Title: Naruto & Sasuke: Hero Potential (N.S.H.P. for short because the real title sucks)

Author: PrettyKitty93

Warnings: Mild Language, Suggestive Acts and what-not

Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto series or any of the characters, they are the property of Masashi Kishimoto. This is just for fun, I do not make any money from this fic.

Author's Notes: The End! Haha, I'm glad everyone liked this story so much... :) I put in a lemon in this final chapter just because a yaoi isn't good yaoi without lemons. I felt so dirty writing this, lol. Enjoy!


Chapter Eight: To Your Beat

A now eighteen year-old Naruto walked into the house that used to just be occupied by his sister and himself… but under recent years, it had gotten pretty crowded. Now his former sensei Iruka and Kakashi lived here as well, which had taken the boy totally by surprise when his sister tried to explain why she was now dating not one but two men, that were somewhat-significantly older than her, and in Iruka's case, wasn't even in the slightest bit bi-sexual. He was not attracted to Nami in the slightest bit, it seemed. But, under further scrutinizing of his favorite childhood teacher, he finally began to understand that it was Kakashi who held their little threesome together, and the love they had for him. And a little of that love had extended to Nami and Iruka towards each other as well, if even only a bit. Naruto wasn't exactly keen on the whole idea of having two brother-in-laws like this… but he accepted it since it made them all happy.

His twenty-one year-old sister was bouncing one of her little bundles of joy on her lap, one of the little blonde eight month-old twins named Kinamshi. He was the quieter of the boys. Naruto didn't hear the louder twin, Namkishi, babbling anywhere, so he guess he was with one of his dads.

The twins' true dad was Kakashi, although you wouldn't know it because they look just like little Uzumaki's, with their blonde hair and blue eyes. You would almost think they were Naruto's kids, they look like the spitting image of their uncle. And Namkishi acted just like his uncle too- he was a mischief maker.

'And speaking of mischief…' thought Naruto as he walked upstairs, hearing a lot of splashing and wailing. He saw Iruka stooped over beside the bath tub, trying to bathe Namkishi who just didn't want to cooperate.

"Hi Naruto, you just get back from another mission?" Iruka greeted, trying to stop the baby from splashing everywhere, although Namkishi seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it.

"Yeah," he said with a grin as he looked at his little nephew. He guessed this one was going to give his old sensei hell once he got of school age…

Iruka decided the little deviant was clean enough, so he drained the tub and wrapped the bundle of energy in a towel and carried him off to the nursery, with Naruto right behind him.

"So let me guess, Kakashi's gone now?" Naruto questioned.

"Yep. Seems like neither of them are ever home at the same time anymore. It's a good thing I don't actively take missions, or these kids would never have anything stable in their lives," Iruka sighed, as he sat the baby on the changing table and proceeded to dress him and such.

"That's a shame. Too bad I can't be around more…" Naruto offered as a way to cheer the man up, although he really didn't want to become a live-in babysitter again. That's why he was already nearly moved out, moving to Sasuke's place. He loved his nephews, but he was finally an adult now and he had a life. "You know Iruka, that reminds me… I kinda have a question."

"About what?" Iruka asked absent-mindedly. Naruto was always asking him questions, since the boy seemed to feel so comfortable talking with Iruka about things.

"About, um…" he trailed off, looking at his nephew who stared back at him with equally blue eyes, beginning to coo "Na-na-na-na," as he seemed to reach for his uncle. He was trying to talk so badly, but couldn't seem to get more than one syllable down at the moment.

"What is it Naruto?"

"Well… can't you put him somewhere first?"

"Kami Naruto, he can't understand you anyways," Iruka sighed, but much to the older blonde's wishes, he put the baby in his playpen, before the two adults stepped out into the hallway. "Now, what is it that you need to say?"

"Remember when we had that talk… actually we've had several talks about it, and you told me that if I ever decided I was ready to do… it, I'd tell you first?" he explained.

"It, Naruto?"

"You know…"

"Naruto, if you're ready to have sex, you have to at least be able to say sex," Iruka replied, as though the word were the most average word.

He didn't even want to repeat it, it seemed so serious and was like acid on his tongue. "I… just don't like the way it sounds," he said calmly.

"Well either way, you're an adult now so you should be able to decide whether you want to have sex or not… or at the very least say it. I just wanted you to come to me first, so you would be safe," Iruka said in his lecture voice.

"I know…" Naruto groaned, staring at his feet. He'd heard the whole 'being safe' spiel about a thousand times, and he didn't want to hear it again. "I just wanna know the 'how' and stuff."

"How?" Iruka questioned, turning red. How do you explain the process of having sex? "Well- wait a second! Didn't you used to steal all that porn from your sisters room when you were younger?"

Now it was Naruto's turn to blush red. "Yeah… But I thought all the stuff in there was like just for the movies. I mean, does it really work the same way it works in the movies? I thought there was some kind of big secret, hence why you told me to ask you."

"Well it would've been a secret if you didn't start watching porn when you were thirteen!" Iruka yelled.

"Damn, I'm sorry Iruka!" he cried out, backing up in case he started acting crazy again.

"That can't be helped now, I suppose. But no, there's no big secret to it. Although sex is kind of one of those 'gets-better-with-age' sort deals,"

"Wow… then I'd better get started huh?"

Iruka rolled his eyes at the boy, before seemingly pulling out of nowhere a pack of condoms-

"What the hell? Irukaaa," Naruto whined, in a very un-adult manner. "You're the only person who can be embarrassing inside the house. What the hell am I going to do with all those?"

"Save them for a rainy day…trust me on that one. Use them every time, you understand? This day in age you always need to be-"

"Safe, I know Iruka!" Naruto finished, stuffing the condoms in his pocket quickly. "…Thanks," he spoke with a slight blush.

The older man smiled at the blonde before him. His 'brother-in-law' of sorts, although it feels like he's raised him as a son. He's all grown up now… Iruka had to stop himself before he started getting all melodramatic and crying. Speaking of crying, he had to attend to Namkishi who had begun crying at being left alone. Because like his uncle, Namkishi didn't like being left alone either. That said, Iruka could only pray that he didn't go about looking for 'companionship' like Naruto did… he'd lose hair stressing over this boy, he already knew.

"So Kiba, what do you suggest I do to make my first time special?" Naruto asked his friend whose room he happened to be in at the moment. Along with Shikamaru, the three were just lounging around, hanging out at Kiba's now, since Naruto's house was no longer an option with the babies there… and because of the fact he was moving out soon anyways.

"Oh, not this again," Shikamaru groaned as he tossed a tennis ball against the wall, bored per usual. "I don't see why you don't just do it and get it over with."

"Because… I don't think Sasuke would feel very appreciated if I just kinda went like 'Ok, lets have sex now.' And I don't want him to get pissed off,"

"You two have been together the longest, I don't think you can possibly do anything wrong. I mean you two were dating for years and you still haven't had sex? That's crazy!" Kiba pointed out.

"Coming from the guy who gave his boyfriend a hand-job the same day he confessed to liking him," Shikamaru remarked.

"What? We just so happen to have a fast paced relationship I guess!" the dog boy argued.

"These two," Shikamaru began gesturing towards Naruto, "Probably are ready to get married and all, the way they act."

"Married?" Naruto exclaimed, giving Shikamaru a look.

The lazy boy just rolled his eyes at the blonde, remarking, "Just fuck him already, Naruto," as he continued to bounce the little green ball.

"But-!" he started to cry out, before Kiba stood Naruto up hurrying him towards the door.

"No excuses, go to his house now before you back out again! Trust me… it'll be okay! You guys are about to start living together for Christ-sakes," Kiba assured him as he pushed the blonde out the door and not-too-nicely, shutting the door in his face, so there was no room for argument.

Sasuke let out a long groan as he retreated into his home for the evening after a long day of training solo. He was exhausted and covered in sweat and dirt, and didn't like this grimy feeling one bit.

After the initial disappointment of finding that his boyfriend wasn't home yet, he started to mentally think of what he could do while waiting for his return. A much needed bath was definitely first on the list, then he would try and attempt a dinner. Of what, he wasn't quite sure since he hadn't done any grocery shopping.

So almost immediately, he'd begun to draw a hot bath so he could relax and unwind while soothing sore and strained muscles from an intense workout. He leaned back, closing his eyes as he began to imagine Naruto were here, giving him a massage like he tended to do some nights. Unfortunately, it never seemed to lead to much more, and this was starting to frustrate Sasuke, mentally and physically. He wasn't sure what else he could do to get Naruto in the mood, and he was hoping that it wasn't just that Naruto didn't want to have sex with him. He just knew he wanted Naruto to touch him that way so bad.

Sasuke really didn't want to spend another sad night alone, eating a sad dinner, watching a sad movie and pleasuring his sad-self with his sad hand- well you get the picture. He thought, that maybe Naruto got stuck with babysitting duty again, and wasn't going to come home until late. Still, Sasuke mentally decided that whenever Naruto did get home, he was going to show the blonde how much he wanted him once and for all, because he was sick of beating around the bush.

After finishing up his bath, and throwing on some pajama bottoms and a plain navy shirt, he sat on the couch, curled up under a blanket. The Uchiha absent-mindedly flipped through channels on the television, while stroking his cock through the fabric of the pajama pants. He was really hoping Naruto didn't have to baby sit again… he didn't want to have to take care of this himself. Sasuke turned his gaze towards those dirty movies just sitting out on the coffee table, since no one came over anyways. When Naruto had turned eighteen, he'd taken it upon himself to buy his own… so he didn't have to keep taking his sister's. Sasuke actually considered watching one, which he rarely did, just to sedate his desires a little bit. "Besides, I need something to jack-off to…," he said to himself, before hearing the sound of the front door opening. Before he knew it, he heard the familiar cry of, "Sasuke, I'm home!"

That made the usually stoic boy even the slightest bit excited, even if it wasn't terribly apparent on his face. He decided to turn on his cute-and-sexy… not that it took the Sasuke Uchiha much work, before saying, "Hey babe, I missed you."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend's choice of terminology. He rarely said 'babe' or 'baby' unless he was… nah, Naruto brushed it off. He walked up to the raven-haired boy who was under the covers, and greeted him with a kiss. "So uh, is this a movie night?"

"I was just looking for something to watch on T.V. Want to join me?" Sasuke offered, and his blonde complied, sliding under the blanket beside him.

As they cuddled together, and Naruto now flipped through channels with his right hand, not really noticing Sasuke holding his left hand, guiding it to the bulge in his pajama pants. "Naruto…"

He stopped, now noticing what his boyfriend was doing.

"Can you feel how hard I am for you baby?" the raven asked seductively, as his boyfriend was looking slightly dumbfounded at the moment.

"Yeah…" was all Naruto could reply, jolts of arousal shooting down below at Sasuke's words, his breathy, horny tone he'd sworn he'd never heard him use before.

Sasuke inched closer, pressed up against Naruto, his hard arousal pressing against his abdomen. "Ah Naruto please… I need you to fuck me. Tonight," was his aroused request. "I can't wait anymore…"

Naruto was in a state of shock, he didn't know his quiet, little Sasuke could talk so dirty and boy was it turning him on. He wanted to touch him but… the pressure of this being their first time was getting to him. Sasuke could tell, so he wanted to help Naruto loosen up a bit, while masking his own nervousness.

Sasuke pressed his lips against Naruto's, crashing together in a sense of wonderful urgency, that they just had to have each other at that moment. Naruto moaned into his boyfriend's mouth, tightening the hold he had on him as Sasuke tried to gain entrance to the blonde's mouth with his tongue. He caught on, and parted his lips for the raven obediently, so he could explore his lover's mouth.

As they made out, the increasingly-horny Sasuke ground against Naruto's body, not bothering to hide his urgency as he already had a raging hard-on. Naruto was growing hard as well against the Uchiha's body, who was straddling him by now as he moved to take off Naruto's orange t-shirt. Once he was stripped of his shirt, his pants were being unbuttoned however he was vaguely aware of this as Sasuke ran his tongue along one of Naruto's hard nipples, sending a chill down his spine that was unfamiliar but pleasurable as well, considering the blonde never even thought of nipples as being arousing.

Sasuke was content with his work, noticing how Naruto's cock was straining against the jeans, before he unbuttoned them, sliding down jeans and underwear in all, exposing the blonde's manhood to the cool air.

"Ahh, Sasuke…" Naruto cried out, as he felt the other man licking the head of his cock teasingly, like a sucker. Said man smirked at the guy beneath him, before taking as much of the blonde in as he could, bobbing his head as he went down on him. Naruto grasped at the couch, clenching as he knew he was nearing his peak already. He started saying Sasuke's name, which was all the encouragement the raven needed to keep going so he could blow him good. His teeth skillfully grazed the head, softly of course, and it wasn't too much more Naruto could take before he would blow. "Sasuke…aahh!" he cried out, before shooting his load, Sasuke swallowing it all.

After wallowing in the afterglow of his orgasm as he slumped against his end of the couch, he vaguely remembered that Sasuke was still hard, and still in need of being fucked.

"I'm about to go in the bedroom, so you can come see just how bad I need you…," Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear, before walking off down the hall, into Sasuke's bedroom.

That statement alone was almost enough to make Naruto hard again on the spot. He quickly knocked the cover out of his way, getting up from the couch and going into the pocket of his discarded jeans, looking for one of the many condoms Iruka gave him, before quickly following his boyfriend into the bedroom.

When Naruto thought Sasuke couldn't be any hotter all in one night, he was proven wrong by the sight he was met with. There was Sasuke in the center of the bed on his knees with his pajama pants bunched at the knees so his erection was clearly seen, dripping with pre-cum. There was an open tube of lube at his side and he was fingering himself, so Naruto could see. Naruto almost could've passed out from blood-loss, figuring it was all going once place anyways. God… who was this sexy creature and where did his sweet boyfriend go?

"Ah… ah, Naruto…" Sasuke panted, "I know you like to see me get myself off…"

True, the statement did register in his head. He always had a secret thing for hearing Sasuke masturbate… probably because to this day he still doesn't do it very often and he just loves the noises he sweet little Sasuke makes when he's being naughty.

"Naruto…," he let out a long moan, before gazing at the blonde with his now crimson eyes. With that look… that look that set his loins on fire… he knew he was ready.

Sasuke registered the side of the bed sinking slightly, before tanned hands grasped firmly on his hips, before hearing in a husky, low voice, "Sasuke, are you finally ready for me to fuck you?"

"Yes Naruto, do me now!" Sasuke agreed.

Naruto aligned himself with his lover's entrance, before delving in to the tight heat that was Sasuke. The raven's hands clenched on the blankets immediately as he tried to adjust to the pain of his first time. "Sasuke, are you alright?" Naruto questioned with concern, noticing the pained look on his face.

"Yeah… it just hurts a bit… need to get used to it," he panted.

Naruto leaned down to kiss Sasuke, in a way trying to tell him it was alright. Then, going slowly at first, he began to slide out, before thrusting back in at a calmer pace Sasuke could get used to. As the pain began to melt away, the pace began to be agonizingly slow for the boy who could've sworn he was so hard there must be a puddle of pre-cum under him right now. "Naruto… ah, faster," Sasuke pleaded.

Naruto complied, and he began to make love to him with a fast yet steady beat, and Sasuke was enjoying every second of it as he rocked into his lovers thrusts, making them more intense. Naruto stroked Sasuke's dripping cock, causing the boy to let out another moan of pleasure. He was holding on to this moment, but yet at the same time he was craving his sweet, sweet release as he chanted Naruto's name like a mantra, not caring how loud he was or even if the whole village could hear him. As long as they were together… the outside world didn't exist anymore.

"Naruto… Naruto, I'm gonna…" Sasuke panted, hands still clenching the blanket.

"Ah… Sasuke!"

Sasuke came with a loud cry first, spilling his seed all over his and Naruto's chests. As he came his whole body clenched, sending Naruto over the edge as well as he'd emptied himself for the second time that night.

The blonde rolled over onto his back before he collapsed on the bed, so he wouldn't fall on his lover before he fell in a comatose-like state. Sasuke lay beside him on his back as well, reveling in the afterglow of his orgasm and the feeling of being filled by Naruto. Which, while good at first, was now starting to feel a little gross now that the cum was starting to dry. So, he made his way into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

One week or so later, Sasuke and Naruto were cuddled up in front of the T.V. like usual, when Sasuke casually said, "You know, lately I've been feeling kind of funny."

"Funny how?" Naruto inquired.

"My stomach has just been hurting a lot, is all. I'm not sure whether it was something I ate or what,"

Naruto rubbed Sasuke's stomach absent-mindedly as he assured him it would probably go away. Then, suddenly something hit the blonde. He told Sasuke he'd be right back, before heading to their bedroom. He looked on the floor, before finding… the condom from the other night, still wrapped and everything.

"…Shiiiit…" he groaned. Partially at the thought of this being what it most likely meant was happening to his boyfriend. Partially at the fact that he might've inexplicably started a family with, the guy that was ultimately the love of his life of course. But, they were too young!… Weren't they? The idea of it all didn't really bother him as much as he'd thought it would, as it ran through his mind at hyper speed. He wasn't sure… but there was no fixing this now. It was done. Right?

His mind flashed to the little blonde bundles that were his nephews. He wouldn't really mind a little him honestly, and he thought he'd make a great dad… that's if he lived long enough to after Sasuke and Iruka got word of this…

The End...?

A.N.: Ok so there we have it I finally finished this! I'm sorry it stopped in such an awkward spot... I didnt really want it to end up so cliffhanger-y like it did. I kinda wanted it to, so you could kind of speculate about what happened at the end, but part of me wants to write a continuation, although I feel that might be a bit too much as this story was long enough. Do you readers think I should continue it? If its demanded enough, I probably will because I already have ideas... :)

~Love, P.K.

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