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That night at home, Ageha was lying on his stomach on Makoto's bedroom floor with his legs intertwined and his psp in hand. He was waiting on Makoto to get out of the private bathroom in his room, he was taking a bath.

He paused the game and jumped to his feet a moment later when Makoto emerged half dressed in only a pair of sweat pants. He blushed when he took in the smooth, pale skin of his upper body with droplets of water going down to meet the waist of the pants. There were also droplets falling from his damp hair and he had a small white towel around his neck.

Makoto smiled when he walked over to his bed, noticing Ageha's blush after looking at him before he started staring at the floor with his hands in his jeans pockets. Cute.

Ageha looked at Makoto after he threw a shirt on, "Don't you think it's high time you tell Kiyoi what's happening?"

Makoto sat on his bed and frowned, "It'll only make him worry, I can handle things myself."

Ageha pouted, "But…."

"No buts…." Makoto interjected. He shifted over so Ageha could take a seat beside him on the bed. He sat half reclined with one knee bent while Ageha shifted so he was lying with his head on his chest.

"Kiyoi-san will be angry if he finds out you're hiding something like this from him, Makoto," Ageha pressed. He knew that as much as Kiyoi tried to be the perfect guardian, he was a no nonsense person too that would get angry easily.

Makoto started running his fingers through Ageha's hair. "Why are you worrying? Do I need to kiss you to make you feel better?"

Ageha blushed before squeezing Makoto around the mid section and burying his face into his chest.

"If you want to," came the muffled reply and Makoto smiled before using a hand to bring Ageha's face up so their gaze met.

Ageha kept blushing while looking into Makoto's eyes, especially when he was too impatient with the way he was slowly bringing his face towards his and he hurriedly crashed their lips together.

Makoto was pushed back with the force of Ageha's kiss. He ended up on his back with Ageha on top of him, straddling his waist while both hands kept him propped over him. Just like the last time the kiss was amazing and he closed his eyes while relishing Ageha's taste, smell and feel. He started feeling hot all over and he could tell he was blushing as well.

Ageha loved the taste of Makoto, he could kiss him all day long…and the day after that and the day after that.

Suddenly, Makoto's room door was opened and Masakazu's voice could be heard.

"Nogmai-kun, Kiyoi's ready…for…"

Masakazu rubbed his eyes with both hands at what he thought he was seeing. Was Ageha on top of Makoto kissing him? With a perplexed look on his face he stepped back out and closed the door behind him. He suddenly felt really angry.

"Damn that Haruka, making me hallucinate about boy on boy action. Girls damn it, I like girls!" After his monologue he huffed and walk away, promising to pluck Konoe's eyes out of his head the next time he saw him.

Ageha took his eyes off the door and looked down on Makoto, who apparently was looking at the door too. "Baka-Kazu, what's his problem? Barging in like that"

Makoto smiled, "Maybe it surprised him to see us kissing?"

"Who cares, but since he was here that means Kiyoi's ready to serve dinner, Yatta!" Ageha shouted happily before jumping off the bed and bounding for the door.

Makoto followed close behind with a smile on his face.


Around the dinner table, Kiyoi noticed that Masakazu was using his fork to play with his food.

Ageha looked at the sulking teen too. "Baka-Kazu, if you're not hungry I'll eat your share."

"Who you calling stupid, stupid? Besides, I'm thinking," the older teen answered with an annoyed frown.

"That's never a good sign," Ageha said under his breath while staring at his own food. He then turned to Makoto who was smiling, "Right Makoto-kun?"

Makoto nodded his head in agreement, then laughed when he noticed Masakazu was staring at him with a frown too.

"You two are hopeless," Masakazu sighed out. Even Kiyoi couldn't help but to chuckle at him.

Kiyoi always cherished dinner time more than any other, it was the only time they were all together as a 'family', the company he yearned for all those years after he lost his most important person, Michitaka Senior.

Ageha stuck his tongue out at Masakazu childishly.

"Very nice, Seto," Masakazu rebuffed.

Ageha stood abruptly and pointed an accusing finger, "Don't call me Seto, Baka, I don't like it!"

Masakazu smirked.

With a pout Ageha walked over to Kiyoi and complained, "Baka-Kazu called me Seto again."

Kiyoi wanted to treat all of them fairly so nobody would feel they were less important to him than the others, he'd live long enough to see the kind of problems that would cause within a family. So he answered, "I apologize Ageha-kun, but you call Masakazu names all the time, he might not like what you call him either."

Ageha stubbornly pushed his hands into his pocket before looking at the older teen with an apologetic frown. Kiyoi was right and he never thought of it like that before. But Masakazu is an idiot so that one would definitely stick, he resolved.

"Masakazu, please refrain from hurting Ageha's feelings," Kiyoi pleaded.

"Fine," the older teen answered. He was still playing with his food when the door was opened and Konoe poked his head in. He quickly turned his head away when he smiled before walking inside.

"Konbanwa," Konoe greeted.

Makoto and Ageha nodded while Kiyoi smiled at him.

