Chapter 18 - I'm Done

Six months after Leah and Embry had gotten married, Jake and Alex got married. Alex had moved back to La Push and opened her own private practice.

One night at a bonfire like always every Friday night, Alexandria and Jake walked along the water's edge as they talked back and forth laughing at something the other had said. They were both far enough away from the bonfire and the group of people that they could talk intimately about whatever they wanted. After they had finished their conversation they turned around and headed back to the bonfire.

"ALEX LOOK OUT!" A voice yelled.

As if in slow motion, Alex looked up and a football came sailing through the sky and smashed into her nose as she suddenly fell back into the sand.


Leah growled out her frustrations, "SHUT UP SETH! It was just an accident and I told you, Brady and Collin to go further down the beach to throw that stupid football around." Jake growled next, "Guys...None of this is helping Alex." Emily's voice of reason, "If you guys would so kindly move out of the way." Emily walked over and cradled Alex's head in her hands, "She'd not dead you guys, she's just knocked out."

Emily looked over and noticed the worried brown eyes and smiled softly as she squeezed the shoulder that owned the dark brown eyes, "Paul...She's okay." Paul whimpered a little, "Are you sure Em? She got hit pretty hard." Emily nodded, "You're imprint is just fine, calm down. No need to kill the pups. It was just an accident."

Alexandria moved around a bit and felt someone grab her hand, her eyes slowly opened as she saw Paul staring back at her as his voice was low and menacing, "I'm sorry Lexi, I tried to stop the football before it hit you...I'll kill the three idiots responsible if you'll just say the word." Alex shook her head no as she tried to sit up. Paul carefully put his arms around her and helped her sit up slowly.

Alex looked around confused, "What happened?" She looked over and saw Alyssa wrapped in Jake's arms, Leah shoving Seth, Brady and Collin around while growling at them vehemently. Paul smiled softly, "Apparently Seth went to throw the football and Brady crashed into him and it flew off course and hit you in the face...You've been out for a good 15 minutes...What's the last thing you remember?" Alex furrowed her brow, "You asked me to go for a walk with you and you broke up with me and then I went to college and married Jake." Alex suddenly felt the absence of something and looked down, "Where's my ring?"

Paul chuckled, "I think you got hit harder than I thought. Alex I didn't break up with you. I asked you to walk with me and asked you to marry me after we graduated next year. Before I had a chance to put the ring on your finger, the ball hit you in the face." Emily giggled, "C'mon you guys she's okay...Let's let her and Paul talk a minute."

After every one left, Paul sat down next to Alexandria, "So...You married Jake huh? Trying to tell me you're secretly supposed to be his imprint and not mine?" Alex giggled a little as she felt Paul cleaned the blood from her face, the feeling of déjà vu all over again. Alex shook her head, "No of course not. Maybe it was just a weird daydream or I don't know nightmare thingy. Jake is one of my best friends. You know that." Paul chuckled, "I was just kidding Lex. I wouldn't have asked you to marry me if I thought Jake was going to steal you away from me." Alex rolled her eyes playfully as she looked in Paul's endless brown eyes, "So where's my ring Mr. Redson?" Paul smirked as he leaned back in the sand and dug around in his pocket and fished out a blue velvet box and opened it. Alex smiled when she saw the blue diamond in the shape of a tear drop was set on a silver band.

Tears slipped from Alexandria's eyes as Paul slid the ring on her left ring finger and kissed her lips lightly. Paul chuckled, "Maybe we should mark all occasions in our life with you getting smashed in the nose...You never know next time you wake up we might have three or four rugrats running around...Or you and Jacob could have a litter by then." Alex giggled as she swatted Paul's arm playfully. He captured her lips again.

Paul pulled back, "You're sure you want me right? Temper and all?

Alexandria smiled softly, "Oh yea. I'm done."

The End.