Hinata glanced around the cafeteria. She hated this part of the day, finding a lunch table was almost always impossible. She was on the bottom of the food chain and she knew it. She found it weird since her cousin was one of the most popular people in school. Most of the time when she walked anywhere near a table, someone would put their bags on the empty chairs, hoping she would just walk away. Hinata let out a sigh and glanced outside and made her mind up quickly. She walked past every table to the doors that led to the courtyard. They all talked about how she was a quiet little weakling. How she couldn't do anything. They made fun of the fact that she often stuttered when she spoke.

She walked out to where her favorite tree was and sat at the base of it. Hinata pulled her hoodie off and then dug around in her backpack until she found her bento box. She opened it and smiled softly. She loved cooking, and preferred her food over the disgusting cafeteria food. She pulled out her chopsticks and began eating. She closed her eyes and tried to think of the last time she actually had a friend. She felt a tear slide down her cheek when she realized that she was a junior in high school and her last friend was in sixth grade. She looked up when she heard Naruto talking with her old friend, Kiba. They were talking about throwing a football back and forth.

She looked back towards her food and felt upset when she heard Naruto ask who she was. "Don't worry about it," Kiba said in a quiet voice. "No one really knows much about her," Naruto nodded with a shrug and the two went back to throwing the football around. Hinata let out a deep sigh and stood up when she was finished. After packing all of her things back into her bag, she was excited when the bell rang. Finally the horrible period was over. She went to her next class and kept herself distracted. At the end of the day she began her walk home. Hinata walked slowly as Neji zoomed by with TenTen in the passenger seat. His car was followed by Naruto with Sakura in his passenger seat. And Naruto's car was followed by Sasuke's car. She rolled her eyes knowing that all of them would be in her living room when she got home.

About half an hour later, she had finally made it home. Hinata sighed as she also noticed Ino's car in the driveway. She walked in and noticed Kiba with his arm around Ino. She tried not to wince as all of their gazes came to her when she came in. She turned to Neji. "Is Hanabi or Father home?" When he shook his head, she nodded and walked into the kitchen. She cleaned her bento box out and pulled out her books and homework. She heard a couple of people walk in, and looked up to see Sakura and Ino walk in. Hinata wasn't too shocked to hear them gossiping. "The new kid is so quiet. And he seems weird," Sakura stated as Ino opened the fridge to grab something to drink.

"Right? All he does is sit there and stare. And when he's not doing that, he's drawing on some sketch pad or reading," She admitted with a look of disgust on her face. Hinata rolled her eyes at their rudeness. "I think they said he's from Suna, that city is full of weirdoes, so we shouldn't be surprised," Sakura nodded as Ino smiled.

Hinata finished her homework and walked up to her bedroom. She laid on her bed and turned on her iHome hoping the music would make up for the fact that she was alone. Hinata closed her eyes and ended up falling asleep. She woke up the next morning to her alarm going off at five. She got up quickly and turned it off. She took a quick shower and after brushing her hair, she pulled it into a ponytail. She brushed her teeth and walked downstairs to make breakfast for everyone. Her father, Neji and Hanabi all came down at six to find Hinata setting out a platter with pancakes on it, there were already two plates out with sausage and bacon available. The four sat to breakfast and then Neji drove Hanabi to her school and dropped Hinata off a block away from their school. The two had made a deal about it in the beginning of the year.

"Why does he do that?" Hinata jumped when she heard the voice. She turned around to see Gaara, the new student standing there with one foot on his skateboard. "I mean it's not like the school is too far," He raised an eyebrow as she played with her hands.

"It's not good for his image," She muttered and was shocked to see him roll his eyes. "I'm Hinata by the way," She smiled shyly as she offered him her hand. Gaara took it with a small smile of his own.

"My name is Gaara, but with all the rumors going around and shit… You probably already knew that," Hinata nodded. "But yeah, he's a jerk for doing this to you. So what if his image is ruined. He shouldn't treat family like that," Gaara told her with a frown on his face. "I'd offer you a ride but I can't really fit more than one person," He chuckled while gesturing to his skateboard. "But I'd be more than happy to walk with you," Hinata smiled.

"I would love your company," Gaara smiled and nodded. In one move he had used the foot that was on the skateboard to flip it up. In a swift movement he had it in his hand and then put it under his right arm. The two walked towards Konoha High with small smiles on their faces. Gaara was interested in Hinata's story and she was interested in finding out more about him as well.

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