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Chapter 1: Assault


The sound of pliers cutting through a chain link fence reverberated throughout the entire camp.

"Damn it, Shadrach, couldn't you be a bit quieter? We're already going to get caught as is."

The Umbreon attending to the metal mesh didn't bother to look back, knowing that even if he tried he couldn't see his accomplice. His chocolate-brown hair glinted in the moonlight, and his glowing rings, despite his heavily dark clothing, were still noticeable, albeit from five feet away. "Sorry, sorry," he sighed. "I'll try to be quieter next time."

Behind him, the air shimmered a bit. A slim Latias dressed in a skintight suit materialized, peering at the seemingly simple job. "Couldn't you use your poison to dissolve it? It can't be that tough."

"That's the problem, Siria. Apparently this base could afford some decent material to make these fences, because this metal is beyond state-of-the-art. I doubt even a Charizard's Blast Burn could dissolve this."

The dragon smirked. "And that's why you can cut through them with cheap pliers we picked up at a retail store."

Shadrach snipped another piece of wire, proving to her its flimsiness. "The thing that I didn't mention is that they were too dumb to make it resistant to physical force. Apparently they got too used to us sending special attacks over the horizon."

She watched him continue to cut the fence, rolling her eyes. "If only you could turn invisible…"

"Hey, I wasn't born with down or anything of that sort, and even if I did, I don't have the money to afford those invisibility suits that you have. I've already tried my best to dim my rings as much as possible," he retorted as the last link broke. Shadrach stood up, looking at his handiwork. "By any rate, it looks like we can enter now." The formerly solid structure now had a small but passable hole in it.

Siria silently nodded, going over the plan in her mind. Enter the facility, neutralize the guards, gain access to the control room, get the data, wipe all traces, go out the way they came in…. The Umbreon had only made her rehearse it a million times.

"Siria, what are you doing? Hurry up!" her partner hissed, already on the other side of the fence.

She hit the dirt, crawling quickly but carefully to ensure that neither her suit nor her wings got cut by the metal. Within ten seconds the Latias worked her way through the hole.

"Ok, now, give me a quick rundown of everybody in the area," Shadrach commanded.

Focusing her mind, Siria began to track and analyze the minds of the camp's members.

She whispered, "I can sense two guards in the back entrance. One of them is patrolling, and the other is…." Siria faintly blushed.

"I won't ask. Anything else? There has to be some sort of security in the control room."

"There are three doing patrols in the hallway. They're bored, but still alert."

Shadrach finished writing on a pad and finalized his tactics. "There's far less security here than I expected, but we shouldn't look a gift Rapidash in the mouth." He tapped his pen, hemming and hawing. "Ok, here's the plan. The outside guards are easy enough. I can get the two of them with my Confuse Ray. However, the ones in front of the main room are a bit more difficult. If my own assessment is right, they're in a position so that the other two can see one of their own going down."

"Which means…"

"We'll have to do what we did last time, and hope we get lucky."

Siria turned around to face him, wearing a mask of incredulity. "Do you even remember what happened then? I snorted a Dragon Pulse and compromised the whole thing!"

The Umbreon shrugged. "We don't have a choice. I can't think of another way to go about doing this."

After fuming and pacing for a minute, Siria finally agreed. "Fine, but you owe me dinner if this goes awry," she complained as she turned invisible.

The bodies of a Raticate and a Houndoom dropping were the only sounds that could be heard outside. Sparing only a glance at the menacing façade of the building, Shadrach and Siria sneaked through its doors. As they moved to the heart of the facility, they tiptoed from room to room, checking for any 'mon Siria might have missed. The slight luminescent glow of the map they held was the only hint that two intruders were about.

After at least half an hour of stealthy movement, they reached the three guards that Shadrach had mentioned.

"Ready?" the Umbreon asked, grinning despite the gravity of the mission.

Siria nodded, groaning as she did so. "Arceus, if we screw this up…."

"Then we'll never hear the end of it from the others. More incentive to get it right."

The Latias, choosing not to further pursue the topic, readied her mind and focused it on only one thing.

"Go." The Umbreon aimed a thin yellow ray at his partner.

"Urghh…" she mumbled as she became delirious. She then began to execute the strategy in the few precious seconds she had before she lost all sanity. As her body crumpled against the wall, she began to murmur while Shadrach hoped to the Distortion that Siria would get this right.

Apparently, she did. Moments later, the three Pokémon began to drop, falling prey to the amplified confusion. The Latias picked herself up off the ground, smiling a bit.

"Thank Arceus your confusion allowed you to pick Psycho Shift," the Umbreon said.

