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Within southern Maine, a caravan of three camp buses with the name Camp Walden for Boys emblazoned on their sides climbed a tree-lined road. The Buses turned down a narrow lane and passed through a freshly painted wooden gate. Up ahead was a sweeping view of beautiful Camp Walden. A magnificent lake sparkled in the distance with red canoes lined up on its shores. Over the quiet serenity the bus horns honked to announce the first day of camp had officially begun.

Boys. Boys. Boys. Tall ones, short ones and everything in between. Some carrying pillows, others carrying sports equipment, all wearing backpacks. Teenage counselors ran around trying to control the pandemonium without much luck. The only women in sight, the bus drivers, tossed duffel bags out of the buses and into a large pile while the men of the camp scrambled to sort the bags between the campers.

Marvin Kulp, the owner of the camp, late sixties, four and a half feet tall, wearing khaki shorts, spoke through a bullhorn. Next to him stood his son and first lieutenant, Marvin Jr., just under six feet, tanned and humorless. He also held a bullhorn. "Good morning, gentlemen and welcome to Camp Walden. I'm Marvin, your Camp Director and this is my son and right hand man, Marvin, Jr. Boys, please find your duffels as quickly as possible, we've got a big, big day ahead of us. Marvin,'bunk assignments, if you please."

Marvin Jr. lifted his bullhorn and started barking out bunk assignments right into his father's ear. Marvin Sr. covered his ears in pain. "Ken, Iroquois, bunk seven! Larry, Chickasaw, bunk five!" a few boys high fived. "Darry, Kickapoos, bunk three!"

A mountain of duffel bags sat on the quad as one thirteen year-old, Zackary Martin, popped up from behind the huge pile. "Okay, found my duffel, now the question is, how do I get it out?" Zack spoke to himself. He wore overalls, a baseball cap that said Boys Rule, sunglasses, and a sweat-shirt tied around his waist. His left ear was pierced, his hair is short, and he wore bright red high top converse. "Okay, I can do it." Zack pulled on the strap with all his might, his face turning bright red. "Okay, no I can't."

A skinny kid with a long neck named Zoe, stepped in, carrying his duffel bag on his shoulder and chewing gum loudly. "You must be new."

"How can you tell?"

"You didn't know to grab your duffel before the apes tossed it into the heap. I would say you need some serious help."

"Thanks. It's the big blue one." Zack pointed to the pile. The two pulled on the straps of the bag.

"Cool hat." Zoe pointed out.

"Thanks, it was a going away gift from my Dad."

As Zoe and Zack pulled on the strap together, the bus drivers tossed another half-dozen new duffels onto the pile. Zack and Zoe shot the bus drivers a look. Just then, Nick, a strapping twelve year-old in a tie-dye T-shirt, beads and a bandana around his head arrived and easily pulled his duffel from the center of the pile.

"Now that's my kind of man." Zack laughed.

Zoe cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "Hey! Tie-Dye dude!"

Nick turned around and looked at the boys behind him.

"Would you mind giving me a hand? My duffells the blue one, way in there." Zack asked as polite as he could.

Nick nodded and dropped his duffel, landing it right on Zoe's foot.

"You okay?" Zack asked.

Zoe grabbed his foot and hopped up and down. "That would be negative."Nick yanked Zack's duffel out of the pile and dropped it on Zoe's other foot. "Aaaaaahhhh! Why, thank you."

"You're welcome." Nick smiled and read the name-tag on Zack's duffel. "Hey, you're from California?"

Zoe seemed to have forgotten about the pain on his feet and turned back to Zack. "You are? Do you live in Hollywood?"

"Do you like live next door to a movie star?" "

What are you two, Lucy and Ethel?" Zack said sarcastically. "I've never even been to Hollywood. I live in Napa, that's in Northern California, and I live next door to a vineyard."

"A whatyard?" Zoe piped up again.

Zack sighed. "A vineyard. It's where you grow grapes to make wine. That's what we do, me and my dad, we own a vineyard. What bunk are you guys in?"

Zoe and Nick answered at the same time. "Arapaho." neither one seemed to be too thrilled.

Marvin Jr. yelled from his bullhorn. "Martin, Zack..."

"Yo! Right here!"

Marvin Jr. looked over and waved. "Arapaho! Bunk eleven!" The boys slapped hands and headed off toward their bunk.

"So, either of you by any chance know how to play poker?" Zack questioned. The two boys shook their heads. "No? That's a shame. So, tell me, how much cash did you guys bring with you this summer?"

