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I leaned against the bathroom sink, drumming my fingers on the edge. My heart was beating over a thousand miles a second. I was so sure I was going to have a heart attack. My breathing was hitched; my lungs were on fire. I can't believe I was already acting like this, before the results. Then again, how could I not be nervous? I mean, there was a very high chance I would come out positive.

My eyes burned with unshed tears, my throat tightened from trying to hold them in. My air became even more constricted, making my breathing shallower, coming out in short gasps. I wasn't going to cry. I wasn't going to cry. I wasn't going to cry. I wasn't. . .

The color on the test changed, turning into a light blue. I read the box, decoding what it meant. What I read froze every blood cell in my body.


It couldn't be.

I can't be.

There's no way.

But I was.

I sunk to my knees with the box still in my hand. As much as I tried to convince myself that I wouldn't cry, I could feel warm, salty tears trail down my cheeks. I let a hoarse sob escape my throat and my throat loosened up a little bit from the release. My body hitched with each sob.

I can't believe this had happened to me. This kind of stuff happened to other people, not me. It couldn't happen to me. I just wasn't that type of person that this could happen to. It wasn't how the world worked.

Looks like the universe just overruled the world.

My face was soaked with stale tears. My heart was filled with lead as the hardcore facts started to settle in.

I, Raven Roth, was pregnant. And Malchior Ellis was the father.

Author's Comments:

The reason it's so short is because it's the prologue. I don't believe in long prologues.

Malchior Ellis. I couldn't come up with a last name for him so I just used the last name of the guy who voiced him in the series. So yeah.

So, it was pretty obvious what I was talking about in the beginning. But I bet you weren't expecting that Malchior was the father, were you? ;)

Anyways, I really hope you like this so far, I've got big plans for this story. For all of you who are worried about the fate of Finally Found You, Now Don't Leave, I'm still writing that. I just couldn't make this idea go away.

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