"Yeah. If it didn't, then we'd…"

"We'd be royally screwed. Now come on, we still have a mission to finish." Shadrach kindly but firmly pulled Siria to the steel barricade that guarded their target. Knowing the next task, she focused her psychic pulses on the lock, executing the same movements she practiced back at base. Pushing the pins up, she rotated them to the right, opened the door, and walked in. A second later, she wished she hadn't.

"AAAAAAAAAR-" she screamed until Shadrach put a hand over her mouth.

"Shut up. We got this far, and you want to quit now? I thought I told you about this."

"B-but…but…." She sat down, and pointed at a glass vial. A deformed fetus, one that appeared to be a Pidgey and Bidoof spliced together, floated within. Many others similar to it lined the spacious wall of the science lab, but she couldn't bear to look at them. "There's a difference between talking about them and seeing them!" she cried.

With a look of sympathy, the Umbreon knelt down. "I know," he murmured. "That's why they assigned us this mission. We can put an end to this and never talk about it again."

As Siria, haunted by the morphs, continued to sit on the floor, her partner made his way to the computer in the center of the room. With the assistance of screwdrivers, Shadrach had its hard drive in his paws in the matter of seconds. Reassembling the computer and wiping it of all paw prints, he turned back to the Latias.

"C'mon, we have to get going now. We got what we came for."

"Just give me a minute…."

Shadrach looked around, assuming a businesslike demeanor. "We don't have a minute. I don't know how long my Confuse Ray will work on those guards."

After several painful seconds, Siria stood up with the assistance of her partner. "Promise me…"

"Promise you what?"

"That we burn this place to the ground before this war is over."


Suddenly, Shadrach's face turned from one of pity to one of shock as he heard hurried footsteps and yells in the halls.

"What the hell happened? One moment we were standing outside and next we were knocked out!" he heard a Raticate bellow.

"I don't know! All we know is that we have intruders to be dealt with," an accompanying voice responded.

"Well, shit. All of this work sneaking around for nothing. Well, hopefully we won't get too hurt," the Umbreon sighed, drawing an apple core from his pack.

"You take the Houndoom, I'll take the Raticate," Siria replied as she finished crunching on a Chilan berry.

"Glad to see that you recovered so quickly." Shadrach grinned.

The two 'mon moved to the sides of the steel door where they couldn't be seen so easily, and assumed battle stances.

As the two that Shadrach had incapacitated before burst through the door, the hiding pair both attacked at once. Siria directed a Dragon Pulse at the Raticate, catching him in the face; the Umbreon stared at the Houndoom and used Mean Look, taking his attention away from his felled comrade.

"Who the hell are you?" the fiery dog growled.

"No one you need to know about," replied Shadrach before he sprayed his foe with a lethal Toxic attack.

"ARGH!" the Houndoom roared as he clawed at his eyes. However, the Umbreon didn't wait for his opponent to prepare for another attack. Setting up in the manner all Umbreon were taught to, he began to replicate himself, and the copies all surrounded the victimized dog.

"I'll get you, you bastard!" Although the Houndoom was quick, he could not eliminate all of the duplicates before Shadrach produced more. The poison slowly began to take hold of the fire type as well, his bones turning a dull, malign purple.

As the Umbreon snickered at his incompetent foe, a yell of pain brought his attention to another battle. Siria stood there, clinging her half-frozen arm with a distraught expression.

"Raticate…Ice Beam…what?"

Before Shadrach could react, the Raticate surged forward with a Quick Attack, landing a full body blow on the Latias. She slammed into the shelves, which collapsed and dropped almost all of the jars. Her vulnerability to physical attacks did not help her situation, for she did not get up after the attack.

"Siria!" Shadrach moved quickly, charging a Faint Attack before teleporting behind the rat and decking him. However, for all of his might, Shadrach was an Umbreon, and was hardly gifted in the physical sector. The Raticate, distracted from fantasies of kicking Siria down the hall, turned around to eye his newfound enemy.

What he didn't expect was a pair of eyes staring back at him, glowing in eerie patterns.

"You…ugh…rrgh…" the Raticate stammered as he teetered back and forth, allowing Shadrach to deftly deliver a blow to the neck and faint him. Seconds later the rat's unconsciousness was accompanied by the Houndoom's, finally retired because of the poisons destroying his body.

"I really wish we didn't have to fight, but what's done can't be undone. We can, however, hide the bodies," Shadrach commented, forgetting that the Latias was not at his side. "Wait…shit! Siria!"

Whipping out a Potion, he rushed to her aid. She lay among the broken glass that once held the disgusting bodies that were littered on the ground. Uncapping the bottle, the Umbreon sprayed her body with the medicine until she slowly came to her senses.

