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"Ever wonder how long it takes to change your life? What measure of time is enough to be life-altering? Is it four years, like high school? One year? An eight-week walking tour? Can your life change in a month, or a week, or a single day? We're always in a hurry to grow up, to go places, to get ahead... but when you're young, one hour can change everything."

~ Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

Chapter 1 Forever Young

A young boy was running down an alley way with his father . The older man had blood running down his face, his golden hair stained crimson. His cerulean eyes filled with fear as he carried the lifeless form of a woman in her late twenties.

The sound of footsteps carried down the alley they were in coming closer until the figure could be seen.

"Naruto run" yelled his father as he puts the boy's dead mother on the ground and prepared to fight the man who threatened his family.

However he never got the chance as they're attacker aimed his shotgun and killed the blond-haired man.

Hearing the gun shot the young boy turned around to see both his dead parents on the ground and his attacker gaining on him.

"Mommy, Daddy" he screamed as the attacker aimed at him.

"Don't worry you'll be joining them soon." the attacker said with a sadistic laugh and fired the shot gun at the young boy.

"AHHHHH" I screamed as I sat straight in bed, my body covered in sweat, my hand automatically going to the scars on my stomach from that faithful day.

Looking at the clock next to my bed it read '7:40'

"Shit" I said out loud as I rushed out of bed and into my bathroom to get a quick shower before grabbing my clothes and throwing them on, rushing out of my apartment to get to school.

Halfway there my phone starts to vibrate.

"Hello" I answer it.

"Hey Naruto."

"Hey Kiba I can't really talk right now I'm about to be late."

"Yeah about that I set your alarm half-an-hour ahead."



"I'm gonna get you back dog breath."

"Alright how 'bout a fight, that way I can beat your ass publicly." Kiba said in a giddy voice.

"Alright you're on"

"Good see you at school dead-last"

"Whatever dog breath" I said hanging up as I pulled into the school parking lot. Looking down the row of car that were parked I was Sakura's CC. I suddenly remembered that Sakura and I had all the same classes and sprinted into the school to see her.

"Yahoo!" I screamed bounding up and down as I ran through the halls. Hell it the first day of my senor year (which was on a Friday) and Sakura had the same exact schedule as me. I guess it helps when the principal is your Baa-Chan.

"Dope shut up your gonna get detention before class even starts." Sasuke called to me.

"Shut up Teme"

"Naruto he's right you know."

"I know Sakura-Chan but I'm so excited we have all the same classes this year." I said looking down at Sakura I'm 6'2 and she's 5'4. "Well come here and I'll show you how excited I am." She said giving me a wink and grabbing my T-shirt. I wrapped my arms around her waist as we kissed passionately until Ino came up behind us.

"Eww. Forehead that's nasty."

"Oh shut it Ino-pig. It's not as bad as you and Sasuke" Sakura shot back at her best friend as we parted lips. I was about to say something but the bell rang.

"Hey dope I'll see you 1st period. I'll be back before Kakashi gets there. Ino and I have to take care of something."

"Alright Teme just remember be safe." he glared at me as he walked away, when I remembered Kiba's challenge from the earlier.

"Hey Teme see you 1st and if you see Dog boy tell him it's on."

"Hn" Was his only reply. Ino's face was still blushed from my earlier comment.

Intertwining my hand with Sakura's we walked to Homeroom. Every few seconds I would steal a glance from her. After a few minutes of stolen glances she caught me and giggled.

"Hey Naruto."

"Yeah Sakura"

"I was wondering why you told Sasuke to tell Kiba that it's on."

"Oh Kiba challenged me to a fight saying he wanted to 'beat my ass in public', I said its on. I'm gonna if Neji will come up with the rules and we'll fight after school."

"Ok but if you get hurt I'm not going too help you."

"Hey Sakura, I almost forgot congratulations on passing your EMT test."

"Thank you Naruto and I meant what I said."

"I know and don't worry Sakura-Chan it won't last more than five minutes."

"Yeah whatever. Let's just hurry up and get to homeroom."

"Fine Sakura-Chan but first" I grab her and pull her into a quick but passionate kiss.

We continue our walk to homeroom after parting. Once inside the room I went over to the guys while Sakura talks to the girls.

"Hey Naruto"

"Hey Kankuro, I'm surprised to see you awake this early."

"Yeah, yeah." Kankuro grumbled.

