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Bellas POV

"Jasper" I say Damn….my voice sounded beautiful…like bells. Anyways I look up at him with my newly improved he's gorgeous….

...Wait wait hold up gorgeous?!

My boyfriend just cheated on me and the only thing I can think of is how gorgeous jasper is? Man Im messed up….

"Bella! Are you okay? How do you feel?" Jasper says interrupting my train of thought

"hiya jaz and I'm actually feeling amazing. Everything is so clear! Man my eyes sucked as a human!"
But then I remembered again what happened
Then I asked "Are you okay? I'm so sorry about what happened!" I said while staring into his worried filled eyes now filled with a bit of pain

He looked away and said "I'll be fine darling. I am just happy that you are okay. I was worried out of my mind about you, I mean im so glad you are awake now" Jas said Then he looked back at me and looked me up and down and said

"well I have to admit, being a vamp certainly does suite you" He said with a wink
I giggled and I sure as hell would of blushed if I could

"Okay okay enough flirting you two! You guys are making me want to puke" Emmett said as he walked over to me and helped me up even though I didn't need it

"Emmett, dear, vampires don't puke" I said to Emmett

He chuckled " whatever smart ass, you know what I mean" I laughed and for a moment it felt like everything was back to normal…and then I remembered

"Where are Alice, and Edward" I said looking over to jas getting mad thinking of those two traitors

jaz must of felt my anger because I instantly started becoming more calm

"I don't-" and just before he could finish my eyes got cloudy and I was instantly pulled into an image it was Edward and alice running full speed toward the house , they were almost here ..Well…shit..this is gonna be fun

finally the image ended and I staggered and almost fell, but jasper caught me
"Bella! What the hell just happened?! " He said with worried filled in his eyes
"I think…I just had a vision…and NOT a good one…..Edward and Alice are coming…they will be here in 60 seconds" I said

"What?! Your serious?!" Jas said with anger in his voice.

"Yes, we need Emmett too." I said and before I could call for him he showed up flexing his muscles

and he says " I am ready, for pay back..let them come we can take them."

"Emmett the worst part was that their eyes are red now" I stated very disgusted

Both him and jasper stood in shock…but jas got over his quickly and came over to me and said
" Bella, what about you? You were just woke up, and your newborn, and speaking of aren't you thirsty?" He said

"Well, hell now I am! But I can control it…I don't know how but I can…but they cant stay long..i need to hunt…" I said growing a bit thirstier..

"Don't Worry bells…they won't be here long." Emmett says looking very determined

I nodded and I just remembered something else.."Hey guys…where are the others?"

Jasper was the one who answered me " They are hunting they should be back any minute"

I replied "well that's good lets go and wait"

We all ran down stairs vampire speed and not even 10 seconds later the ass hole and the pixie bitch arrived.

"Well, well, well…look what we have here" Alice says while walking slowly toward us hand in hand with Edward who was looking as constipated and big headed as always

He looks at me up and down in a way which would had made me blush awhile ago but now it just made me pissed and I clench my hand as he opens his mouth and says " Hey baby how ya been?"

Jasper growls and goes to stand protectively in front of me " How DARE ,you speak to her you bastard! "
"Jas" I say as I put my hand on his shoulder to stop him from attacking and

I was just about to comment with a smart as replied when I hear a high pissed off voice say

"Oh. Hell fucking no what the HELL are you two doing back here…." I look over and its rose YES! I have never been happier to see her..and she looks PISSED

"language rose!" Esme says from behind rose hand in hand with carlise they all walk over to stand by us

"Sorry Esme..but you know they don't deserve any politeness from us.." She looks over to glare over them and says "What the hell are you doing here, you don't belong here anymore. You hunt humans now, and you betrayed this family. So leave…Now. Before I go over there and make you". Rose says very threatenly .

"Right, cute rose but Esme and Carlisle are our parents- Alice says sarcasticly- and they are not going to throw us out. Besides if anyone should leave it's the bitch over there by jasper. Look at you bella stop trying to act tough you could never replace me"

" Bitch look-" I started but then jas interrupted me

"Look pixie, YOU cheated on me, you have NO right, to even speak to me or bella, and i swear edward i will kill you if you call her baby again. so leave before it gets ugly"Jas said looking pissed

And the bitch just blows a kiss to him

Just as i was about to go kick her ass to everyones shock Esme walks over to her and slaps her hard across the face and says

"You will leave NOW, I am not fucking joking pixie get the hell off my property and leave my family alone. This is not a choice, you WILL leave. You are no longer welcome. And I swear if I ever hear you talk about bella I will ruin you…you will have wished that you were left in tht asylum , cause it will look like heaven compared to what I'd do to you. Same goes to you Edward..that flu will look like a minor cold compared to how badly id mess you up." And esme stares them down as they slowly start walking away
then when they get a good distance away esme turns arounds and looks at us looking proud

WE all cheered..i mean cmon she told them off! Emmett yelled "DAMN MOM THAT WAS HOT!"

Rosalie slapped him ofcourse

but then before I could warn her Edward turned around and attack her

"ESME!" We all yelled as she was thrown into a tree which snapped Carlise went to attack Edward but alice intercepted him…damn pixie can fight, Esme got back up and went attack Edward again but then to my shock he bite Esme and she screamed

And i was just getting thirstier..i needed to hunt..

Just when jas was about to jump in
That's when I snapped….all of a sudden a shield exerted from my body and knock Edward and alice 10 feet away from us and the shield covered all of us except them. They tried to come back and attack but they kept hitting the shield they stood there and smirked at each other then ran into the forest and Alice shouted "We'll be back" then they were out of sight

All I knew was that they were coming back and next time would not be so pleasant then with that thought I fainted.

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