"Wha…where am I? What happened?" Siria then made the unwise decision of looking around her. This time, Shadrach did not stop the bloodcurdling scream that came from the dragon.

"We need to get out of here," he muttered. "Siria, help me with these bodies. We'll shove them in the lockers."

Sobbing, she silently stood up and complied, grabbing the legs of the poisoned Houndoom while Shadrach took hold of his arms. They carried him to a rusty, browned locker, set him upright inside, and closed the door. Siria fully expected him to melt the box to the ground if he ever woke up, but that would occur long after they left.

As she turned to the Raticate, Siria yelped. How was the bastard still awake even after the damage he took? Staggering, he took a running start and lunged at the Umbreon, who was still working on sealing the Houndoom in the locker. She heard a slash and a shout before she was able to aim a Dragon Pulse at the rat's back. The Raticate fell to the ground once again, subdued by not sleep but sheer pain and exhaustion.

"Shadrach! Shadrach!" she yelled. The familiar Umbreon face was no longer intact, with two long, bleeding wounds renting it.

"I'll be fine…argh!" he grunted as the Latias applied a Wish to his face.

"C'mon, let's get out of here." As Shadrach tried to get up, she was already pushing the body into another locker.

"Yeah, let's."

Luckily, the three guards outside of the room hardly heard the commotion, still subdued by the enhancements of Psycho Shift. Two dark figures stole from the room and darted towards the entrance of the building, relying on nothing but memory. Siria was about to rejoice at their escape until…

A Glaceon in a business suit, accompanied by several Arcanine, greeted the two at the entrance. As soon as he saw the Latias and the Umbreon, his raised paw came forward, and searing fire blazed forth from the canines' muzzles.

Siria grunted and took the blow, her dragon typing allowing her to resist it. However, Shadrach was not as lucky. His yellow rings began to turn a sickly brown as he began to become burned, and he collapsed and submitted to the scalding heat.

Arceus-dammit. Each time we do something right, a million things go wrong, the Latias thought. She tore her teary eyes away from her partner, and an intense pressure built up within her mouth.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!" she exclaimed before summoning a Surf attack. The mighty torrent crashed on the Arcanine, tossing them backwards and wasting them. The only one left standing was the Glaceon, who had frozen the wave heading towards him.

Not sparing a second to talk, the ice-type Eevee fired an Icy Wind at Siria. "Shit," she snapped. Although it didn't hurt as much as the Raticate's Ice Beam, the ice crystals clung to her body, restricting her ability to fly.

With no possibility of aerial combat, she engaged her opponent directly, using her incredible agility to dash and nail the Glaceon right in the face with a fist. He was prepared, though; moments after Siria's backside was entirely frozen. The Glaceon then aimed a kick at her ice-ridden hide, shattering the frozen water and making his victim howl in pain. After completing his attack, he stooped and looked her in the eyes.

"You have no idea about what you're getting into, do you?"

"Fuck off" was the only thing she managed to utter before he savagely kicked her in the gut, knocking the breath out of her. She was certain that something inside her broke. When Siria looked up, she saw him form an icicle spear, aiming it straight at her head.

"It's been nice knowing you, but now our relationship must come to an end," he sighed mockingly, walking closer and closer towards the defenseless girl.

Closing her eyes and waiting for her fate, Siria recalled her memories for one last time. The first time she learned to sense emotions. When her father tearfully proclaimed her mother was dead. The silent nod of the recruitment officer as she signed the form. The hell of basic training. Meeting Shadrach. Seeing her brother decapitate another soldier. Joining Special Operations. Working up the ranks. And, finally, coming here….

As she gritted her teeth, she heard the spear whistle as it flew towards her. The second it took to reach her seemed like an eternity. Shouldn't she be dead by now? As she peeked, the ice lay shattered on the ground before her instead of lodged in her brain. The heavily burned Umbreon was in front of her, panting heavily from the exertion of his Detect.


"You won't get away with killing my friend," the defiant Umbreon told the Glaceon.

"Oh, really? What are you going to do? Protect until you run out of energy? You might as well line up behind her. I'd only need one strike to kill instead of two then."

As the Glaceon readied an Ice Beam, he failed to notice Shadrach shaking in utmost anger. "Don't…UNDERESTIMATE ME!" he roared, his whole body glowing in some strange energy.

Siria hardly saw what happened next, but she certainly understood. One moment the Umbreon was crudely postured in front the Glaceon, and in the next Shadrach had tackled with such fury that his enemy flew a good twenty feet before slamming against a wall, appearing as if he had every bone in his body broken.

"Last Resort," she whispered gently.

