Okay, guys and gals.

In order:

Harry/Zim; Chapter 1 – there are so many votes in, the most I've ever seen. It won by one HELL of a landslide. Is it because you are all closet perverts or wut? LOL

Harry/JoJo; Chapter 6 – Unexpected, really. I was surprised. Maybe because I've yet to see this as a crossover …

Harry/Pagemaster/Petshop; Chapter 4 – I was hoping this one would be well liked. I'm quite fond of it. Not seen it yet either, to be truthful.

Now, for all the others, those will be written when they do, some before the ones set up just because the idea is plaguing me enough that writing anything else is impossible. I have a few more now ((dear God, what am I going to do with them all? DX )) so we'll see what really actually gets done First verses what is on the list. ((If you want to know, I have about 37 stories waiting to be written at one point or another and three or four oneshots.))

If anyone wants to see something really off the wall or just because, let me know and I'll say Aye or Naye.