Title: Purely Coincidental

Author: Emmy

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: None of these delightful characters belong to me, I'm just borrowing them for a short bit.

Note: This story is totally for fun and stands apart from all my other fanfictions as a solo story. I'm still working on the chapters, but I thought I might as well post now. The title took some time to come up with, I just titled it quickly. If I think of something better I'll probably change it.

11:30 a.m., Tuesday

The Dungeons...

Harry was mixing a wiggenweld potion at the front of the class. He was the only student who hadn't been partnered up with another student because Snape had decided that Harry and his friends should never remain in the same group since that incident in Harry's fourth year concerning a IWitches' Weekly/I with an article about him. Snape had found the discarded magazine and read it aloud for all of the Slytherins' amusement. Now Harry was stuck working right in front of Snape's desk and directly under his critical eye.

The entire hour had comprised of Malfoy flicking various potion ingredients at Harry while several of the Slytherins would snicker each time Harry got hit. Harry's face burned with anger, but he didn't dare retaliate - Snape would be on him in a second and he'd probably get several points taken from Gryffindor and a detention under Snape's supervision if he did.

Snape had just stopped to sneer at Harry's slightly frothy potion when something splashed into the potion, causing it to foam uncontrollably and then explode. Harry heard several gasps as the potion splattered him and Snape. He wiped the strange foam from his face with his sleeve which, Harry noticed, had somehow grown quite a bit. Harry blinked down at his clothes, which were now several sizes too large, then looked up. The cauldron that had held the potion was now much bigger than before. His first reaction was that the potion must have made his clothes and the cauldron bigger, but now that he looked around the dungeon, he saw that he was actually smaller. His eyes finally stopped on something he hadn't noticed before. A small boy of about 3 or 4 years of age sat on the floor looking dazed. His soft, pale skin was accentuated by fine, shoulder-length black hair and a black cloak that was much too large for him.

Harry gasped. "P...Professor Snape?!" The voice Harry heard when he spoke startled him. It sounded like a child's voice! He looked down at his hands as realization dawned on him. Whatever Malfoy had accidentally flicked into his cauldron must have changed his potion into a youthful potion. Harry could hear a few muffled snickers coming from the Slytherins' side of the dungeon - no doubt Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle couldn't contain their amusement of the situation.

Harry's voice had managed to snap the other boy out of his daze and the boy now looked at him with ferocious intensity. Harry cringed under the glare that he was being given. "Everyone out.... NOW!" The other boy shrieked. "Potter, you stay." Most of the students shuffled out quickly, while others kept casting glances back at Harry and Snape. Harry noticed that a few more students were giggling now.

After the last student left, Snape raised his wand and muttered, "Alius." Harry noticed that his robes were shrinking as well as the other boy's until the previously over-large robes fit them both. Now, the other boy was glaring at him once again. "Come, Potter. We're going to the headmaster's office." His voice was almost a whisper, but Harry could still make out the dangerous undertone.

11:45 a.m., in front of the gargoyle statue...

A very harassed Snape and Harry now stood in front of the statue entrance to Dumbledore's office. "Chocolate Frog." Snape muttered while some passing first year girls walked by, giggling at the strange pair. The gargoyle shifted to reveal the stairway that lead to the headmaster's office. Snape grasped Harry's sleeve and led him down the stairway while the gargoyle moved back into place.

When they got to the entrance to the headmaster's office, it soon became apparent that neither of them could reach the door handles, so they settled for pounding on the door with their tiny fists instead. The door swung open and Snape and Harry had to catch themselves to keep from falling. Both looked up to see a cheerfully smiling Dumbledore peering down at them from behind his half-moon eyeglasses. "Come in." He motioned to some seats across from his desk as he stepped aside.

12:00 p.m., they finally managed to crawl into the chairs...

Both young boys looked up at the headmaster as he stood behind his desk, looking unsurprised as usual. "Headmaster, Harry threw some various ingredient in his potion during class, causing it to explode. It hit both of us and..." He paused to hold up a tiny balled up fist. "look at me now!!" Dumbledore merely chuckled while Snape fumed. "I did not throw anything! Malfoy had been throwing stuff at me all..." Snape rounded on Harry. "Silence! Don't you think I know what happens in my classroom?!" He hissed as menacingly as he could. Harry wasn't the slightest bit affected. "You do, you just ignore it when it's Mal..." Snape lunged at Harry and Dumbledore had the pry the two apart.

