"Weeping is not the same thing as crying, It takes your whole body to weep, and when it`s over, you feel like you don`t have any bones left to hold you up."

Ch. 24 Angel with a shotgun

~A week after the funeral~

He couldn't look at her. No matter what he did he couldn't look into those emerald eyes of hers. He knew that the second he did all his will would drain from his body and he would stay with her instead of leaving, instead of finishing what had to end before it claimed her too.

"Naruto stop!" she shouted as he gathered items and stuffed them into various pockets of his outfit. Continuing to move as if her words never reached him.

"This is suicide you need to stop" she cried, grapping hold of his arm in a desperate attempt to stop the madness that was engulfing her world. His only response was to pull his arm from her grasp and head towards the door.

She sprinted in front of him, blocking the doorway her body. Her being shaken with sobs as she screamed, "If you leave you're dead to me, we're through I won't lose you too. You make your choice now Naruto, if you walk through that door you will never see me again!" she pleaded in desperation, praying he wouldn't go.

And for a second she thought she had won. That this war they had fought for so long was finally over. A spark of light returned to the once beautiful sapphires that were his eyes, however the spark died just as quickly as it had appeared. He lent forward and whispered, "Goodbye Sakura" and with that he kissed her forehead and was gone.

Her knees gave out soon after, and she collapsed the once warm loving presence in her life now nothing more than a ghost.

She didn't know how long she had laid there weeping. Her mind having long since lost track of time and the only thing bring her out of the depths of her sorrow was a pair of strong arms lifting her from the cold ground.

"Naruto" she whimpered.

The presence never responded only placing her in the bed that still held the smell of him, a warm presence pressing itself against her body. And before she knew it unconsciousness claimed her, pulling her into a blissful rest.

The ever shrinking group had arrived too late, entering Naruto and Sakura's apartment only to find the pinklet collapsed on the ground in a state that could only be described as beyond despair. A grieving so great that no words could describe it.

Kiba had quickly pushed his way to the front of the group, Akamaru at his heels. He brushed past the others without thought, lifting Sakura from the ground.

"Naruto" she whimpered as Kiba's arms wrapped around her body cradling her like an infant. Once the words escaped her lips Kiba glanced down at her. A mixture of pity and sorrow swimming in his eyes as he carried her to the room she shared with Naruto, he gently laid her down upon the mattress Akamaru jumping up and cuddling next to her. Within seconds she succumbed to her exhaustion.

Kiba existed the room closing the door quietly before turning back to the group.

"He left her" Kiba's tone a mix between disbelief and anger, "He left all of us"

"We need to stop him" came Lee's anxious voice, his comment causing the group to erupt into a chaos of frenzied words. Until Gaara's calm and calculated voice silenced all of them.

"There's no stopping him"

The simple phrase causing an eerie quiet to engulf the room, all eyes now resting on the red head.

"Our only hope is to find him before he gets himself killed or to help him. However with the state we found Sakura in I'd say he probably a while ago."

Once Gaara was done speaking the room was once again saturated in silence, and it seemed to stay that way for an eternity until finally the groups resident genius spoke.

"Well looks like we will have save Naruto's ass one more time" Shikamaru's calm statement seemed to lift the deadly doubt that had filled the room only moments before.

"Hinata stay here with Sakura, I doubt she'll wake anytime soon but if she does I know the med kit she keeps in the closet has sedatives in it." Hinata simply nodded the underlying message not needing to be said.

"The rest of us let's get going" Shikamaru said with all the confidence of a victorious general.

The first two guards never even knew what hit them a bullet from each colt 1911 piercing through their heads before they ever had a chance to cry out. I normally hated the idea of using guns, they were the reason my parents were gone but for him I could make an acceptation. His filthy existence needed to be removed from this earth.

The next guard I encountered suffered a similar fate as the first two only the bullet ripped through his throat causing him to fall to the ground chocking on him own blood and for a moment I paused feeling sympathy for the poor bastard his eyes wide in fear as I gazed at him his hands desperately reaching for a lifeline and just as suddenly it all stopped and I hated myself for taking his life. But then I remembered Sasuke, his eyes meeting mine as his life left his him. The silent plea in them lost as they dulled, his face paling unnaturally as his final breath passed his lips and all movement stilled.

The sudden memory only served to fuel my hate filled raid. The next several lives I took blurring together in a sea of rage. Until I finally came upon one of Itachi's core men, one of the Akatsuki.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the blond fox brat" Deidara teased "where's the other one kinda looks like the boss….what was his name….oh right Sasuke. You know I heard he had a little accident and is now six feet under"

A feral snarl ripped from my throat as I went to charge the bastard only to stop at the next words that escaped his mouth, "You know art really is a bang!"

I looked down to see a trip wire right in front of me. In fact the entire room was filled with them.

"I will kill you and myself and take the whole GOD DAMN BUILDING WITH US" I growled out.

"Now now fox boy I don't think you want to do that you'll never get to Itachi. I mean that is why you're here to avenge your useless friend." the explosion expert smirked at me.

"Fine then I'll just put a bullet through your head and be on my merry way" I retorted.

Deidara's smirk only grew and for the first time I noticed the small box in his hand, "Now that's not the brightest idea either see this dead man switch will set off all of my art if the current pressure on it is released." He said with a victorious smirk.

"You see that's a great plan you got there" a voice suddenly spoke up. Both Deidara and I jerked our heads to see a smirking Shikamaru. "The only problem is the EMP I have keeps your precious art from working."

"THAT CAN"T BE!" Deidara screamed releasing the dead man's switch, a few seconds passed and nothing happened causing the elder blond to throw a full blown temper tantrum that was quickly ended when another figure appeared and knocked the blond out.

"Gaara" I stammered surprised at their sudden appearance.

"What? Did you really think we would let you do this alone" Kiba's voice suddenly sounded, I whirled around to find everyone, minus Sakura and Hinata, standing there.

"Guys, you shouldn't be here you could…" I started desperately but was cut off.

"Please, did you really thing that you could get rid of us that easily? I mean sure Sakura will be pissed….for a while, but we're family one of us goes into a burning building we all do" Ino said smiling at her fellow blond.

"Plus, Kakashi's on his way with back up, but knowing him he'll be late to the party" Kiba added with a smirk.

"Guys I don't…" I was stunned beyond words

"Don't" Shikamaru said with a smile, and started to head down the hallway.

My eyes suddenly widened, "Sakura!"

"Is gonna be pissed yeah we know." Kiba said

"She said she never wanted to see me again, she hates me" I said desperately.

"She didn't want you getting hurt, she can't stand the thought of losing you. Don't worry in time she'll forgive you" Temari said resting a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I quickly pulled her into a hug a whispered "Thank you" into here ear before releasing her.

She looked at me with a genuine smile before saying, "Come on lets end this once and for all."

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