As the boys walked off, a limousine pulled up in front of the main lodge. Heads turned as the driver, in a dark suit and cap, hopped out and opened the limousine's back door. Out stepped a proper British butler, perfect posture, elegant gray suit, extremely proper demeanor. His name is Martin and he spoke with a stuffy English accent. Martin leaned into the back-seat and took the hand of an elegantly dressed thirteen year-old, Cody Sprouse. Cody wore a powder blue suit and carried a satchel and a small vanity case. His hair was perfectly neat, shoulder length and a beautiful blonde. As Cody turned to Martin, the resemblance to Zack was amazing. Same hair color, same eyes, same nose, same mouth, same height, same weight. Identical in every way.

Marty cleared his throat. "Well, here we are - Camp Walden For Boys." he looked around with disdain. "We traveled six thousand miles for... this?"

Cody looked around. He also spoke with a British accent. "It's rather picturesque, wouldn't you say?"

"I don't know if that's precisely the term I would use." Cody smiled as the Limo Driver lined up four pieces of matching luggage by Marty's side.

"So, lets review, your Mother's list, shall we?" he pulled out a typed list. "Vitamins?"




"List of daily intake of fruits and vegetables?"

"Check. Check." Marty looked up. "Check for fruits, check for vegetables. Go on."

"Herbal teas, sugarless candy, sun block, lip balm, insect repellent, umbrella, stationary, stamps, fountain pen, flashlight, batteries, photos of your mother, grandfather and of course..." he turned the page. "Yours truly!"

"Got it all, I think."

"Oh, and here's a little something from your Grandfather, a brand new deck of cards. Maybe you'll find someone on this continent who can actually whip your tush at poker."

"I doubt it but thanks. And thanks for bringing me, Marty."

Marty was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. He looked away, about to burst into tears, quickly grabbed Cody, hugged him tightly, then just as quickly – regained his dignity. "And remember, if you change your mind and want me to pick you up at the end of camp, I'm only a phone-call away."

"I'll be fine. See you in eight weeks, Marty ol' pal."

"Eight weeks it is, Prince of my Heart. Cody put out his hand, Martin placing his hand over Cody's and they proceeded to do an extravagantly worked out secret handshake - with all kinds of moves in it including a butt bump, a wave under the chin and a shimmy to-and-fro. When it was over, Martin resumed his proper Butler demeanor and got into the Limo.

As the Limopulled away, Marvin Jr. called out on his bullhorn. "Cody Sprouse."

"Yes, hello. I apologize if I'm late. My plane was fogged in leaving Heathrow. You know how London is in June."

"Can't say that I do. Never been to jolly Ol' England but never-the-less, sir, welcome to the U.S. of A. and what we like to think of as the most beautiful spot on God's green earth - Camp Walden." Marvin Jr. in hailed deeply. "Oh, jeez, a bug flew up my nose." he blew into his hands and swatted at the bugs around him.

"Are you all right?" Cody asked.

"Oh sure. Just one of the hazards of camp life. You have a little shnoz ... you'll be fine." he pointed to his own nose. "With this honker, you got problems." he looked down at the boys luggage. "Okey-dokey, let's get this show on the road."

"Can you manage?"

"Manage? Uh, sure... Suppose I can... Why not?" Marvin Jr. awkwardly gathered up all of Cody's luggage and lead him toward his bunk. "I know this sounds weird, but ... have we met before?" Marvin accidentally stepped in a gopher hole and stumbled forward...

"Met before? No, no, I don't think so." he reached out and caught Marvin. "I'm positive I'd remember you."

Marvin Jr., huffed and puffed, leading Cody up the steps to his cabin. "Showers are to your right. Rec room's to your left. Mess hall's straight ahead. Chow's at seven, twelve-fifteen and six thirty. Father gives five demerits for being tardy, so don't be." Marvin Jr. held the screen door open with his leg as he balanced Cody's suitcases under his arms. "Welcome to the Navajos." Eight cots with seven boys unpacking and getting into their uniforms. Cody and Marvin Jr. entered the cabin. "New arrival, boys. Name's Sprouse." Marvin Jr. said.

A cherubic-looking Black boy, Jackie, his hair in corn rows, looked up from his Game Boy. "Your name's Sprouse?"

"Cody Sprouse. Just arrived from London, England." he dropped Cody's luggage. "First time in the country, I believe, right, Code?"

"Yes, sir, just arrived this morning, which is actually tonight for me, which makes this tomorrow morning, which..." he looked around and noticed everyone watching him. "Makes me a ' bit jet-lagged." he walked over to an empty cot. "This one mine?"