"Sorry to interrupt dinner," Konoe started.

"No apologies are needed, would you like some food?" Kiyoi asked and Masakazu's head snapped up at that.

"No! He's not staying. Give him the food so he can get out."

Kiyoi frowned at Masakazu's behavior. "Please have a little more respect for our guest Masakazu, that is very unbecoming of you."

Ageha smirked, Makoto just stared at everybody and Masakazu pouted. "Gomen nasai."

Kiyoi got up to prepare another plate of food and Masakazu frowned when Konoe decided to sit beside him of all places. He wanted to smack that smile right off his face.

Staring at the two, Makoto chuckled and Ageha laughed.


After dinner, Makoto and Ageha announced they were going to their rooms to play games while Kiyoi cleaned up after them. Masakazu abruptly walked away, heading for his own room in an effort to get away from Konoe. He growled in frustration when he tried to slam his bedroom door shut but couldn't because a foot was blocking it.

"Baka Konoe, what do you want?" Masakazu ground out before walking towards his futon. He had to hop and skip over another growing stack of books before reaching his destination.

Konoe stepped in and closed the door behind him before stepping over to where the other was. He knelt down beside the lying figure on the floor, who had his eyes close as if to say he was asleep. He ran his fingers lightly over Masakazu's exposed cheek.


Masakazu flew upright abruptly at the touch. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"You're not sleepy," Konoe chuckled.

"I would be if you'd get out of my room," Masakazu hissed.

Konoe stood on his legs and pushed both hands into his side pockets, having a very relaxed air about him while Masakazu worked himself over. In a nonchalant tone he announced, "I want to kiss you again."

Masakazu was on his legs in a heartbeat and he was all up in Konoe's face. "I like girls, not guys and certainly not you! What the hell was that kiss for anyway? I know you don't like….!"

Masakazu was cut off suddenly with a forceful but sweet kiss that had him internally cursing himself for allowing it. Scrap that, he was furious for liking it! Konoe held him close by wrapping both hands around his waist and he had his hands on his shoulders, his first instinct telling him to push the other away. But the kiss got so intense he had to hold on tighter, needing the support because Konoe was kissing him like a man starved of the attention. He took a step back and tripped, almost falling but Konoe's hands around him broke his fall. It did stop their kiss though and he glared at the other teen while panting.

"You are dead meat," Masakazu grounded out and Konoe expected another tirade. He was pleasantly surprised when the other teen held him by the face and initiated the next bout of kissing, causing them both to fall back on his futon. They tasted and licked, nibbled and sucked, neither wanting the other to stop. They also allowed their hands to do things neither of them thought they would be doing moments ago and judging by how hard they were breathing and the blushes on their cheeks, they were extremely hot for each other.

Konoe was the one on his side while Masakazu was on his back. He brought one hand up and traced the smooth skin of his face down to his chest, going further in an attempt to push his hand down his pants.

Masakazu grabbed the wandering hand before it reached its destination and Konoe rose an eyebrow at him.

Masakazu cleared his throat, deftly avoiding Konoe's gaze. "I um…I've…"

Konoe ran a hand through Masakazu's hair slowly. "Is this your first time?"

Masakazu became indignant, "What the hell are you talking about? I'm not called the goukon prince for nothing."

Konoe chuckled before placing a kiss to the other's nose, "You're so cute Tamura-kun."

"You bastard…!" Masakazu started but Konoe captured his lips once again, deciding to take it slow for now because he didn't want to rush Masakazu's first time, Kiyoi or one of the kids might walk in on them after all. The first few minutes were a real struggle since Masakazu initially 'recovered' his senses and didn't want to kiss him anymore, but with much persistence he continued until the young man gave in.

Konoe decided to sleep over that night since Masakazu would need much convincing before he could openly accept their new relationship. Besides, he needed Masakazu to Doctor the black eye he gave him when he brought up the subject of sex.


Two days later at school, it was lunch period and Ami stood out in the court yard with a group of four girls from her class. They had already eaten in the cafeteria and had ended up with some time to kill before their next class.

Ami was sitting with her eyes closed, soaking up the sun when one of the girls, Shiori, spoke.

"Have you heard about Ageha-kun?"

Everybody turned to look at her.

Ami was the first to speak up, "Heard what?"

Everybody was now leaning in to find out the news and the girl continued, "He's a vampire…"

"Eh?" the other two girls asked perplexed.

"It's true, the captain of the football club said so. He said Ageha-kun almost drank his blood."

The other three girls looked at each other and Ami bit her bottom lip. What should she do?

She decided to negate such a rumor before it could spread any further.

"Ne, what's up with that?" The other four girls stared at her and she continued.

"Ageha is so small and cute like a girl, he couldn't hurt a fly."

The other girls looked between each other as they thought about it and eventually decided it was true.


It was Ageha and he stood a few feet behind the girl, who turned to look at him fuming and balling his fists.

"Crap, gotta go girls," Ami smiled before standing and taking off with Ageha hot on her heels.

Ageha wanted to beat her to a pulp for calling him a girl…and in front of other people too.