it cuz I'm nice like that)

I have started another story called Planet Sasuke that you can read in the mean time if you like, and I might be posting a few more oneshots fairly soon. (For those of you that are Soulmates fans, they apparently took it down because the summary was inappropriate and the computer I backed it up on got a virus; sorry.)

And so this will technically be a chapter, here you go.

ePiKk FaLe

Summary: "Because Pig," I said calmly, "I accidentally told Uchiha Sasuke, AKA my BOSS that I think he's gay to his face and now he's out to reap my immortal soul." "...Yeah, I get THAT, but why do you have to hide out in MY house?"

The Not Really A Chapter: Headaches

The next morning, Sakura woke up with a leprechaun in her bed, a dead unicorn shoved halfway into her closet, and a headache so bad that she went to sleep for like, two years, and time stood still because the world stopped spinning without her.

There you go.