"Yep. Has to be made every morning right after reveille. Father's a stickler for neatness, so remember to police your area daily. Now, change into your uniform, Sprouse, chow's at thirteen hundred, and Father gives five demerits..."

"-for being-tardy." Cody stopped him short. "I remember." Crosby, a freckled camper, with a CD Walkman around his neck, caught Cody's eye and smiled.

"But thank you for reminding me, Sir." Cody smiled.

"Quite welcome, Sprouse." he began walking toward the door and leaving. "Introduce yourself, boys. Be sociable." Marvin tripped over a sneaker on his way out. The boys held in their laughter as he banged his head on the door frame. As soon as he was gone, the boys cracked up.

"How scary is it that that man's in charge?" Crosby spoke.

Twenty minutes later, a hundred and fifty boys, all in camp uniforms, arrived for dinner. Two lines of boys approached a central buffet table. In one line, was Zack. In the other line, headed right toward him, was Cody. Both Cody and Zack were busy talking to their friends and didn't notice each other. As Cody reaches the front of the line and approached the buffet table, Zack did the same. For a split second, they stood directly next to each other. Just as they were about to see each other, Marvin, Sr. stepped between them with a plate full of food.

"Excuse me, boys ... I've just got to have a scoop of those gorgeous strawberries." he held a large spoon full of strawberries and turned to Zack.

"Care for some?"

"Oh, no thanks, can't, I'm allergic." Zack took his plate and moved off.

Marvin Sr. turned to Cody on his other side. "How bout you, son? Strawberries?"

Cody began walking away as he spoke. "Sorry, wish I could but I'm allergic."

He looked confused and looked back to his other side in the direction Zack walked off. "Oh, yes, allergic, you just told me that." he paused before speaking again. "How'd you get over there? Oh, well, first day of camp... You'll have to excuse the ol' man. At least I'm not putting salt in the sugar shakers yet. I mean, sugar in the..." he turned back to Cody who was now gone. "Now, where'd he go?"

Later that evening, Zack entered a shower stall and began washing his hair. He wore a small gold locket around his neck. A beat later, Cody entered the stall next to him and turned on the water. He wore an identical locket. The boys can not see each other over the partition. Zack dropped his soap and it slid into Cody's stall. Cody reached over the partition and handed the soap back to Zack.

"Here you go."

"Got it! Thanks." As their fingers touched, they both stood frozen for a moment... a current of some sort running between them. They each turned and looked at their touching hands, then they both let go. Zack lifted his locket, sucking on it, Cody doing the exact same thing as he turned off the water...

The following day, two boys, each wearing nylon jackets and wire-mesh masks were in the middle of a duel. The first boy is whipping the second's butt, knocking his sword out of his hand and pinning him against the wall. The other campers applauded and cheered. Both boys took off their masks and Zack was the victor.

"Touche! Excellent, boys." Marvin Jr. clapped before raising Zack's arm. "The winner and still undefeated champ, Zackary Martin!"

Zack took a bow and moved off to the side with his friends. Cody, Crosby and Jackie passed by in time to hear Marvin Jr. speak up to them and the others around.

"Do we have any challengers?"

Cody pulled on a mask. "Sure. I'll take a whack at it." he snapped on a vest, flipped the sword into the air and caught it, then nodded to Marvin Jr. Marvin blew his whistle.

"En garde!"

Zack, still in his mask, turned to see Cody in his mask and vest. Cody saluted briskly with his sword. Zack hesitated, then did the same. They stood on guard... looking like bookends. Marvin, Jr. blows the whistle again and the duel began. Zack lunged, Cody parried, then attacked. Zack tried to knock the sword out of Cody's hand but Cody deflected the blade, whirled around and lunged. Point for Cody! Zack got the jump on Cody and came in low. Point! Zack lunged but Cody caught his sword and swept it in a full circle pulling them together, mask-to-mask. They broke. Zack charged but Cody side-stepped and Zack ran past him. Zack stopped and whipped around to find Cody lunging toward him...Zack stepped back, lost his balance and fell butt-first into a water trough, landing with a huge splash.

The Campers explode with laughter. Cody reached out to help Zack but he grabbed Cody by the hand and yanked him into the trough. The campers crack-up as the two boys sat soaking, side-by-side. They climbed out together and angrily pulled off their masks. Cody tossed his long hair as Zack shook his short hair dry.

Marvin Jr. spoke up again. "Looks like we got ourselves a new camp champ. Mr. Cody Sprouse! Let's shake hands, boys." Neither boy turned around. "Boys!"

Cody and Zack turned, hands extended. And for the first time, they looked into each others face and froze. Speechless and like looking into a mirror, Zack extended his hand...and Cody reached for it.

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