Shadrach looked at her, grinning. "Damn…straight…" He collapsed, absolutely drained from the single attack.

As she was running to attend to her friend, a sparkle in the sky caught her eye. Not even bothering to look, she loosed a Dragon Pulse at the object, hoping to deter whatever it was from the area. No hope, though. The body simply moved out of the way, spiraling downwards at an incredible speed until reaching the scene. The blue and white dragon then floated down, combat boots touching the icy ground.

"Gee, sis, I thought they told you to identify before shooting in boot camp." He grinned.

"Hush, Sirius, I need to attend to Shadrach," she retorted before applying Wishes to the Umbreon.

The Latios put on a face of mock injury. "Why, it's been a month since I saw you, Siria, and that's the first thing you say? I'm deeply insulted."

"Just help me fix his wounds!" the frustrated Latias responded.

"Sure, let me see…oh damn, that's pretty bad. Looks like a heavy burn, drained HP, and zero PP to boot. Use these."

Siria found herself grasping several Potions, a Burn Heal, and a case of Leppa berries. Well, at least her excuse-for-a-field-medic brother was worth something, she sighed.

"These will help for now, but we need to get him back to the field hospital right away for more treatment. He certainly looks like there's something broken in there," he continued. Rounding on his sister, he asked, "Now what exactly happened? Or is that classified?"


"Oh, come on. Couldn't you at least tell your brother? After all, I did help your boyfriend," Sirius snarked.


The Latios rubbed his cheek while Siria fumed. "Sorry if you're so touchy…"

"He's not my boyfriend, even though you've been saying so for months already! I don't even know where you got the silly idea!" she huffed angrily.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact that you're always, always togeth-"


The feuding dragons turned towards the source of the voice. Shadrach slowly got up, tracing his wounds with his paws.

"Hey, don't do that. You'll just infect them." Sirius batted the Umbreon's paws away.

"Who…who're you?" he asked, breathing in a ragged tone.

"Your girlfriend's brother."


"Argh! And I thought we were siblings!"

"Well, you can drop the girlfriend part! We're working together, nothing more."

"I like how you blush when you say that."


It took much restraint on Siria's part not to unleash a Dragon Pulse on her brother, even though she knew that he could deck her before she could blink. Instead, she settled on ignoring him, turning towards the Umbreon instead. "How do you feel?"

"Like crap. Better than before, though," he slurred.

"That's nice. Hopefully we could-"

Before she could finish her sentence, the Latios, listening to his radio, cleared his throat.

"I just received a report that there are enemy forces converging on this area. They must have heard your little commotion. We need to get out of here. Now." His voice was devoid of the playfulness present earlier. "Siria, take his right side. I'll take the left. Oh, also. Strip him of his clothing…"

"What?" she squeaked. The Latias moved to strike at him.

"…because we don't need enemy combatants tracking the shreds of cloth that'll tear when we fly him out."

"…oh." She blushed intensely, condemning herself for all of those devious thoughts. Sometimes she forgot that her brother had both a perverted nature and a business one. Then her anger flared when she noticed Sirius smirking, obviously listening in on her thoughts.

Both she and her brother began to take the Umbreon's clothes off. The dense jacket, the camouflaged pants, and…

"Hm? What's this?" Sirius held up a hard drive.

"Our mission material. Let me have it back," the Latias interjected. Shadrach was too dazed to talk right now.

"No. To be frank, if we are attacked on the way back, you have a far better chance of being killed than me. I'm assuming that this is important data if this mission is classified."

"What?" she snorted indignantly. "Now look, under Code 2133 of the PIA, no soldiers other than those engaged in the mission…"

The Latios already appeared as confused as the Umbreon. "Ok, ok, you win. I never knew how you managed to memorize all of that stuff." He gave her back the hard drive.

By that point, Shadrach was stripped down to his boxers.

"Those need to come off too," the blue dragon asserted.

"Wh-why are you looking at me?"

"Well, you ARE his girlfriend…."


"I can't believe you! Why do we need to take those off? And you think I actually saw his junk before?"

"Hey, it's medivac policy. Normally I wouldn't do this, but we need to move fast. I mean, really really fast. If those don't come off now they'll come off in the air." When he saw the Latias turn away, he said, "Fine, I'll do it. And don't look at me that way!"

She giggled. "Never knew my brother had a thing for guys…."

"Arceus, if you ever have to say that, please don't say it in front of my squadron. They'd go nuts for weeks." After packing the rest of the clothing into his bag, he looked at her sister. "Ready?"

"I noticed you never said no to my statement."


The two dragons picked up Shadrach and flew out of the warzone as quickly as possible, disappearing into nothingness as they adjusted their down.

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