"Hey you guys seen Dog boy around here yet."

"No" said Shino.

In my home room was Sakura, Sasuke and Ino 'who are both skipping', Kankuro, Garra, Temari, Shikamaru, Kiba 'who was most likely sleeping somewhere', Hinata, Sai, Choji, Lee, Neji, Tenten, Shino and then there was Kakashi our teacher who still hadn't shown up and probably wouldn't until half-way into 1st period.

"So what is everyone doing tonight?"

"Nothing" was the universal response.

"Alright then how 'bout party at my house tonight."

"Yeah sure." was the response and a mumbled "troublesome" from Shikamaru.

"Great! Now to tell the girls." I said with one of my famous fox grins.

"Sakura-Chan can you come here." I said with a wink making Sakura blush and the other girls giggle as she walked closer.


"Comes closer." I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her onto my lap with a kiss.

"Hey Sakura-Chan"

"Yes" she giggled.

"Would you mind telling the girls that I'm having a party at my house tonight."

"Well that depends. Am I invited."

"Of course you are" I said as I started to kiss her neck.

"Good now if you don't mind you need to stop kissing me before Kakashi comes. Last thing we need is him getting any idea's its bad enough he reads those books of his."

"But Sakura-Chan" I whined into her neck before continuing to kiss her.

"Naruto stop" she giggled." I pouted before stealing one last kiss and letting her go.

The rest of the morning went like any other morning usually did. Kakashi showed up late to 1st period like he always did. Said it was because some old ladies cat got stuck in a tree.

However we all knew that he had been at his best friend's grave.

They had been cops together. They were called out one night and ambushed Kakashi had been cut with a knife. The cut caused him to lose his left eye preventing him from seeing a gun pointed at him. Obito pushed Kakashi out of the way taking the bullet in the chest.

Kakashi was able to shot the guy just as reinforcements arrived with Rin. Rin was one of the EMT's that worked with the unit. Obito knew he was dieing and asked Rin to give Kakashi his eye so that he could always watch out for him. No one really knows what happened to Rin, Kakashi doesn't like to talk about it.

Sasuke and Ino showed up 3 minutes after Kakashi.

He and I got into a fight because I was teasing him about a hicky. He punched me in the gut, so I punched him back. That just caused him to repeat the process and us to get I few good hits in before Kiba and Shino broke us up, resulting in Kakashi giving both of us detention for Monday after school.

After first period was Gym with Guy, he's a health nut and always talks about "Youthful this and that." I guess that explains where Lee gets it from though.

After Gym was Biology with Kurenia. Not that she isn't a good teacher; but Biology is really boring. Luckily Sasuke sat next to me. Kurenia moved Sakura to the other side of the room so we wouldn't disrupt the class unfortunately she forgot for got about me and Sasuke sitting together is a bad idea.

"Hey Teme."

"Shut up dope you're gonna get us in trouble again."

"Awe come on I'm bored."


"Fine be an ass." I said throwing a piece of paper at him.

"Damn it Naruto." He said all pissed off.

Laughing I say "alright alright I'll stop"

The rest of class goes by normally and after that we had a study hall which I slept through while Sakura gossiped. Once the bell rung we went to lunch.

"Hey Naruto." Kiba yelled from the lunch table.

My hand was intertwined with Sakura's preventing me from running over to the table but it was okay with me so long as I could spend time with her.

"Hey Kiba, where you been all morning?"

"Sleeping in the teacher's lounge"

"That would explain why the teacher's were complaining about fleas." I said with a grin dodging the plate he threw at me but not being able to dodge the smack from Sakura.

"Aw Sakura-chan that hurt." I mock wined, she just looked away.

"Man, you guys are so troublesome. Just shut up." Shikamaru mumbled as Sakura and I sat down.

"Shikamaru loosen up will you." Temari said as she kissed him. Shikamaru grumbled something under his breath like "troublesome woman" before he kissed her back

Sasuke shook his head and looked at me "Dope are you and Kiba gonna fight or what."

"Yeah. Neji is gonna tell us the rules of the fight right now. Right Neji."

Neji just looked at me with a stoic look on his face.

"All right were gonna have a kickboxing/grappling match. First one to get stuck in a submission hold for 15 seconds loses." Neji said in a monotone voice looking at Kiba and I as we both nodded in understanding.

