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"Slade Wilson was a troubled man. He was a former soldier and mercenary, and a good one at that. I know Slade is known to many as an enemy to the city, but he was truly a friend to me. Slade saved my life when I was sent on a suicide mission. I knew a Slade Wilson that many did not. I was there for him when Joseph was hospitalized and when Adeline left him. Slade had so much more potential than the things he did. He was truly a good man whose life took too many wrong turns too quickly.

I'm sorry Slade was known to be such a terrible person. I'm sorry he was a criminal to our society. I'm sorry for the people he has hurt. But I am also sorry that he met such a tragic end without being able to acknowledge his wrong doings. I am also sorry for his family – his son, Joseph, who had never gotten to know his father, and his daughter, Rose, who had never gotten to see the good in him. Most of all, I am sorry to have lost such a dear friend to me. May he rest in peace and be forgiven for his sins."

Wintergreen finished speaking and stepped down next to Rose. It was a very empty funeral, only Rose, and a few known criminals that happened to be out of jail that day. Robin and Cyborg hung in the back against a tree, there for Rose's support more than out of respect. When the funeral ended, the small crowd separated, leaving only Rose and Wintergreen next to the coffin. Robin and Cyborg made their way over.

"He left all his money to you," Wintergreen said. He held out his hand to Robin when Robin came near them. Robin glanced at it for a moment before ignoring it.

"Rose, you ready to go?" Robin asked.

"I'll be along in a minute," Rose promised. Wintergreen hugged her warmly. "You're always welcome to come hang out with me in that big old house."

"Thanks," Rose replied. She gave him a loving squeeze.

Wintergreen again extended a hand towards Robin. "The same goes for any of you. I may have worked for Slade, but I never supported what he did. Give Raven my best wishes. She is such a bright girl, and she's strong. I'm sure she will get through this." Robin ignored his hand again.

"Thanks, I'll let her know." Robin nodded to Rose. She kissed Wintergreen's cheek, promising to visit him soon. The group headed into the T-Car.

Cyborg drove down to City Hall, where they were bombarded by press and media as they entered the building. The mayor was waiting for them in a meeting room. "Robin, Cyborg, Rose," the mayor greeted them as they entered. "Well, with all the arrests this week I can't possibly hold a grudge against you." The mayor laughed as if he told a hilarious joke. Robin smiled warmly to be polite. The mayor eventually went on. "Crime rates are down 98%. It's only been three days but I think it is safe to say, the city is pleased. You should be very proud of yourselves. The budget was relooked yesterday and we are prepared to offer you a five year contract of funding to continue the Teen Titans."

"That is very generous, thank you sir," Robin said standing up. He shook the mayors hand. Papers were signed, hands were shook, and the media was given enough stories to cover a weeks worth of articles.

Beast Boy had been standing outside the small suburban house for a while. Finally, a white car pulled up and Jessica slipped out of the passenger seat, waving to the friend as they drove off. She turned to him and gave a head nod for him to follow as she walked up the street.

"I went to the doctors," Jessica said. "Fingerprints, blood tests, DNA samples… it all said I am a 100% match to former Titan: Terra Markov. I sat down with a psychologist who said I have a dissociative personality disorder. I can honestly be Terra and not be her at the same time. I have no memories of my life as Terra," Jessica explained. "The other day, when you said I could control rock, I don't remember doing it Beast Boy. It wasn't me. That was her. That was Terra. She is here somewhere, and I can try to tap into her. The doctor said in order to have developed this, I must have been through so much trauma that I could not handle the experience. I don't want to have to handle it. I honestly don't think I can."

Beast Boy nodded. "Do what makes you happy," he said with a smile.

"I applied to college earlier this year," Jessica said.

"I remember."

Jessica smiled. "I got into Yale University."

Beast Boy stared it shock. "That's amazing. Oh wow, congratulations!"

"Thanks," Jessica said as Beast Boy hugged her. "If I ever do remember being Terra, if it ever comes back, I'll find you. I promise." Beast Boy squeezed her tightly.

"I'm going to miss Terra," Beast Boy said. "But I feel better knowing. Go to Yale – be amazing. I'll stay here and play video games for the rest of my life, so you'll know where to find me."


Robin knocked on Starfire's door. Starfire opened it and frowned upon seeing him. "What do you require of me?"

"I was hoping we could talk."

"The last talk which you asked to have with me involved having 'the time apart' and it was not very pleasant. I do not wish to have more of the talking." Starfire tried to close the door but Robin put his foot in it.

"I wanted a break Star. I wanted to think about things," Robin tried to explain.

"If you must think about our relationship than it must not mean that much to you in the place of first. Please, let me mop."

"Mope," Robin corrected. "A mop is something you clean with."

"It does not matter which is the word I desire, I wish to be alone," Starfire replied.

"I spent the afternoon in the library but I couldn't find the book I was looking for," Robin said.

"That is most unfortunate for you. Perhaps Raven would be of better assistance."

"I was trying to find a book on Tamaran," Robin said. This apparently peeked Starfire's attention because she looked up curiously. "Could I maybe just ask you my question?"

"The Internet Machine has not been of help?" Starfire said, going back to an angry expression.

"Nope," Robin replied.

"What is your question?" Starfire asked.

"Well, in Tamaran, what is the traditional way to propose to the girl you are in love with?" Robin asked.

"Propose?" Starfire asked confused. "Propose is to make a suggestion or intention, correct? To what do you wish to suggest?"

