"Now then to be sure," Jin said, smiling as he stood in the foyer of the hotel where Yusuke and his team had been staying during the Dark Tournament. "Ye didn't think I'd be lettin' ya leave wi'out sayin' fare-thee-well first, did ya boyo?" he asked, holding out a hand to Yusuke, who had stopped in his tracks when he'd seen the red-head there.

Yusuke closed his hanging mouth and smiled back. Jin had been a great fight, and even better, through their fight, they had somehow become friends. Stepping forward, Yusuke grabbed onto the offered hand, shaking it firmly.

"I had hoped that you wouldn't," he said, locking his brown eyes with the demon's sky blue ones.

"Ah, t'was a good fight we had an' no doubt about that, and I'm gonna miss the big blue outside air, that I am, but ye beat me fair and square and that means it's back to being hidden in the blackness for me again," Jin said, a slightly wistful, slightly sad look in his eye as he thought about that small experience he had enjoyed during his fight with Yusuke. That wonderful feeling he would never have again.

"Oh no," Yusuke said, warningly. "I expect you to visit me sometimes, you crazy. It's way too much fun knowing you for you to just skip out."

Jin was surprised. He hadn't expected that from the human who had knocked him out of the Dark Tournament. Though if he were honest, Jin wouldn't have been able to say what exactly he was expecting from the spirit detective.

"Ya mean it? Really?" Jin asked, stunned and delighted at once.

"Well sure," Yusuke said, a large, dopey smile on his face. "Hell, jump ship with us and just chill in the human world for a while, I insist! Er, but for the sake of my sanity, just downplay the whole demon bit most of the time?"

Jin's face completely lit up. "For a chance to let loose and fly through the great wide blue o' the outside and the light, I'll behave meself better than you do me lad, I swear on that!"