Chapter 26: Special Note.

Warning: Spoiler Alert, Special Note, Woohoo!

First Order of Buisness:

Hey everyone, So, to everyone who read the story, thanks so much. This story was my first attempt at writing on this webstie, or any for that matter. Thank you so much for your support. You guys are the best. :] :].

At the start, I didn't think it would turn out so well, but I guess you guys would say it was great. :]

I absolutely have to say thank you someone. His Screen Name on this website is Razamataz22, he is the man. It took one story of his to make my decision final. I said to myself, I said, "Self, You're creating a screen name, and writing an effing story!" So I did, and it's success among all of you has really made me happy. I feel great about it. So Thank you Razmataz, I do not know your real name, but that's okay xD.

Also, i've been told that I am an excellent writer by all of the English teachers I've had in the past few years. I am creative, and some of the things I write are very deep and meaningful, whether it be in story form, or song form. Funny, Sad, Happy, True, Fictional, ect.

I once again thank you all for your support, expect more to come.

Second Order of Buisness:

Yes there will be a sequel to this story, no worries.

Third Order of Buisness:

Alright, so I have had like four ideas floating around in my head while writing this story, and I got confused, I don't know what one I want to put to the test yet. Here is a warning. WARNING: *SPOILER ALERT!* You've been warned.

First: Okay so I never mentioned that I was/am sort of a Digimon fan, sort of kind of idk. Two people stand out to me in that show, they make me go, aww, (yes I am a guy, no I'm not gay/ no offense to the gay people out there, I think you're cool in your own way and I support you.) I was going to do one with them, possible crossover with DBZ, not too sure yet.

Second: I outlined the Sequel to this story already, and will work on that eventually.

Third: I love the Grand Theft Auto Video Game Series. I wanted to write a Fanfic for that, GTA IV. Some time in the furture of that time line. Soon.

Fourth: A DBZ story that features an Early Romance between Gohan and Videl, I mean early, like, 1 or 2 years after Cell Games Early, exactly.

Fifth: There is no fifth, I just wanted 5 of these cool number references, first, second, ect.

Fourth Order of Buisness:

I want you guys to help me pick out which Idea I should go with first. (See, "Third Order of Buisness.") Or, if you want me to try some other idea and see what I can do with it, that helps to. Send me a PM and let me know. Note: My thought processing, "Okay, so a Digimon/DBZ crossover with the foundation in my head would be crazy, The Grand Theft Auto one is got me hung up, Swords are great, The sequel is mapped out and ready, but still needs to be thought through more. Trunks should grow out his hair. The other DBZ story has me hung up as well. Swords are great." Just keep these random thoughts in mind.

No More Business:

Once again, thank you, and good luck with your projects and what not, until next time. Keep in touch as well. :] PM me any time.

Ending Credits:

Song Playing, Breaking Benjamin, "Crawl"


BTW: Unfortunately, I will not be home from Monday the 19th until Tuesday, the 27th, July 2010. Damn, I need a break. Haha.