"I'm not afraid of you anymore," her voice echoed through Slade's mind. His strong hands clung to the rope that held him outside her window. She was asleep on top of her bed with a book open next to her. Her body may have changed – slightly taller, more curves – but she hadn't changed a bit. She was still quiet and she still preferred reading in her room alone than watching the comedy movie playing in their living room with the others. It was good she didn't change though; this meant he still knew her weaknesses. It's been over a year since the Titan's last saw him and he would make sure that he broke them one by one: starting with the dark shy Titan in front of him.

Slade pushed the window open silently. It did not matter if he made any noise though. The team had the TV blasting loud enough to hear all the way from Raven's room. Even if she screamed, it was unlikely anyone would come to check on her. She rolled over at the sound of the window closing but she did not wake up. Slade was counting on the window closing to wake her up, but he was fine with improvisation.

"Raven," he said out loud. She sat up in a second, rubbing her eyes to adjust to the dark room.

"Slade," she stood up, her hands glowing back, "I thought we were done with you."

"Not even close," Slade laughed. Raven aimed right at him, shooting her dark magic. She thought it would be right on target but Slade was suddenly gone. Two firm hands grabbed her wrists, pulling them behind her, "and I am going to win this one."

"Azarath Metrion- " Slade covered her mouth before she could finish the spell.

"Zinthos?" he laughed in her ear. Slade pushed her down on her bed and smiled behind his mask. He could see the fear behind her eyes when she realized she could not do anything to stop him, "Where are your friends, Raven? Downstairs having a party without you? Tell me Raven, are you scared? All alone with no one to save you?"

Raven dug her teeth into his hand, "You can't scare me, Slade." Slade smiled at her lie. This was exactly what he needed. It was really all Beast Boy's fault for talking too loudly about her little 'problem' with denying fear. Of course, when Beast Boy was laughing with Robin about how her powers failed when she denied fear, Beast Boy had no idea that Slade had spies all around them just waiting for something he could use against them. Slade would have Raven wrapped around his finger. She would be afraid to even hear his name, and he had Beast Boy to thank for it.

"I wonder how long it would take your friends to notice if I killed you right now," Slade said, pressing her back into her bed. He held his thumb over her throat. He could feel her body stiffen under him as fear sunk in. Her now free hands pushed off the bed, trying to get up. She pressed her head deeper into her bed trying to get free from his grasp.

"Let me go," Raven demanded. The courageous voice was fake though, although he had to give her props on her good acting.

"What's the matter, Raven? You can't make me get off?" Slade mocked. Raven turned her head away from him and pushed off her bed again, "Are you scared yet?"

Raven looked him in the eye again before she spit on his mask. It was not really a big deal since the mask blocked him from it, and on top of that, he was not in second grade anymore so the 'girl cooties' did not haunt him too much. The disrespect got him angry though. Slade pressed his weight over her and grabbed her chin in his hand. "You can't stop me, Raven."

"Want to bet?" her fist collided with the side of his mask as the words came out. It was clear that Robin had been teaching her some tricks. Her knee jabbed him in the stomach as she flipped him off of her. Slade was faster though and he grabbed her belt, stopping her from getting help. He pulled her away from the door.

"ROBIN!" Raven screamed but Slade grabbed her hair, throwing her across the room. She hit the wall with a thud. Slade stepped over her as she tried to get up. His foot kicked her hard in the stomach. Raven took a gasp for breath and Slade kicked her again, throwing her back into the wall for a second time. Her eyes light up with black energy as she turned but he grabbed her neck and lifted her against the wall.

"One shot and I'll kill you right here," Slade whispered.

"You're going to kill me anyway," Raven said, her hands glowing. Slade threw her across the room, the back of her leotard ripping as it scraped against her dresser.

"Yo, Raven, everything okay?" Cyborg's voice came from the doorway, followed by some knocking. Slade raised his gun at the doorway.

"No," Raven whispered to Slade, "Stop."

"Say you're fine," Slade replied.

"Cyborg I'm fine," Raven said in her usual monotone. Slade was impressed at her ability to follow directions.

"Can I come in?" Cyborg asked. Slade shook his head no.

"No, I'm already sleeping," Raven called back.

"I thought I heard you scream… are you sure you're okay?" Cyborg replied.

"It was just a bad dream, Cyborg. Go away," Raven said with a hint of anger.

Slade could hear Cyborg sigh through the doorway, "Alright, Rae, I'm just down the hall if you need anything." His loud footsteps could be heard fading in the distance as Slade lowered his gun and applauded.

"You're quiet the actress, Raven," Slade smiled, "A very good liar. You know, I never thought you were capable of lying to your friends. I guess you are not as close to them as I remember."

Raven attempted to get up but Slade grabbed her hair again, pulling her to be eye level with him. Raven could feel her hair being pulled from its roots as she desperately tried to scramble to her feet in an attempt stand. Slade pushed her back into her bed and her knees buckled against the mattress.

Slade stepped in front of her and Raven lifted both her feet to kick him straight in the stomach. He took a step back from the blow, but caught her leg before she could move it. "You know my plan was to scare you, Raven."

"You can't scare me," Raven replied automatically.

"Oh, on the contrary Raven, I can. But my plan changed," Slade smiled as fear refilled her eyes, "Now I am going to leave you broken." As he spoke his hand ripped the rest of her leotard.

Raven automatically turned over, trying to get away. Slade grabbed her arm and spun her around. He had to admit, she had a good figure, but that did not matter to him. It was all in her eyes. Slade's eyes never left hers as he slipped his pants down. He loved the way fear filled them. He loved the way her small body struggled against him, squirming pointlessly.

