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Chapter One:

The pitter-patter of the rain on the window to the living room provided a background beat to the conversation that filled the lifeless air of the Montez household. It was the big weekend before senior year and the girls had all grouped together for a giant sleepover. It was time to dish about boys, school, and big plans for the next year. While Gabriella was excited that she got to spend time with her friends, she couldn't help but miss Troy.

It was just one month ago that they took their whirlwind romance to the next level. She couldn't be happy with her relationship and her life, but she felt like their was a giant water bucket above her head ready to wash away everything that was going so well.

"Earth to Gabs," Taylor, her best friend was repeating waving a hand in front of her face. Taylor was sitting closest to Gabriella wearing a purple nightgown that matched the shape of the nightgown all the girls were wearing. They had all bought the same little nightgown for this exact outing and they all got it in their favorite colors.

Gabriella looked at the girls and then looked at the floor. She couldn't possibly tell them the real reason that she was so distant. They wouldn't be able to understand, or worse they would all look down on her. The truth was she had lost her virginity to Troy who was spending more and more time with Sharpay... and as of today her period was late.

"Are you okay," Martha asked looking at Gabriella wearing her green nightgown and pigtail. She had the biggest spirit of all the girls. If anyone would be able to cheer up Gabriella it would have been Martha.

"If you want we can come back another time," kelsi added. She was mostly quiet during the conversation that Gabi had been ignoring, but she showed the most concern for Gabriella. Mostly because she was the only one who knew what was really going on between Troy and Sharpay. Trying not to bring any attention to herself, she started to play with the hem of her black nightgown and looked away from everyone.

"I don't know what to say... or do... For the first time in my life I do not have the answer." Gabriella whispered trying not to cry. It was that first love, that first heartbreak, that always hurt the deepest. Troy Bolton was like her first paper cut... barely there but the pain never seems to actually go away.

"What do you mean sweetie," Taylor asked scooting closer to her best friend and putting an arm around her. She looked sympathetically at Gabriella letting her know that all the girls were there for her when they needed her.

Sitting on the window sill making just enough room for Taylor to sit next to her, Gabriella looked out the window again. She couldn't help but wonder where Troy was and what he was doing that very second... But instead of looking at the present, she was reliving the past.

"It's nothing new," Gabriella blushed. "I am just thinking of Troy and how some things are just too good to be true. Where does the fairytale end and the nightmare begin?"

"the best fairytales never end," Martha smiled at Gabriella and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

"The truth is... One month ago my life was turned upside down..." Gabriella started as she told her friends the one night that was on her mind and why she couldn't get her mind off Troy.

"Troy it is the middle of summer... I don't really understand why you need me to come help you practice for the SATs." Gabriella said through her phone walking down the road towards Troy's house.

It was the perfect summer night. The stars lit up the night like fireworks on the fourth of July. Everything seemed to shine a little bit brighter. The cool breeze kept the humid New Mexico air enjoyable. It was the perfect summer night, and she was walking to her boyfriend's house to study... oh yeah, Gabriella's life was filled with some passionate romance.

"Just get here quick," Troy laughed through the phone. He couldn't give away his master plan and he still had some finishing touches to accomplish.

Troy climbed up to his tree-house and smiled at the view from the edge... His skylight would definitely come in handy tonight. He carefully laid down the soft white blanket and set the picnic up. Each plate had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a piece of chocolate cake, and strawberries scattered among the rest of the plate. In the center of the blanket Troy lit one giant candle and quickly got up to light the candles he placed around the tree-house to give it a little light. He finished just in time to climb back down and run to answer the front door.

"You asked me to bring an overnight backpack and the practice SATs... Just when I think I have you all figured out, you go and change on me Mr. Bolton." Gabriella laughed holding up the practice test and smiling at her boyfriend. She couldn't love him anymore than she already had, she was positive of that.

"Why don't you go change into your pajamas and meet me up in the tree-house... my parents should be back any second now..." Troy replied coyly. He didn't want to give himself away, but this was going to be the first night that he and Gabriella were going to spend together... even if she wasn't aware that his parents were gone for the weekend on a second honeymoon in honor of their 20th wedding anniversary.

