The Princess and the Pig Continues (This story follows the Season four episode 93 "The Princess and the Pig." Jim went undercover to break up a drug ring. This story is my creative version of what maybe happened.) I don't claim to own any of these Adam-12 characters and just wrote this for pure fun.

Chapter One

Jim Reed pushes through the locker room door and sees Pete buttoning up his long-sleeve uniform shirt next to his locker. Pete glances up to see his friend's smiling face as he comes up to him. "Morning, Jim. It's good to have my partner back."

A few other officers are also rustling through their lockers changing clothes. Brinkman and Woods see Jim and chime in with, "Glad you're ok, Jim."

"Thanks, guys. I'm glad to be back."

As Pete is pinning on his badge then shooting medal, he says, "It's a good thing you just had a flesh wound or you wouldn't be here after only a couple days off. So, how is Miss Royal?"

"She's doing better. She was released from the hospital yesterday and was put into a drug rehab facility in North Hollywood under protective custody. Drugs or no drugs, she still fears for her life."

"Have you checked in with Mac, yet, this morning?" Pete stoops over the bench and ties his shoelaces.

"No, I'm going to go see him before roll call."

"Then you better hustle up there, my friend."

Jim flashes a big smile as he finally opens up his locker to change.

A few minutes later, Jim is standing in front of Sergeant MacDonald in his office. "Good Morning, Jim. You look good. Are you feeling ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine, Mac." Jim rests his hands on his hips. "So how are things going with the narcotics case?"

"Lt. Moore said things are going well. Miss Royal is going to testify against David Bolanz, the dealer, and the supplier. They aren't sure they have enough evidence against the supplier yet though. At this point, they still need to find Michael Hayes, the man in charge of the operation. Since you met with him they may have to rely heavily on your testimony for a conviction."

"Is there a chance that Bolanz will rat out Hayes?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if he turns state's evidence to try to get a lesser charge for himself. Jim, if I get a call from Lt. Moore later today, we may call you back into the station to go over your report."

"Ok, Mac."

"We better get to roll call." Mac scoots around the front of his desk to join Jim as they walk to the meeting room.

A short time later, Jim climbs into Adam-12 alongside Pete. The senior partner has already stowed the shotgun. Both men toss their hats on the back seat of the squad. Jim then quickly picks up the mike and says, "1 Adam-12, Day Watch clear." Dispatch responds.

Jim looks over to Pete and says, "Did you miss me?"

"You could say that. I thought you were difficult until my memory was refreshed on how much effort it takes to watch over a newbie."

"Thanks… I think."

"You've grown on me, Jim, and I like sticking with a known quantity."

"I'd be curious what the rookie thought of you."

"I'm sure he was in awe," Pete says as a grin spreads across his face while Jim just shakes his head. "Jim, what did Mac say about the narcotic's case?"

"They have Bolanz for dealing using the statement from Kathy. They are still trying to locate Hayes, the supplier."

"Did they find anything at the warehouse in Sunland?"

"I think the building was cleared out. They couldn't find anything incriminating yet." Both men glance at each other with a more serious thought passing between them.

"Maybe we can patrol that direction and check around a little ourselves," Pete states.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Pete can see in Jim's eyes that he is very invested in the case.

The radio chirps alive, "Any unit in the vicinity of 211 E. Olive Avenue, we have a silent alarm at Village Liquor, handle code 3."

Jim grabs the mike, "This is 1 Adam-12, we'll handle the silent alarm at Village Liquor, roger."

The dispatcher responds, "1 Adam-12, roger".

As they near the store, Pete flips off the siren and lights to come in hopefully unnoticed by the perp. As they crawl up close to the door, they hear someone yelling and then see a man exit the front door then dart between two buildings. Jim flies out the passenger side door in hot pursuit of the suspect. Pete thinks twice about stopping and entering the store, but then decides to cover his partner and starts rolling around the block to cut off the suspect in the car. He radios in a description of the suspect. "This is 1 Adam-12 with a supplemental on the silent alarm. We have a suspect running from the scene heading west on the 200 block of Olive and South San Fernando Boulevard. The suspect is a Caucasian wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He has blonde hair and about 5 foot ten inches with a medium build."

In the meantime, Jim is a few yards behind the fleeing man. The suspect is very agile and flies over a tall wooden privacy fence then a five-foot cement wall. The man senses the pressure of the officer on his heels and knocks over trash cans leaving an obstacle course for Jim to run through. Jim takes a spill when he collides with a garbage bin. When he gets back up he hobbles for a second or two as he heads in the direction he last saw the man running. As he continues down the alley he realizes that he's lost him. Looking every direction trying to spot the man, he jogs out to the street. A moment later, Pete drives up beside Jim. He can see Jim taking a few ragged breaths and notices his strained facial expression. Jim puts his hands on his hips as he takes in a couple more deep breaths. Jim asks, "Did you see him come out?"

"No, I didn't. Jim, are you ok?"

Reed climbs back into the squad looking a bit frustrated with not catching the suspect. He nods his head up and down in response to Pete's question.