"Alright then. The fight will be after school and hopefully we will get it over with fast." Neji stated losing interest in the whole thing, he had become more preoccupied with holding Tenten.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You guys all coming over tonight for my party."

"Yeah" was the universal response

"Alright it's at eight and Sasuke you owe me so you're gonna meet me at the store after the fight to get whatever we need."

"Hn." was the only reply I got aside from a pissed of look. I knew he wouldn't complain because one he's to cool for that and two he owed me and he knew it.

Lunch ended shortly after the discussion of the party Naruto was hosting and soon the day was over as I walked with Naruto to his fight with Kiba.

"You know Naruto I'm gonna be really pissed if you get yourself hurt in this fight." I said as I slowed down our walk.

"Sakura-Chan I promise I'll be fine won't last 5 minutes." He said with that fox grin of his.

"Fine" I said as I lased my arms around his neck and he bent down wrapping his arms around my waist picking me up and twirling me.

"Smile please." He said putting me down and kissing me.

"Fine." I said giving him a heart warming smile.

"Dope I though you were gonna fight Kiba. Plus you can do that at the party." I heard Sasuke say as he walked past us.

"Yeah I'm coming" he said as he kissed me one more time and ran off to catch up to Sasuke leaving me with Ino.

"Boys" She said as we walked behind the two.

"Yeah I know."

"So how have you and Naruto been?" I rolled my eyes. Naruto was the love off my life just like Sasuke was hers.

"Yeah that's what I figured." Ino laughed.

"Hey are you still worried Sasuke about leaving you to go after Itachi." I asked worried about my best friend. "A little his brother has been staying off the grid lately so I'm not too worried." Ino replied.

Soon we where outside a circle of our friends gathered around Naruto and Kiba, Neji was standing next to Tenten who was telling him "If things get to rough you better break it up you know how Naruto can get when he fights even if it is with a friend."

Neji just nodded and walked over to the two boys standing in the middle of us. Tenten looked at me and I smiled. She was Naruto's self-proclaimed big sister and I loved how she always watched out for him.

"Alright you two know the rules so lets get this started." Neji said as he backed away.

Naruto and Kiba imminently started exchanging blows. Hinata had a worried look on her face.

"Hinata are you ok."

"Um…y…yeah…it's….j…j…just that…ki…Kiba-kun's….g….go…gonna lose." You had to

love Hinata but the poor girl had no confidence and it didn't help that we all knew that Kiba was gonna lose.

Kiba was a good fighter but Naruto he was something else. He was an underdog. He had been alone since a young age, terrorizes by every one in the town. I mean sure he had Sasuke and his parents but even then he would often go off on his own and stay in the house he's parents once owned.

He hid is pain with a smile and became the class clown and as he got older it became clear to all of us he was scrappy, a fighter.

He stood up for everyone and would protect you till his dyeing breath, because that's how he was. We all knew that he could take on a gang of men and win as long as he had a reason to win he would.

Turning my attention back to the fight I saw Naruto hit Kiba with a right hook to the side of his face knocking him to the ground but not before he kicked the back of Naruto's knee bringing Naruto down with him.

Naruto recovered by quickly putting Kiba into a headlock.

"...13.14.15. Naruto wins" called Neji.

Naruto had a huge smile as he helped Kiba up and patted his back whispering to him "good fight."

Naruto then walked over to me. He had a busted lip and a bruise on his cheek bone. He looked a lot better than Kiba who had a black eye, bloody nose, and a deep gash over his cheek bone from one of Naruto's punches.

"Hey I though I told you not to get hurt." I said as I rubbed one of the scars Naruto had on his face.

He'd gotten three scars on each cheek in a fight protecting me. "I know I'm sorry." he said as he kissed me and intertwined our hands

"Come on Sakura-Chan I'll walk you out to the front of the school." he said as we with the rest of our group headed to the front of the building. Garra came over and had congratulated Naruto. Giving him one of his rare smiles and saying they would have to have a rematch one day.

It's hard to believe that Garra was once a psycho that almost killed me. Had it not been for Naruto I would have died. That day he saved my life and Garra's.

Once we were in front of the school we all started saying our goodbye as everyone left to go get ready for Naruto's party.

"Well Sakura-Chan I'll see you later at the party." Naruto said as he kissed me, then slowly left as are hands separated.

