The Power of Friendship

"GYAAAH!" Orphan cried in pain as Lightning drove her gunblade into Orphan's forehead. The fal'Cie emitted another painful yelp as she withdrew her weapon from the mechanical god's face. Lightning back-flipped towards her companions. They were tired, injured, and hungry, but above all, they were triumphant. They did everything everyone said the couldn't: they stood up to their fate, they went to Gran Pulse, and they beat the military, and they overthrew an unjust rule.

Orphan fell to the ground and writhed in pain, struggling to hold on to life.

"S'matter?" Fang taunted. "Thought immortality was overrated?"

Orphan ignored the comment, savoring what little time he had left. "How did you six," he choked for a moment before continuing "did you do it? How did you kill me without Ragnarock?"

Lightning emerged to the front of the group, facing Orphan with a smirk on her face. "I'll tell you how: we had the most powerful force in the universe on our side."

"Jackie Chan?"

"Okay," Lightning conceded. "Maybe not that powerful."

"Then how?" the fal'Cie pressed.

"It's the power of friendship, damnit!"

Orphan stared at his killer for a moment. Then, "You are joking, are you not?"

"Orphan," Lightning said. "The six of us are many things. Soldiers, warriors, students, fathers, fiancées, jerkasses, stereotypes, obnoxious, annoying," Lightning went down a list of increasingly accurate descriptions of herself and her friends. Finally, "But most of all? We're friends. After all this is over, I'm going shopping with Fang and Vanille, and"-

"Actually," Vanille pointed out, "We just cut of Cocoon's power source. The stores are all imploding as we speak."

"Well," Lightning said, only slightly fazed, "Sazh and Snow can go to a bar or something"-

"Nope," Sazh pointed out. "We broke those ."

"Um," Lighting said "Hope can go to the movies with Vanille"-

"Those have no power," Hope pointed out.

"We could all go to Nautlius?"

"We've destroyed that, too," Fang replied

Lightning stamped her foot angrily. "Isn't there anything that wasn't hooked up to Orphan?"

Later, on Gran Pulse

Justin Bieber music blasted through the solar powered iPod, assaulting the ears of Sazh, Snow, Hope, and Lightning.

"You mean," Hope said, "that was the only media device that wasn't powered by Orphan?"

"Yeah," Sazh. "It's also got just one artist on it." Sazh, Snow and Hope sighed collectively.

"C'mon guys!" Lightning said. "At least we still have the unbreakable connection of an inseparable friendship, right?

Snow punched Lightning unconscious. "Now then," Snow said, his mission fulfilled, "who wants tacos?"

Author's Notes: Okay, before you start complaining about how awful this was (which is a totally reasonable reaction, by the way) just know that I got this idea while surfing in the middle of the night. I then wrote between 12:30 AM and 1:10AM. Not my best work, and I'm too lazy, too tired, and too impatient to go back and edit this more than I already have. Leave a review, please!