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Authors note:

No flames please... Written while going through a very rough time.

I Only write when I'm feeling extremely horrible, and I only write horrible, disgusting tragedies like these.

Very much out of character.

Warning, very, very disgusting material, very graphic description of a sexual assault in the next chapters. Can't handle it, then don't read.

-Sam's POV-

Another prisoner grabs the knife out of the hands of the one that sliced open the T-shirt off. He looks me over, like he's thinking about what he should slice off next. He ends up slicing my pants off. I'm now wearing only panties and a bra.

A female prisoner goes to Jack's back-pack and finds his army-knife.

I let my face fall to the side and see Jack. He's chained to the wall right by my side. Jack is watching me and what the prisoners are doing with a great pain in his eyes. I beg Jack to look away. He tells me that he can't do that, that he has to see if I'm okay.

"You know what they're going to do, don't you?" I ask him.

I can hardly make out his face now because my eyes are blurred with tears .

"Yeah." he says.

"I'm begging you, please look away. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you see what's going to happen."

Jack finally gives in, but still doesn't sound convincing.

"Promise not to look at me, no matter what sounds or screams I make, okay?"

"OK, if I agree, then you have to talk to me. If you stop talking, I'll assume the worst and take a peek, understood?" He says.

"Yes sir."

"Come on Sam, stop the bullshit!" Jack says, worry dripping from his voice. "Right now you have to look at me as a friend, and not a superior, OK?" Then Jack adds: "If not for your sake, then do it for me."

"But sir..."


"Okay, if you insist."

Jack then fortunately looks away because as soon as he looks away the female prisoner comes over to me and cuts my bra off and as soon as she's done that, one of the men cuts my panties off. I am now completely exposed.

I pull on my restraints trying to free my hands and find to my surprise that I can move my hands just a bit. Unfortunately, one of the women notices that and ties my hands better down above my head.

I feel so defeated and helpless.

One of the women bends over my chest and bites deep on my boob. It really hurts and I scream out in surprise.

Jack calls out for me, asking what's going on. It's hard to focus on what he's saying because of everything that's going on, but I manage to find an answer.

"She bit me."

I see blood trail down my side and down to the table.

Another woman starts slicing lightly at my other boob. It's not deep at all, but will still leave nasty scars. There are two women and four men. I've never seen four men suck on two boobs before now.

The woman that was slicing my boob is now cutting trails on my stomach.

The woman that bit me in the boob moves down to my core. I feel her touching me down there and I shiver. She then sticks two fingers roughly inside of me. I yelp loudly and squirm. She then withdraws and thrusts right back in, even more roughly, which makes me yelp and scream a bit. Then she continues to thrust in and out, in and out. More furiously with every time.

It hurts so badly. I haven't had sex for a year now and haven't even masturbated since then either. I feel that I've become much tighter than I used to be.

"Talk to me!" I hear Jack's voice say.

"What about?" I manage to groan out between yelps.

"What's going on, for instance?"

I get very frustrated at him for asking and bark at him what actually is going on: "There's a female prisoner thrusting her fingers inside of me as fast and hard as she can!" But I realize as soon as I've said it, that I'm not frustrated at him. I'm frustrated at what's going on. "Sorry, didn't mean to say that."

"Look, Sam, you don't have to feel sorry for anything. I know what you must be feeling and I totally understand," He says lovingly "You can say whatever you want to right now and I won't judge you for any of it...That's one of the reasons for why I can't be your superior right now, you wouldn't be allowed to snap at a superior, but you can at a friend."

I know that he was caught by the enemy in the war and he's always refused to talk about what happened over there to anybody. I've always suspected that he was sexually tortured over there among other kinds of torture.

"If we make it out of this alive, will you then tell me about what happened to you in the war?" I ask him.

He pauses for a moment, then he says sadly "Okay, but only if you talk to me too."

I find myself wondering if these people have the same energy and strength as Jaffa do. I remember Teal'c talking about the traditions of Jaffa having sex for the first time because of the male's strength could greatly harm the female. This woman is taking forever and doesn't seem to be getting tired at all. She still holds the furious thrusts at the same pace, although it doesn't hurt as much as it did at first.

One of the guys now pushes the woman away so that she falls to the floor. He instead replaces her. He sticks one of his fingers inside of me, which feels like it's bigger than both of the woman's fingers combined. His hands feel freezing cold and I yelp again. He feels around inside of me for a moment with one finger and then removes his finger.

I wonder when the shuttle is going to arrive at the destination because it feels like it's been hours since this started. When they reach the destination the prisoners will automatically be beamed out of the shuttle and into their part of the prison colony.

I'm brought back from my thoughts by something a lot bigger than a finger or two entering me and I scream very loudly because of the excruciating pain that rips through my whole body. I look down and see that the man is thrusting his dick inside of me. How could this hurt so much? It's not like I haven't had sex with men with huge dicks. Does it really shrink that much in only a year?

"Talk to me, Sam!" Jack shouts.

"It hurts so badly, I'm not sure I can take the size of his thing!" I cry out.