"Stop," Raven cried out. Slade could hear the fear in her voice now as he positioned himself over her, "Slade, please stop." Her voice was calm again. Her eyes locked with his and it was not fear that filled them. She was pleading with everything she had. Her eyes were filled with that puppy dog look girls learned to master at a young age. Slade's pulse quicker – he wanted the fear to come back.

He moved fast: one quick, deep thrust inside her. Raven cringed. Her eyes shut and she whimpered. Slade felt the 'pop' of a lost virginity. Her whole body stiffened but he did not slow down to let her adjust to the pain. Instead he went faster, glad to hurt her as much as possible. In and out, as fast as possible, Slade kept going. He wanted her to open her eyes again so he could tell what she was thinking, but her eyes were tightly shut and her head was turned to the side while she silently cried. She was tight but getting looser as he pushed deeper in.

"How old are you?" Slade asked as he pushed deeper into her. Raven gasped in pain again but did not answer. He pulled himself entirely out of her and thrust himself in fast, hard, and deep and Raven let out a soft cry of pain as Slade repeated his question.

"S-sixteen," Raven whispered.

Slade leaned his head in close to her ear, "I bet this will be an unforgettable first time for you." He pushed himself all the way in as he climaxed, his hot breath on her ear. Her thin, fragile hands found his chest and she pushed him off slowly.

"You win, Slade," she whispered, "P-please leave."

Slade grabbed her shoulders so she could not push him out of her, "I'm not done yet." Her eyes opened and the fear radiating from them was overwhelming.

"You won," she repeated to him. Slade could feel her stomach tightening in fear.

They laid there in silence for about fifteen minutes. Raven tried several time to push him off her but Slade ignored her attempts. Finally, he pulled out of her and Raven let out another whimper of pain.

"If you thought that hurt…," Slade chuckled.

"Please, Slade, please stop," Raven whispered. Her begging only fueled him more as he tossed her small figure to the side, rolling her onto her stomach. Raven tried to get up but Slade got back on top of her, pressing his chest against her back.

"If you thought that hurt," he repeated, "then this should just about kill you." He pushed through the 'backdoor'. It was even tighter than before but Slade made himself go faster. Raven's nails dug into her hand, drawing blood. Slade stopped for a minute to take her hands in his own – not out of kindness or gentleness, but so that she could not create the minor pain to distract herself. "How does that feel, Raven?" he asked as he pushed himself in faster. He could tell he had torn skin from the blood he could feel dripping out of her. He pulled out and flipped her over so quickly that her eyes met his. They just stared at each other for a moment: his eyes wide and cruel, hers fearful and pleading. He brought her hand down and made her touch him, showing her to rub him. She closed her eyes again, to his dislike. She cringed but let his hand guide her. He waited a minute before letting her hand go. He was happy to see she kept going on her own; happy to see that he maintained control without having to hold her. His hand traced up her thin stomach and grabbed her breast. She stopped rubbing him for a second but when his grip on her breast tightened she started rubbing him again – slightly harder even.

He finally pushed her hand off of him and Raven took a breath. With one quick thrust, he was back inside her without warning. Raven arched her back forward and squeezed her eyes shut tighter while Slade had a second climax inside her. Raven tried to pushed her legs closed, only managing to make herself tighter for him.

"I was honored to your first time, Raven," Slade laughed, "I must say, you give a guy good time." Slade leaned forward so close that she could feel his breath on her ear, "I bet you can't wait for more." Just like that, Slade was gone.

Raven stood up shakily, blood dripping down her leg. She pulled a new leotard on painfully. Her first plan was to go down to Robin, but she knew all he would do is try to find Slade right away, and she knew he wouldn't. She pulled her cape off the chair in the corner of her room where she left it hours before when she came up to read. Raven put her cape on and wrapped it tightly around her, pulling her hood over her head. She pushed her door open, happy to find the hallway empty, and slipped into the bathroom. She washed the blood off her legs but decided against the shower she desperately wanted, assuming the water would sting.

She left the bathroom without any physical sign of what happened. She passed by her bedroom door and headed for Cyborg's, remembering his offer. She knocked softly but he answered within a second.

"Hey, Rae, what's up?" he asked, not knowing what was wrong. Raven fell to the floor immediately in tears. Cyborg knelt down, lifting her into his arms easily and bringing her inside his room. Raven tried to pull away from his touch but Cyborg ignored her protest and brought her over to his bed, where he sat her down carefully. Cyborg sat down next to her and let her breathe for a few minutes before he asked what was wrong.

"Slade was in my room," Raven responded, keeping her voice steady.

Cyborg raised his hand up slowly, pushing her hood off her face. Her cheeks were tearstained and the left side of her head was swelling with a bruise, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"He had a gun aimed at the door. You would have been dead the second you walked in," Raven replied.

"What did he want?"

"He said," Raven started. Her eyes met Cyborg's and she could read the mixture of emotion. He was concerned for her safety, worried, and defensive. She could see the idea of revenge building behind his eyes and she quickly lied, "he wanted to scare me."


"He just threw me around. I tried to fight back but it did not go well," Raven answered. Cyborg looked her up and down. He could see bruises on her neck in the shape of his hand.

"Are you alright?" Cyborg asked stupidly. He knew if she was okay, she wouldn't be here, "Do you want to spend the night in here, Rae?"

"Sorry…" she mumbled.

"Don't be, Rae, it's cool. You go ahead to sleep. I don't even use my bed anyway, I need the table if I want to recharge," Cyborg smiled warmly and headed for his table. He waited for Raven to fall asleep before he plugged himself in, and he couldn't help but wonder how Slade managed to scare her so badly.


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