Dumbledore glanced between then, a strange twinkling in his light blue eyes. It was a twinkling that made Harry very nervous. Dumbledore helped both boys into their seats again. "I am well aware of what has happened here, Severus, Harry. Fortunately, most of the potion must have hit you, Severus. Harry's lucky for that. Otherwise Harry would have de-aged until he'd become nonexistent." He paused for a second and looked thoughtfully at the two. "I am sorry to tell you that the only way to let this wear off is through waiting. As you know, Severus, there is no potion that can help with this without having dire side effects." Snape nodded. "The effects should wear off in about a week."

Two gasps. Both boys began talking at once.

"But headmaster, my classes...!"

"What about quidditch...?"

"I won't be able to..."

"How am I supposed to..."

Dumbledore merely silenced them with a look. "An idea has occurred to me since you have entered here today. Harry leaned back in his seat and he could hear Snape gulp. A feeling of foreboding seemed to take over the room. "Severus, I will inform Professor Grubbly-Plank that she may take over your classes until you are back to normal. Harry, I'm afraid that quidditch is out of the question. Now, both of you will learn to restrain yourselves and get along. It is thus my decision that you two will go to classes together, eat together, and yes, even sleep together." Harry fainted.

1:30 p.m., The Hospital Wing...

Harry woke up to the familiar white ceiling above him. "Ugh...what happened?" A cold voice answered him and fear began to creep in his veins. "You fainted, Potter, and I've had to sit here while you were asleep!" Harry put his glasses back on and glanced over to Snape. Sure enough, a small boy sat there. Harry gasped and fainted again.

1:45 p.m., The Hospital Wing...

"I think you both look adorable as three year olds, Severus." Harry could hear Madam Pomfrey giggle. He put his glasses back on and saw Snape glowering at Madam Pomfrey. "Ah, you're awake!" She bustled over and began checking his temperature. "'m Fime." Harry replied in a muffled squeak as he tried to remove the thermometer from his mouth. Madam Pomfrey chuckled. Harry frowned.

"Can we go yet?" Snape narrowed his eyes at Madam Pomfrey while he asked this question. "Go? I was hoping Harry could stay here for another day..." Harry nearly fainted again. "No!" Snape gasped and grabbed Harry, dragging him out of the hospital wing. The both ran until they found themselves back in the dungeons. A place Harry would rather not be. "Were are we going?" Harry blinked. "My room." Snape muttered.

They stopped in front of a painting of a scholar sitting under a willow tree. "Veritas." Snape answered the unspoken question and stepped inside the dark room. Harry reluctantly followed and nearly knocked Snape over. "Watch where you're going, Potter!" Harry could feel his glare without actually seeing it. "Call me Harry. I'm getting sick of you saying Potter all the time!" Harry replied. "Fine, then. Call me Severus... but not in class." Harry nodded silently, then realizing that it was possible that Snape couldn't see his nod, he said, "Yes."

As they walked further into the room, Snape pointed his wand at the fireplace and a fire began to burn in it. The room lightened considerably, but it still felt quite dark and damp. The bricks seemed to almost have a dark greenish glow and the wooden chairs, desk, and table were all dark in color. Harry saw a majestic bed in the next room. As they walked into the bedroom, Harry saw a table lined with various potions and ingredients. Several magical burners kept some of the potions bubbling and glowing. The bed itself was made of mahogany and the curtains were a dark shade of green with silver lining.

Severus stepped up to the table, dragging a chair with him. He stood on the chair and began to look through the ingredients. "I'm sure I left it here..." He muttered to himself. Harry decided to watch silently. He saw a small glitter at the end of the table and walked over to it. "What's this..?" Severus glanced at the shiny object. "There it is." He snatched it up and placed it on his chest. Harry stared at the object on Severus' chest. It was a small emblem that read:

Severus Snape


It was decorated with a well-carved snake with emerald green eyes. "I made it when I was in my first year." Severus said. Harry was surprised. Severus hadn't been condescending when he's spoken, but he seemed really proud. Harry smiled. This was a side of the potions master he knew that the students and perhaps most of the teachers never saw. The other boy stepped down from the makeshift stool with a little help from Harry.

Harry heard his stomach growl. He hadn't eaten lunch yet. "We missed lunch, so we'd better go to the kitchens to get some food." Severus walked back towards the entrance. "Where will we eat?" Harry asked. Severus looked back. "Well, why not here?" Harry winced. "I was actually hoping to eat somewhere brighter..." Severus frowned at him. "Well, fine then." He looked slightly offended. "I didn't mean that I don't like it. I'm just not used to so little light." Severus nodded and they left for the kitchens.