I have often fantasized about having sex with Jack, and in all of the fantasies he has a huge cock. I'm a bit ashamed of the fact that I haven't been sticking anything inside of myself because I've been trying to get tight for him. I still know that the possibility of having sex with him are none at all outside of my mind.

The guy starts thrusting in and out, giving me no time at all to recover between his furious thrusts. I start feeling weak and numb in the lower half of my body. One of the guys loosens my feet and I try to move them, but I can't. I feel too weak. The guy thrusting into me lifts my legs above his head and retracts his penis, only to stick it into my ass. It hurt even more than before and I have no words to describe the strangled sounds that came from my throat.

I have tried anal sex before and liked it, but always with loads of lubricants. I can be very kinky in bed if the mood is right.

... Change to neutral POV...

"Sam!" Jack screamed.

"Sam! I'll look if I don't hear you say something in 10 seconds", "Starting now. .. 10, 9, 8..."

He was down to two when Sam finally found the strength to say something. "Please!"

"Please what?" he asked

"Don't... look" Sam manages to strangle out between thrusts. "Please don't!... Please!... Please Jack!... Don't!...!"

"Okay okay, I wont" He replays, relief evident in his voice.

Sam does know that he wouldn't want to see what's happening any more than she wants him to see it, but she understands his reasons for feeling he has too.

Now another guy straddles her and thrusts his dick into her core while the other continues to thrust into her ass.

More strange sounds come out of Sam's throat, but this time they're kind of weak.

"Jack?" Sam mumbles.

"What is it, honey?" Jack replays.

"If I don't survive this, I want you to know something."

"What is that?" Jack exclaims. He didn't bother telling her that she wouldn't die, because they could both very well die in that shuttle, especially her.

"I have always been in love with you, since after our first mission, I will always love you."

Jack is a bit shocked by that, because he'd also been so in love with her ever since he saw her first. He knew as soon as she walked into the debriefing room for the first time, that she was the one. He wanted to make her leave at first because he was afraid of being around her. He didn't trust himself to act strictly professional. Although he is not as courageous as Sam is. He's not ready to admit his feelings to her.

"Sam?" he says

"Yeah?" She groans.

He pauses for a moment, like he was considering what to say, before continuing.

"Do you think you can describe to me what they're doing at this exact moment... in details?"

He had heard the defeat and surrender in Sam's sounds and felt that he had to do something to distract her brain as much as he can away from what was going on, to get her to really think and focus on something else.

"Why?" she asks.

"Do you trust me?" He asks seemingly out of the blue.

"Yeah." Sam groans.

"So then answer my questions please." he says, dread evident in his voice.

"I might, think... you can handle... it?" Sam manages to whisper between thrusts. "Very gruesome."

"Yeah," he says "unfortunately I think I do...Just trust me please. Can you please try and tell me what's going on right now?" He begs.

"I'll try." She says and braces herself for telling him what's going on. Taking a deep breath while trying to scrape together enough psychological strength to tell him all the dirty details.

"One guy is thrusting... inside my... um... you know..."

"Vagina?" Jack offers.

"Yeah, that... very rough... didn't give me... mhhhh... chance to recover."

Jack can relate to the difficulty to say certain things after living through something like this and maybe him saying these words will help her with it.

"while another one... thrusts into my... um, Back."


"Mhm...One guy rubbing my... Nub... with uncut... mm... finger-nails on index finger... and long-finger... very rough."

"Your clit?"


"Good girl, you're doing great."

At that, Sam winched. Martin always used to call her a good girl when she'd not fought his abuse.

"One guy, squeezing my right... mmmmhhhh... „

"Breast?" he shoots in.

"Yeah, and he's also biting hard on it... A woman is biting hard... on left one... and another... is slicing lightly in my... skin with your army-knife."

Sam can hear him hiss when she tells him his own knife is being used for her abuse.

"No S... Jack, not your fault!"

"Anything more?" he says.

"What! As if that's not enough of a torture!" Sam screams at him.

"Sam... trust me. That's not what I meant. I was just trying to keep you going."


"Now, can you tell me where all of their hands and fingers are positioned?"

"The man thrusting into my... front..."

"The guy raping you in your vagina."

"Mhm... His hands... in a tight grip around my calves... stretching my legs above... his head so that he... can go deeper"

"Okay, and the next one?"

"The guy thrusting into my... back..."

"The guy raping you in the ass."


"Guy rubbing my nub with... his fingernails"

"The guy that's abusing your clit."

"Yeah, one hand on my clit and another on my left thigh".

"The guy squeezing and biting on my right... chest..."

"The guy abusing your boobs."

"Mhm... his hands are on it... squeezing them like... mmmhhh... furiously strangling somebody. The woman biting on... my left has one... on my stomach and... one on my chest. Woman slicing my skin... one on the knife and... one is working on her... own front."

"Okay, so she's masturbating."


"Okay, good job. Now, can you do one more thing for me?"

"Wha... No, Jack He's go..." Then her speaking is muffled by something filling her mouth. But it doesn't stop her from trying to continue.

To Be Continued...