"Alright," Gabriella said eying him and trying to figure out what he was up to. She handed him her bag and pulled out her small silk red nightgown that she bought with the girls earlier. It was their new sleepover nighties, but she couldn't help but see if the soft fabric was Troy approved.

Troy looked her up and down biting his lip as he walked away, he was going to enjoy this night a little bit too much. Climbing back up to the tree-house he could help but imagine how sexy Gabi was going to look in her silk nighty. The way the fabric would stop just pass her luscious ass and leave everything to imagination by coming down just low enough. She would definitely drive him crazy the second that she climbed up the ladder.

Setting her backpack down gently in the corner, Troy walked over to the other side of his secret fort and tried figuring out the best way to be positioned when Gabi finally did get up there. He finally settled for lying down on his left side facing the ladder and closed his eyes... Tonight was going to be all of his wildest fantasies coming true.

Gabriella stood at the bottom of the tree a little too aware of how much skin the nightgowns actually showed. She was instantly uncomfortable... She didn't want Troy to see her and think she looked terrible. She just wanted to be in his presence all the time... and she didn't want some stupid little piece of fabric to get in the way of that.

Climbing up the ladder, Gabriella pushed aside any insecurities she felt about the way she looked in the nightgown and made her way to her boyfriend. She smiled at Troy as she ascended to the top of the fort. She wanted to cry happy tears for the romantic setting she saw in front of her.

"I wanted to surprise you," Troy started talking as she made her way to the spot directly across from him and laid down opposite him. "My parents are gone for the weekend and I thought we could use a little special time away from everyone and everything else."

"Troy this is beautiful." Gabriella state as she grabbed a strawberry and started to bite down... but mid bite she realized she was anything but hungry.

Gently pushing her plate aside, Gabriella leaned forward and moved the candle to the edge of the blanket, so that it wouldn't be in the way of her and her boyfriend. She giggled a little suddenly aware of all the emotions she was feeling. She was ready, but not in a horny, need to have sex kind of way. It was that butterfly in your stomach that seems to take over when you are truly in love and you have no control over your own actions that she was feeling. She grabbed Troy's plate and pushed it over by her own.

They just stared at each other in the moonlight. Completely in love and completely aware of the others' emotions and intentions, it was like they were stuck in pause. Neither Troy or Gabriella wanted to make the first move, but they both wanted the first move to happen.

As if there was a new need inside of her, Gabriella crawled the small distance to Troy and leaned in kissing him softly first. But a few seconds later with his hand around her waist she felt an urgency to be closer to him, an urgency to taster more of him and she started massaging his tongue with her own. Rolling over onto her back, Gabriella pulled Troy on top of her, letting him take complete control of the situation.

Kissing her passionately, Troy ran his hand up and down Gabriella's thigh massaging the soft skin at his fingertips. Slowly he gained the courage to reach up and peel her matching silk panties off and toss them away. He was taking his time kissing her neck, trailing his kisses to each shoulder as he peeled down each strap of the nightgown leaving Gabriella completely naked...

"You guys don't need to know the details... I am sure you can do the basic math." Gabriella finished her story about the weekend Troy's parents were away and the surprise night he had set up for her.

"that sounds sweet," Kelsi said. She had always thought that Gabriella and Troy were a cute couple. She didn't want to be the one breaking the bad news that Troy recently had started to disagree with that simple thought. She kept seeing Troy over at the Evans' house whenever she went to go see Ryan, and he wasn't there for Ryan.

"He has become distant lately," Gabriella cried looking at Taylor next to who. "And..."

Taylor brushed a hair out of her friends face and tried to put on a smile. "I could have Chad do recon work and see why he is distant... and I am sure you have nothing to worry about."

"I saw him with Sharpay... My mom does the PR for the theater downtown and she wanted to take me to the opening night for their new original play as her date... he was there with her talking to the director... then last week he said something about a new audition... He rarely calls or texts. I just feel like sex changes everything and I want to take it back. I want to take everything about him back!"

"You two belong together," Martha chirped in the conversation from across the room. "I mean I don't know why he would be spending so much time with Sharpay, he has the perfect fit for him in you."

Gabriella grabbed her phone and stood up. She was simply checking to see if he had responded to her last text. Not that she was surprised when she found out that he had not responded at all. "I don't care if he decides he doesn't like me anymore... Like a paper cut the wound will heal.. but I may be pregnant..."