Pete feeling some concern for his partner after just getting him back from a brief medical leave. He reaches over and touches Jim's shoulder lightly. "Are you sure you're alright?"

Now after getting his breath back he looks back at Pete and says, "Really, I'm fine. I'm just … a little out of breath. That's all. The guy hurdled the wall like it was nothing back there."

"So, are you telling me your track days are over?" Pete puts the car in gear and cruises around the block one more time in an effort to spot the suspect before returning to the store.

The officers have no luck finding the man and put out a call with the status. They get a report from the disgruntled shopkeeper discovering the suspect held up the store using a handgun and got away with almost three hundred dollars in cash.

Back on patrol they continue driving around the Burbank area in hopes of sighting the suspect. Pete takes this chance to say to Jim, "Maybe you should have taken a couple more days off. There's no reason to push yourself, Jim."

"Really, I'm fine. This guy must have been a track star. There is no way you would have come close to catching him."

"Ok. Ok. No need to point out my flaws." Pete decides to not push it with Jim, but he plans to keep a close eye on him.

As the day wears on, Adam-12 starts cruising toward the Sunland area where the Spartenville warehouse is located. The Cannery, the restaurant & bar where Kathy Royal performed is only a couple miles away. Pete and Jim take seven at an In-N-Out burger stand. They enjoy another gorgeous California cloudless day at one of few unoccupied wooden picnic tables outside the restaurant. After each officer downs a burger and fries they report in and return to patrolling. They are unaware that two men are observing them from a short distance away. Adam-12 is heading northwest along Foothills Boulevard when a black sedan passes them. The speed at which they pass the squad draws both officers attention. Jim instinctively picks up the mike to request a wants and warrants on the license plate.

"This is 1 Adam-12, give me a wants and warrants on Ocean, Charles, Ida 879 California plate. Wanted only for speed at this time."

Pete flips on the lights and siren then kicks into gear to keep pace with the black car.

"No wants or warrants on the red 1968 Chevrolet Malibu."

Jim looks at Pete realizing they have stolen plates on the car in front of them. The black Lincoln Town car continues at a high rate of speed ignoring the signal from the police car to pull over. Jim picks up the mike again to broadcast they are in pursuit of a black Lincoln with stolen plates traveling west on Foothills Blvd. The car then makes a screeching turn onto Angeles Crest Highway, a less traveled narrow and curvy road, into the hills. With the squeal of the tires and his able handling Pete keeps the black car in his sights. At this point no other squad is available to aid in the pursuit. Jim updates the dispatcher again with the new road and direction. Pete does his best to keep the squad within a hundred feet of the suspect's car. The squad's engine roars as it automatically shifts into overdrive while climbing the steeper road. Even with their seat belts in place at the current speed and with the sharper turns Jim braces himself by extending his hand to the front dash. Pete maintains a tight grip on the steering wheel through the sweeping turns.

Pete notices the Town car is slowing somewhat. If he isn't careful he could run right up on the car and almost bump into the rear fender. He's not sure if it's the steepness of the road or maybe the driver has decided to pull over. Then suddenly the squad lurches forward as the officers hear a loud "thump." Pete glances in the rearview mirror and sees another car just behind them.

"What the hell?" Pete blurts out. He grips and pulls at the wheel to regain control with the brief collision.

Jim looks back and sees a green sedan quickly closing in again. This time the car rams even harder into the tail of the squad. Jim drops the mike trying to brace himself against both the seat and the front dash. The squad does a small fish tail, but somehow Pete manages to stop it and stay on the road.

Jim half yells, "It looks like there are two people in the car."

Now all three cars are traveling at a high rate of speed and whipping around the tight turns. The front car has slowed just enough to sandwich in the squad between the two sedans. Tires continue to squeal as they take a hairpin turn.

"I can't read the license plate." Jim shouts.

"Get on the radio for backup. I'm going to try to slow us down." Pete says as he lets off more on the accelerator. Jim reaches down to scoop up the mike when another bump from behind jars the car and leaves the mike just out of reach on the floorboards.

The Crest Highway leading into the foothills is a pretty isolated two-lane road and traffic isn't very likely. The scenic area has limited guardrails along this stretch. The black Lincoln setting the pace swerves into the oncoming lane opening up the lane in front of Pete. Not quite knowing what to think of this move, Pete tries to tap the brakes. He quickly feels the response of the green sedan with another hard slam into their bumper. Somehow Pete manages to maintain control as they take the next sudden downhill slope.

Now the Lincoln is slowing up just enough that the squad creeps up beside the trunk and rear doors. Pete glances over to get a better look at the men inside. Just then the Town car careens over colliding with the front driver's side panel. Only a second later the green sedan crashes into the squad from behind.

"Hold on Jim!" Pete screams. With all his strength he tries yanking the wheel to the left aiming across the centerline to prevent being shoved off the road, but with one last strike from the Lincoln the squad car smashes through the insignificant guardrail and becomes airborne.