"On Earth when you propose to someone it means that you love them very much and want to spend the rest of your life with them. I want to marry you Starfire." Robin got down on one knee, holding a ring out to her. Starfire stared at him in shock. He pulled a large box out from under his cape. "I wasn't sure if rings were a part of your culture, so I brought a thornak too. I know it is a different celebratory item, but…" Robin opened the box and handed the thornak (crown of meat) out to her.

"I love you, Starfire." Robin finished.

Starfire flew down, hugging him so suddenly and so quickly that he dropped the thornak. "I love you too, Robin. Very, very much. I will marry you without any hesitation."

Raven sat on the edge of her bed. It's been three days but she was still in disbelief this was all over. Slade has been gone before, she couldn't be sure this time was for good.

"How old are you?" Slade asked as he pushed deeper into her. Raven gasped in pain again but did not answer. He pulled himself entirely out of her and thrust himself in fast, hard, and deep and Raven let out a soft cry of pain as Slade repeated his question.

"S-sixteen," Raven whispered.

Raven looked around her room, at where this all started. It was only a few months ago. It hadn't been that long.

Cyborg ignored her questions. "I knew something was wrong that night when you came into my room. I should have figured this out sooner. I was with you that day too. The day he grabbed you. You didn't even want to go, Rae. If I had listened to you… you know BB yelled at me in the car ride, saying you were probably right and that you had a better gut than I did and we should have trusted it. I kept saying that we had to get Slade but… you were right. Raven if I had listened to you… if I just trusted you in that minute we could have all been okay. You would have been okay..."

Raven didn't reply. She couldn't bring herself to it. She couldn't tell him he should have listened to her. She couldn't explain to him that she knew she was right and that he had been wrong. So she sat silently. Cyborg held his head in his hands. "I am sorry, Rae. I'm sorry I didn't listen. I'm sorry I didn't protect you from him. I'm sorry I couldn't find you."

Raven placed her hand onto Cyborg's shoulder. "I'm really happy that I am home."

Raven had not moved from the spot she was in since they got back. She sat on her bed for three days straight. Someone would stand outside her door for hours everyday and she could hear a clatter of glass as they left food there for her. She suspected Beast Boy but she never could gather the energy to sense who it actually was for sure.

"I don't care if you don't like hugs!" Beast Boy said loudly. "I'm hugging you and you're going to deal with it because you scared the hell out of me. Don't ever get caught again Raven! Ever! I had no one to bother, and no one yell at me. I had no one to tell me I couldn't watch TV until four in the morning. Nothing." Beast Boy tightened his arms around her; he was stronger than Raven remembered. "I really did miss you, Rae."

He was always kind to her, always there for her. Even when she was mean to him, he was always by her side.

"Bad dream?" he asked. Raven didn't answer. "Do you want to talk about it?" No response. "I'm going to go get you a cookie," Beast Boy replied. He got up and left.

Raven thought about everything she had here. Slade's goal was really to leave her with nothing. He took her virginity forcefully and made sure he also got her first consensual time to be painful for her too. She trusted Steven – Red X – so much after all that happened.

"You seemed mad." The hand extended towards her. "Let's go get a coffee and talk things over."

"No," Raven said.

"I insist," he replied. He took Raven's hand in his own. "Ready?"

"No," Raven answered.

"Hold on tight!" he pushed of the window ledge and they fell towards the ground together.

Nothing was hers anymore. No matter how often Robin would tell her that they cared about her but never doubted her, she could not help but notice their worried conversations she could hear from her room. She could never be sure that if a villain pinned her down, she could handle it without picturing Slade. Raven could never be the Titan that she was, the person that she was. Raven stood up, having never been more sure of herself than at this moment. She pulled her hood over her head and opened the door, almost squashing the pancake on the floor that had a smiley face drawn on it with whipped cream. She stepped over it carefully and made her way down to the living room.

Beast Boy was hanging upside down off the back of the couch. When Raven entered the room, he jumped up so quickly that he almost landed on his head. "Raven!" Beast Boy straightened himself up. "Hey, how are you?"

"Living," Raven replied. "I just wanted to grab some tea… you want to go into town with me for one? I am not in the mood to make one."

"I can make it for you if you want," Beast Boy replied. "Second thought, I suck at making tea. Let's go."

They spent the afternoon out, taking a walk through the park after having tea (Beast Boy getting a chocolate soy-milk). When they got back to the tower Beast Boy was laughing and smiling warmly. Raven gave him a small smile. "I'm going to go… thanks Beast Boy," Raven said.

"Anytime," Beast Boy offered.

"I know," Raven said. "I know."

Raven went back up the stairs, taking a detor down the hall past Beast Boy's room where she taped a note to his door. Raven entered her own bedroom, getting changed quickly out of her uniform and into a pair of jeans. She pulled a black tang-top on and a black hoodie on over it. She pushed open her window, locking it closed behind her, and levitated towards the shore.

Beast Boy sat down on the couch, about to pop in a video game for the first time in three days. The screen went blank saying "insert disk" before he remembered Robin forced him to bring his games upstairs. Jumping off the couch, he ran up to his door, about to open it when he noticed the note on his door in perfect script. He opened the paper, skimming the inside of it before he dropped it to the floor, running for Raven's room. Beast Boy pushed her door open.

Raven landed in the city, and she pulled up the hood to a black hoodie. Raven turned around, looking over Titans Tower. A green bird flew out of the window that she knew belong to her room. