Chapter 1

Bella P.O.V

I woke up this morning looking around for Edward here hmm he's not here that's weird I thought.

He must still be hunting hm I guess I"ll go visit Alice today.

So I get dressed and hop in my truck on my way to spend the day with my pixie of a friend…haha.

I get to the house surprise to see that Alice wasn't already waiting at the door yet.. Maybe her and Jasper are.. occupied..I shudder at the thought.

Well the door was open so I just let myself in and I hear music coming from Edwards room… strange. I open up the door to find my best friend and the love of my life half dressed on top of each other!

"ugh!" I gasp I guess they couldn't hear me. Then all of a sudden jasper walks in "bella are you ok… WHAT THE HELL?" he screeches

They just look up not looking ashamed at all "would you leave we're kinda busy at the moment" Alice says

Angry as hell I march to the radio turn it off and say " Ya I see your busy screwing my boyfriend you Whore!"

She just smirks " ugh guys can you keep it down up here… " Rosalie says as she walks in. As soon as she realized what she walked in on she screeched "..WHAT THE HELL is going on here"

"well the skank of a pixie is over there screwing my boyfriend –exscuse me- ex-boyfriend"

"while that man whore over there is fucking my wife" jasper says angry

"you bitch!" Rosalie screeches

" well we are infatuated with each other . We got bored of our relationships so we turned to each other and we couldn't be happier now that we found something interesting for the both of us." Alice said

" Well…" I said getting into her face ".. good luck you could have him and by the way.. I hope all you Gucci and shoes and all things designer burn down the hell"

"Bella your just jealous i'm better than you. I'm way more graceful than you are, and Edward won't have try and stay in control with me because I'm not going to break. Oh and lets face it I'm way more Attractive than you'll ever be." Alice says

" come on bella walk away she's not worth it" jasper says Tugging loosely at my arm

"please a paper bag couldn't make that ugly face of yours look attractive.. and now to think of it your clothes make you look fat and ugly and hoish … oh wait you are!" I said smirking I don't know whether it was courage, hate, hurt, or just plain stupidity that made me say that but it felt good.

" Sweetie Do you need that ice for that burn " Rosalie says while standing by the door

Next thing I know I'm pushed against the wall with a cold hand on my throat

" take that back you bitch" alice said her eyes dark

" When they become untrue I will! " I spat Man I'm pushing my luck but what do i have to lose now.

Next thing I knew alices teeth were on my neck slicing my skin with her razor sharp teeth.

then i felt her lifted off of me.

then i felt the burn.