Yay! My second toy story story!... uhhh….anyway, this is what happens when Andy isn't home, and the toy story gang is bored. Set in between ts2 and ts3, so everyone is present :D truth or dare seems like a fun game, but things start to get too…dramatic. Let's see what happens!

It was late in the summer afternoon, and the toys were quite bored. Andy and the family were going on a camping trip, but he had accidently forgotten his toys at home. They basically had the house to themselves for the next week.

"Woooooooooooody!" Jessie whined.

"For the love of god," woody muttered, "what now Jessie?"

"I'm bored!" she pouted.

"Then go do something," he said, messing with some of the toys. He was getting ready for the weekly toy meeting, and really didn't want to deal with Jessie at the moment.

"But there's nothing to do! I've already played with Bullseye, beat Buzz at checkers, let Bo Peep do my hair, and I played Buzz Lightyear of Star Command with Rex! WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?" she cried, flailing her arms as if she were drowning in her boredom. Woody ignored her, and placed boxes on top of each other to create a podium.

"Woody!" she cried, but he didn't answer anymore. She sighed, then took a running jump and tackled him. They hit the ground with a loud thump! And Jessie was strangling Woody.

"GET OFF!" Woody gasped for air. He attempted to pull her hands from around his neck, but it didn't work. He then came up with a great idea. Her grabbed her shoulders and flipped her, catching her off guard. She squealed as woody landed on top of her. She used his tactic and ended up rolling across the floor with him.

"I can win this Woody! I know your secret!" she yelled, then pinned him down.

"What secret? You don't know any- HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Woody began laughing loudly as Jessie attacked his sides and began to tickle him.

"g-get off!" he laughed.

"Oh look at that. It'll be all over the news tomorrow, 'Sheriff Woody defeated by his cowgirl side-kick, death by tickling," Buzz said sarcastically. Jessie immediately jumped up off of Woody, and ran for the space ranger. She grabbed him in a tight hug and yelled,

"Buzzy-kins!" Buzz laughed, and Woody made gagging noises.

"So what, cowboy? You don't like it when I give you pet names?" a lovely voice asked behind Woody. A cane pulled at his neck, and he was now looking at Bo Peep.

"u-uhm…" he couldn't respond, and Bo giggled.

"So who's the gross romantic one now, eh cowboy?" Buzz joked. They all laughed.

"Oh hey, guess what?" Jessie said excitedly to Buzz. She leaned down close to him and whispered softly in his ear, "I'm bored," then she giggled.

"Wooooow Jess, real smooth," he laughed, punching her on the shoulder.

'We should play truth or dare!" Bo suggested. Buzz and Woody looked horrified. Jessie let out an excited "YEEEEEE-HAWWW!" and grabbed their hands. "c'mon! Let's go have some fun!"

So what did you think? Fabulous? Right? XD anyway, please R & R, I have no idea if I'm going to try to continue this or not.