Chapter 1 - Headaches & Imprinting

"Alex...Hey Alex...Alexandria!"

Alexandria Thompson shook herself out of her fog as she looked around and pain was suddenly radiating through her head. The last thing she remembered was walking out of the high school on the La Push Indian reservation. She looked up into the brown eyes of her two best friends Leah and Seth Clearwater. Seth gave a lopsided smile, "Oh My God she's alive! Cancel the coroner!" Leah glared at her little brother as she reached over and smacked him in the back of the head, "Can you be serious for like three seconds?"

The next face Alex saw was Jacob Black one of her closest friends, "I don't think she ever really needed a coroner...but she may need a doctor. It was my fault Lexi...Are you ok?" Alexandria moved around a little and then she heard a voice that sounded somewhat familiar, "Actually it was my fault, I should've watched where I was throwing the damn football. I'm so sorry Alex." Alexandria quirked an eyebrow, "What the hell happened?"

Leah made a face, "The idiot twins were throwing the football around and I guess Paul threw it to Jake and he went to catch it and his elbow came up and hit you in the nose and then when you fell back the concrete sidewalk got the back of your head." Jake smiled sheepishly, "Sorry Lexi, I didn't see you before you walked out of the school." The familiar voice of Paul spoke out again as Alexandria watched as he squatted down in front of her as he grabbed her hand and helped her sit up, "I'm afraid you might have a concussion Alex. We might need to get you to the doctor."

Alex finally opened her eyes all the way as she lifted her head as her hand went to the back of her head and she winced at the pain of the bump. Suddenly Alexandria's eyes locked with Paul's and she felt like her world was spinning off its hinges.

Seth laughed nervously as Jake and Leah both smirked. Paul stood up abruptly and stammered over his words, "I-I uh...I better...I have to go. I-I have to go now." Paul disappeared so fast it made Alex's head spin. Alex looked at the remaining faces, "Really?" Seth chuckled, "It's not you Alex...Don't worry I'm sure Paul forgot he had some place to be." Alex nodded, "Sure." Jake pursed his lips as he grabbed both of Alex's hands and helped her to her feet. She swayed a little and almost fell back onto the sidewalk again, when Seth grabbed her lifting her into his arms, "I got ya Alex. I won't let you fall."

Alex leaned her head against his chest, "My head hurts." Seth softly chuckled a bit, "I bet it does...Where are the keys to your Jeep?" Leah followed into step with her little brother, "I got them, she dropped them when she blacked out." Jake's voice voiced them, "I have her back pack once we get to the ER I'll call her mom." Leah looked at Jake, "What about Alyssa?" Jake scowled, "I'm not even attempting to talk with her right now." Leah frowned, "Jake...You need to talk with her." Jake scoffed, "Like hell...She's been such a..." Seth piped, "Snobby bitch?" Seth felt a smack on the back of his head and never saw it coming.

As Seth got in the back seat with Alex sitting on his lap he growled, "You're lucky I didn't drop her...Then you could've explained to her why her butt would have a bruise." Leah looked at her little brother poignantly, "You'd never drop Alex. She's our best friend." Seth stuck his tongue out at the back of his sisters head, "I saw that..." Jake looked back at Seth with a smirk playing on his lips, "You know she see's everything, why do you push your luck with her?" Seth chuckled, "Cause it's fun."

Alex opened her eyes slightly as she looked at Jake and reached out touching his shoulder. He looked down at her small hand as he took it in his hand and gently kissed the back of it, "Don't worry Lexi, were almost to the hospital." Alex smiled softly, only Jake called her Lexi, her eyes focused a little more, "What happened with you and Aly?" Jake shrugged, "I'm not trying to figure it out anymore. How many times can you tell someone you like them before you get it through your thick skull that they can't stand you?" Alex frowned a little, "But Alyssa does like you. Don't give up on her Jake. She'll come around."

Meanwhile, Paul hit the tree line to the woods as he jumped into the air and phased and came down in all his silver wolf glory. He shook out his thick fur and the familiar half raspy half squeaky voice of his best friend Jared came through his mind, 'Hey Bro what's...OH SHIT! YOU IMPRINTED ON ALEXANDRIA!' Paul groaned, 'Man what am I going to do? I can't take it back!' Jared was suddenly confused, 'Man what's wrong with that? Alex is fuckin cute."

Paul knew Alex was cute, he'd thought she was cute since she'd moved to La Push 10 years ago when she was 7. He'd watched her grow into the beautiful 17 year old girl she was now. 'Don't let Kim hear you say that...Or think it.' Sam Uley's alpha voice boomed through both their heads, 'So you finally imprinted Paul...Emily will be excited.'

Paul whined, 'I don't want anyone to be excited for me...This is terrible. Sam I can't control my temper. I'm the most volatile member in the damn pack...What if I phase in front of her and scare her? What if I phase in front of her and hurt her? I know it was only a mistake when you did it, but my temper is worse than anyone's Sam! What am I seriously going to do?'

Sam coughed out a chuckle, 'Paul first off you need to calm down and stay level headed. You've been doing good on controlling your temper lately. Why should imprinting on someone make a difference?' Paul scoffed and scowled at the same time, 'What if I didn't want to imprint damn it?' Sam chuckled again, 'Too late now buddy. You know you need to tell her, but I'm not gonna push you into when to tell her. It's always up to you guys. Just remember to do it around us so we can help out.'

Paul shook his head, 'I'm never telling her. Shit look how much Alyssa and Jake fight all because he imprinted on her and now she doesn't want to have anything to do with him because she thinks he had some kind of control over who he could imprint on. I don't want my imprint to feel like they don't have a choice, like I'm forcing her into this life of ours. Everyone has seen the fights and hateful words that are said between Jake and Alyssa. I don't want that to happen with Alex and I.'

Sam knew Paul had a point but decided to try and ease his pain, 'Look everyone of us told our imprints they had a choice, Alyssa is the only one who feels like she's been forced, and even then I think she's just truly scared of what's really out there, or maybe she's scared because it's hard to know at 17 that you'll always only love one person. Never know there could be more to it. I'm sure there is. She's just hiding her fears.'

Seth carried a groggy Alex into the house she called home with her mom. Her mother had met them at the ER and it was confirmed Alex had a concussion, but it was mild. Jake felt extremely guilty. Alex's mom had to go back to work which wasn't far considering she was the head nurse at the hospital. Seth and Leah volunteered to stay with Alex until her mom could get off work. Seth gently laid her in bed as he placed a feather kiss on her forehead. Leah drove Jake home as Seth sat with Alex.