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There can only be so many 'almosts' before they become 'somethings' or 'never-weres'

Kensi didn't care. She didn't if people were watching. She didn't care about what they would inevitably be saying in a few seconds. No, she didn't care.

Because Kensi Blye was pissed.

Slamming through the door to the locker room, she wheeled around to face her pursuer, who was either brave or stupid to have followed her after their confrontation. Kensi was not someone to argue with, and most people knew when to back off. But not him…never him.

Callen flipped the lock on the door and turned back to his angry agent. Kensi saw the stubborn set of his jaw and knew they'd be in for another verbal beat down of each other. She'd been foolish to think that the argument would end when she walked out of the com room. At least this time there wouldn't be an audience.

"What the hell was with you in there?" Callen fumed, managing to keep the lid on his thinly veiled annoyance. Kensi didn't have that kind of restraint.

"Me?" she asked, incredulously. "I'm not the one who just ended a perfectly fine op! So I ask, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"You call what happened yesterday fine?" Callen retorted, putting Kensi on the defensive, and she internally cringed. She understood exactly what he was talking about, but her anger and pride wouldn't give him the benefit of knowing it.

They'd been trying to infiltrate a human trafficking ring for a few weeks now, and wouldn't you know the most credible in they could get was sending Kensi to get close to one of the lower leaders. Sometimes she hated 'falling back on her sexuality', but Kensi pushed it aside and did what had to be done. She was riding point on this one, so it was her ass on the line.

She'd managed to hold off Rafino, but it was getting hard, and she'd nearly blown her cover the night before when he'd tried to take her home. Excuses could only last so long, and she'd already done enough in her book. Every kiss she'd had to give him was an experience she'd much rather forget, but she did it all for the op. This was her mission to see through to the end.

Kensi was so close to finally finding out where they were keeping the victims that it made the time with Rafino more bearable. She was about to leave OPS for a date with him, when Callen abruptly told her that they would find a different way to get him and that her part in the operation was over. She first thought he was joking, but the look on his face said he was dead serious. And because of that single statement, the argument started in the com room and was now being fought by the lockers.

"I had it handled! I was this close to finding those people Callen," she seethed, gesturing with her fingers. "You had no right to pull me when we were that close!"

It was Callen's turn to give a disbelieving stare. "I have every right! I'm team leader, and I'm responsible for you whether you like it or not. It's obvious from last night that you've already gone too far with Rafino."

So that's what it was. Kensi saw the golden opportunity to turn the tables on him, and she took it. "That's what this is about. It's that I had to get close to him, isn't it?" Callen didn't say anything, but she knew she'd struck a nerve. She let out a small, sarcastic laugh. "It never bugged you before, but it does now. Well you know what, I can't take this. I can't take your jealousy. That's what it is, right?" she asked again, and Callen made no comment, but she saw his jaw clench. "I practically threw myself at you that night, but as I remember you pushed me back. So you have no right to be jealous when I'm doing my job."

Kensi shook her head and walked to the door, but stopped by Callen before she made it all the way. He didn't turn his head toward her, didn't acknowledge that she was there, but she didn't care. She could tell that his every sense was honed in on her.

"If you wanted me, you should have acted instead of using this as an excuse." And with that, she twisted the lock back and threw the door open, leaving a trail of staring workers behind her.

Her keys had done nothing wrong, but that didn't save them from being thrown harder than necessary in the general direction of the table. Her bag was next, and Kensi managed to land it on the couch, contents precariously close to falling out. She'd tried to calm herself down on the way home, but found that the more she thought about the entire situation, the angrier she became.

For someone who wasn't good with emotions and rarely showed them, Callen knew exactly how to send hers spiraling out of control. Anger, frustration, lust, pain, regret and need all fought for dominance over each other, and Kensi cursed the man for making her question herself. Maybe she'd been reading him wrong this entire time. No, she decided firmly, she hadn't. Since the day they'd met, there was an irrefutable, unassailable connection that had only grown in the time they worked together.

It seemed that that bond was forcing itself from the depths and standing front and center more and more lately. Somewhere along the way, glances had changed to words, and words to contact. Kensi had to admit that her job made it hard for her to open up to anyone, let alone Callen. But somehow, he'd wormed his way into her defenses, without even trying. But he still wouldn't let her into his.

Kensi sighed sadly, thinking of that night outside by the fence after Dom had been lost. She'd been a wreck, but Callen was there for her, and he'd made the first move. He'd kissed her and Kensi had forgotten every protest she'd had against being with him, forgotten every consequence, and only reveled in the moment she'd been unconsciously waiting for; a real, non-mission related sign from him that she wasn't crazy to think there was something more.

When she'd found him on the couch after their undercover at the bank, she tried to pick her way through his walls. She talked about the mission and about things she hadn't done, and he surprised her with the emotion he put in his words. She'd gotten farther into the depths of G. Callen that night than she ever had before. When she told him about her feelings after he was shot, the look in his eyes sent a pang through her heart. He looked shocked, like he couldn't believe someone would care about him like that. She was angry that he'd been put into the position of believing that, so to wash away any lingering doubt, she'd kissed him.