"Hey. Sasuke I'll see at the store in 20." he called over his shoulder. I watched his golden hair and white shirt disappear. He had changed out of his usual orange t-shirt before the fight. I turned and started walking home smiling as I took one last look at where I saw him disappear behind the buildings.

I had just rounded the corner when I saw what looked like to be a massive fight a good 250 yards down the road. I strained my eyes to see what was going on when I caught a glimpse of gold spiky hair. Crap Sakura was going to be pissed.

"Naruto!" I yelled as I ran closer I notice it looked like 10 against 1.

"Shit." I heard one of the men yell as I go closer, some of them started getting into cars and driving away.

That's when I notice a guy I recognized his name was Kisame he was in Itachi's gang. Suddenly I saw some thing that made me sick to my stomach. Two men where holding Naruto, and Kisame was holding a gun pointed at his chest.

"NARUTO" I screamed. He looked up his face badly beaten just like the rest of his body. He had a small apologetic smile on his face as I heard a loud bang and saw his body go limp.

"NARUTO NO" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The three remaining men fled leaving a bleeding Naruto on the ground. I ran to him and picked up his limp body, blood had already drenched his white shirt.

His breathing was irregular and ragged as if he was choking for air. Each shallow breath caused blood to seep from the wound in his chest.

"Shit. Naruto hang on buddy just hang on" I cried as I fumbled with my phone to dial 9-1-1.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency." the operator asked in a calm manner as if I were ordering food.

"MY FRIEND HE'S BEEN SHOT HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME." I half screamed half cried as I held Naruto in my arms his breathing becoming more ragged and less frequent.

"Alright son hang on an ambulance is on its way. Now until they get there I need you to apply pressure to his wound to stop him from bleeding out."

"Ok I'm doing it but when are they going to get here." I cried.

My best friend's blood now drenched my shirt and hands as I tried to keep him alive the life was fading from him, his once tan skin now a ghostly pale, blood tricked from his mouth and a gagging noise escaped him every time he tried to breath, but what scared me the most was his once lively eyes had dulled and were now closed.

"Just hang on they're seconds away."

I was starting to hear the sirens and as if by the grace of God I could now see them as they stopped and two men came running towards me.

"Son. Look at me what happened." he asked as he took Naruto out of my arms and placed the pale limp body onto a board leaving a trail of blood.

"I….I …I don't know. I w...was walking down the street to meet him and I saw a group of guys and then he got shot and then…and…then…." I couldn't finish as I though of what this would do to Sakura.

"Its okay son" said one paramedics, the other was working on Naruto.

"Listen we're taking him to the hospital if you want to come get in the front." I did as I was told and we sped toward the hospital.

The other paramedic was in the back trying to save Naruto's life. Every once in awhile I could hear him mutter a swear word or two.

"Itachi why" I cried the blood of my parents sprayed on me.

"I need to see what I was capable of and now its time to finish you." said the bother I once admired and worshiped.

"Please don't kill me please I don't want to die please." I cried

"You know what your right you're not even worth the bullet it would take to kill you. So I'll let you live for know and when become a someone find me and we'll find out if your worth it" He said before disappearing into the night the tail-lights of his black Bugatti Veyron staring at me.

"Kid you ok" I felt the paramedics hand on my shoulder as we came within sight of the hospital.

When we arrived there were a lot if people all there to help the medics with Naruto. I ran after them but a doctor grabbed my arm.

"You have to stay out here, I'll do everything I can to save your friend." The doctor said letting go of my arm and running through the doors that separated the waiting room from the rest of the hospital.

With every swing of the door as it slowly closed I caught glimpses of Naruto and the doctors that surrounded him as they rushed to the operating room. All I could do was slowly back away from this living nightmare until I hit a wall.

I stood against the wall before feeling my legs start to give way and slowly slidding down it until my head was in my hands and I started crying like a baby covered in my best friend's blood. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed Ino's number.

The phone rang once then twice and half way through the third ring the phone picked up. In the background I could hear the lyrics to young forever by Jay-Z.

"Let us die young or let us live forever."

"Hello, Sasuke where are you and Naruto." Ino asked over the music. I let out a small sob, why did it have to be that line.

"Sasuke are you ok what happened." she asked her voice now filled with worry. "Ino….It's

Naruto…it's bad…'s really bad" I said as I started to cry again.

"OH GOD." was the only reply as the call ended.

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