*Setting- Mid New Moon. Edward has left, Bella has no hope that he will ever return. Jacob has already phased and Bella knows.
*Summary- Between Bella's constant moping and all of the stress and changes Jacob has endured from his recent change, Jacob decides they both need to just get away for a day. The two set out on a journey that is every bit metaphorical as it is literal. WOP, I'm undecided as of yet whether or not the story will extend past the trip. This is a big first for me, so we'll just see where it goes.


Main Entry: trip

Pronunciation: \ˈtrip\

Function: verb

1 a : to dance, skip, or caper with light quick steps b : to walk with light quick steps
2 : to catch the foot against something so as to stumble
3 : to make a mistake or false step (as in morality or accuracy)
4 : to stumble in articulation when speaking
5 : to make a journey
6 a : to actuate a mechanism b : to become operative

Chapter 1


She had the distinct feeling that someone had been talking to her, but couldn't quite drain the sleep from her head fast enough to understand the who or the what of the situation.

"Bella? Are you awake?" said a deep recognizable voice.

She was laying face down, hair spread wildly over the pillow, and her right arm and leg hung haphazardly from the edge of the bed. She looked asleep, but Jacob had learned that looks were often deceiving with Bella Swan.

"Bella, I know you're awake. I saw your toes twitch, now get up!"

"MMhmmg," she mumbled into her pillow.


"Five more minutes."

"Or I'm coming over there to tickle those traitorous toes into action," Jacob threatened.

She rolled over and slammed a hand down onto the clock on her bedside stand to turn it for a better view. 6:13 AM.

"Give me one good reason I should listen to you? Why are you here so early anyway?"

"We've got to get moving. You've already wasted five minutes of our day of amazingness." He was grinning. She couldn't tell if he was actually as gleeful as he looked, or if it was just a ploy to get her out of bed.

"Day of amazingness? Have you forgotten this is Forks? And oh yeah, this is Forks?"

"That's what's going to be amazing. We're leaving Forks. Roadtrip! Top secret! Now get up and get dressed. You can ask questions on the way."

"Will you answer them?"

"You know me too well, Bells. Now, up and at 'em!" Jacob smiled at his accurate use of this phrase. Until very recently, he had mistaken the phrase for being "up and Adam."

Bella wondered how long it would take him to get the hint and leave so she could get dressed. Apparently too long.

"Um, Jake?"


"Do you think you could leave for a minute? So I can get dressed?"

"Oh sure! Sorry. I'll just wait right outside."

He walked out and shut the door behind him, catching a brief glimpse of her in an oversized t-shirt and panties. It hurt how beautiful she was, and she didn't even know it. He could almost hear Quil teasing him about how hard he had worked to get her out of bed rather than in it.

"Oh and Bells?"

"Yeah, Jake?"

"Wear a swimsuit." He smirked, thinking that would earn him a few points back with Quil.

"What?" She shouted back through the closed door.

"You know, one of those things people wear in the water. And bring a change of clothes just in case." No response. Outside the door, Jacob tried to imagine what type of swimsuit Bella would choose for herself. A bikini would look fabulous on her, but she didn't seem like the type of girl who wanted to show off her body. He also couldn't imagine her in one of those plain one pieces worn by professional swimmers. In the end he decided that she'd look wonderful in anything, and he waited eagerly to find out. When she opened the door moments later, he was very surprised indeed. She was wearing denim shorts, a t-shirt, and a rain jacket.

"Maybe I should have been a little more specific when I said 'those things people wear in the water'…"

She cut him off midsentence. "Sorry, I guess it never crossed my mind that I'd need a swimsuit in Forks. Besides, I needed the packing space for umbrellas and ponchos." She rolled her eyes. She was definitely taunting him, but then he knew that from the first word. Any time she began a sentence with the word "sorry," he instantly knew she was being sarcastic. She always gave heartfelt apologies when she really meant it, always worked up to the word "sorry," never hastily rushing it at the beginning.

Jacob laughed a little, "It's alright. We can stop and get one on the way. Might even be fun."

"Fun for who?", Bella responded, shooting a well-rehearsed glare at him. Anyone who knew her at all knew how much she hated shopping.

"Well, Mike Newton for one, since I assume his family's store is the only place around here that will carry swimwear." Jacob chuckled at the thought of walking up to Mike and demanding that he direct them to the swimsuits. He could picture Newton turning several shades of purple when he realized Jacob was swimsuit shopping with Bella. Then again, Mike would probably insist to help with the fitting.

"Yeah, right. He'd probably try to come in the dressing room with me."

"You're right. The only logical way to prevent that from happening is to have me stand guard inside the room with you," he said with a sinister smile.

"Nice try. You and Mike can go on this top-secret trip together if either one of you tries that."
She punched him lightly on the arm as she walked past him out of her bedroom and noted that his flirty quips had gotten more forward after the whole wolf thing. Maybe the pack guys were getting to be a bad influence on him.

Once safely secure from the rain inside the Rabbit (and with a box of poptarts hastily grabbed from the kitchen), Bella began the questions Jacob had been anticipating.

"I know you're invincible and all, but in case you haven't noticed, it's raining and cold, not exactly swimsuit weather," she said defiantly.

"Have a little faith, Bells. Our top secret destination will not be rainy or cold. You can count on that."

"So why are we leaving town anyway?"

Jacob was hesitant to ruin the moment by raining on their parade, no pun intended. It had gotten off to a good start, and he didn't want to go screwing things up by saying the wrong thing like he always did.


He sighed. "I just thought that it might be nice to go some place new for a change. Get a little perspective away from all of this, you know, in light of everything that's happened. It might do us both some good." Truthfully, he wanted to get away from the influence of the pack, and he wanted to get her away from any reminder of that bloodsucker. Just the two of them for a whole day sounded like paradise. Maybe, just maybe if he could get her away for a day and they could exist in their own little vacuum away from the rest of the world, Bella would have time to realize her feelings for him. They could have a day the way things should have been in a world that was right, a world without vampires. He stole a glance to see her response. She was fidgeting with her hands in her lap, looking down at them as if they offered some relief.

She hesitated, exhaled. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It couldn't hurt, anyway."

"That's my girl! I hear kidnapping and crossing state lines is the best remedy for the blues."

"Crossing state-!"

He cut her off. "Oops! Well, yeah. You'll see when we get there."

She looked up at him; he grinned and winked sheepishly. It was hard to believe he was 16 anymore. He looked 23, 24 easily, with his newly developed muscles and height. Between the way he looked and the way he had taken care of her, it was hard for her to remember that she was the older of the two. Moments like these reminded her of just how young he was and made her regret all of the stress he had been placed under on her account. He deserved a day of fun.

When they pulled into the lot at Newton's, there was a marked absence of cars and people. Crap, Jacob thought. Of course they're not open at 6:30 AM.

"Looks like we'll just have to find one on the way."

"Aw, that's a shame. And I was so looking forward to modeling a bikini for Mike." Bella snickered.

"Poor jerk doesn't even know what he's missing." Jacob grinned. "I bet if you called him last night and said you needed him to open the store early so you could buy a bikini, he'd have been on your doorstep with six styles for you to try at six this morning."

He laughed it off, but he was secretly pleased that Bella was willing to laugh off his competition with him. Not that there was any real competition with Newton, but it was clear from that time at the movies that he was delusional enough to think he might have something with Bella. Plus the guy had the added appeal of being a regular old human, something that might start appealing to Bella. It was good to be reassured that Newton was just an idiot.

Back on the road, the questions started up again.
"So I know you're not going to tell me where we're going, but is there any chance you'll tell me how far it is?"

"More than two hours, less than two days." He inwardly hoped that Bella would be okay with spending so much time in a car with him. He hadn't really thought it over, but he guessed it would be fine. Though he tended to get nervous around her sometimes, they never suffered from the kind of awkward silences that could kill a good roadtrip, or so he supposed. Up until this point in his life, his roadtrip experiences were limited to trips squished in the middle seat between his two sisters on the way to visit various family members. This trip with Bella would definitely top any of those; at the very least she wouldn't yell at him for looking out of the window on her side of the car.

"Just relax. You lay back, go to sleep. I guess I owe you a little sleep, huh? I'll wake you if anything good happens."

"You just got your license. Are you sure you don't need me to keep an eye on the road or something?" Bella yawned.

"Come on Bella, you and I both know I'm the better driver. Besides, the license just made it official. I've been driving just as long as you have."

He had her there, and they both knew it. She shot him a smile, reclined her seat, and felt the deep pull of unfinished sleep.