It was a hard fall from grace when he pushed her away that night. She thought that after all that had been said and unsaid, something had to change between them. She was willing to move forward, and he knew that. So he forced her away; told her to go home. At the time, she was confused, angry, but mostly just disappointed. She simply couldn't convince him to let go, no matter how hard she tried.

Since that night, they'd been tip-toeing around each other, a constant and useless dance that frustrated her to no end. He'd made it clear how he wanted them to be, and she was holding up her end. Unfortunately, he wasn't. Sometimes, she would catch him watching her, just long enough for her to notice before he'd turn away. Even their conversations always had some kind of an undertone that pushed professional boundaries. Didn't he know what he was doing to her? Couldn't he tell he was breaking her heart every single day? He knows now.

Someone was pounding on her door and it brought her back to reality. She could almost tell by the sound and pattern that it was him on the other side. First they fight at work, and now he has the gall to come to her home? Kensi considered ignoring him until he left, but if he wanted to willingly put himself in her path of fury, she might as well make him regret it.

Grabbing the door and flinging it open, she saw him and adjusted her expression to match his, eyes fierce and body tensed.

"What do you wan-"

Callen moved forward so quickly that she didn't have time to finish. In an instant, his lips were on hers, hands pulling her closer to him. Kensi was too shocked to do anything for a moment, and could only sink into him as they stumbled back into the room. Kensi hit her leg against the table behind her, and it brought her out of her passion-fueled stupor. Bringing her hands up to his chest, she pushed Callen away and quickly stepped toward the open door, facing away from him.

"You can't keep doing this, Callen," she said between breaths, her voice shaking more than she would like. "You can't just come here and kiss me, then push me away. I can't take this!" She heard him breathing heavily behind her and waited for him to say something. She half expected him to say nothing.

"Neither can I, Kens."

She wanted to laugh at the typical Callen response; few words, packed with meaning that she had learned to pick apart. Grabbing the door, Kensi slowly swung it closed and turned the lock. She spun around and looked into his blue eyes, seeing everything in them that she'd hoped to see. It nearly overwhelmed her, and the entire moment felt surreal. Making her way back to him, she put her hands on his chest and looked up into his face.


He kissed her again, and this time Kensi wouldn't be stopping him. Miraculously, Callen managed to pull her through the maze of her apartment to her bedroom without breaking contact, and they fell heavily onto the sheets. Clothes fell away in a rushed frenzy, and Kensi didn't slow until she saw the scars that covered his body. She slowly touched the bullet scars, knife cuts, and burns that created a map of his past and his pain. He caught her hand and kissed it, and she pulled him to her once more.

The moon was filtering light in through the window when Kensi woke up in her bed. Focusing her eyes on the empty space next to her, she turned her head and stared at the ceiling. She'd had another dream, though by now she was used to them. Callen filled her waking hours and now he haunted her night hours.

Usually when she dreamed, she would wake up and only remember pieces. She would get a word here, or a feeling there, but the rest of it would be fairly transparent. But this one was different. She could almost feel where his arms had been, holding her through the night. She could practically taste him on her lips, which was new for her. And though she was alone, she could smell him on her sheets. Her subconscious had really outdone itself this time.

Wrapping the sheet around her, she sat up, not taking the time to wonder why she was naked. She was too lost in recalling the dream that she didn't even hear the front door shut. It wasn't until her bedroom door creaked open that she was pulled from her memories. For a moment she was startled, but when she saw his shadow through the door, she remembered everything, and knew that this time it hadn't been her overworked imagination.

Through the dim moonlight, she could make out his figure moving toward her. He was holding something in his hands, and its aroma elicited a growl from under her sheet. She could hear him chuckle as he looked at her in the dark and she smiled. A light was flipped on, and Kensi took the opportunity to take in Callen's rumpled clothes and the brown paper bag he carried.

"Somehow I knew you'd be hungry," he said, amusement in his voice. She playfully glared at him as he sat down and handed her a white takeout box. A double-double. He knew her so well.

After what Kensi considered to be the best meal of her life, Callen set the boxes down on the floor and turned to Kensi. She could feel herself smiling at him as he glanced over at her.

"Well, this could be a problem," Callen said seriously, but Kensi couldn't miss the amused gleam in his eyes.

"And what would that be?"

"Well, you'll finally have to break your second date rule, 'cause there's no way I'm letting you cancel on me."

Kensi smiled and punched him softly as he lay down next to her. She readily cuddled into his side and forced herself to stop smiling. "Don't think that I forgot about that fight," she said seriously, poking his chest. "You are going to pay for that."

Callen reached over and clicked off the light. Kensi felt him smile against her lips as he pulled her into another heart stopping kiss.

"You can punish me any time you want."

Well, there you have it folks! I hope this ending lived up to expectations. If anyone's read any of my other stories, I use a lot of fake outs (I just like to 'fah-ck' with your minds!) Let me tell you, it was hard writing Kensi resisting Callen, because who really could, but I wanted it to be clear that she wasn't just going to let him have everything on his terms. She's stronger than that! But hey, thank you all really for reading and reviewing this story, it's been a pleasure to write and read all your feedback! I'm hoping to do some more one-shots in the future and if I can find the ambition, I have a vague idea for a longer story that might find its way onto here. Keep up the Callen/Kensi love everybody!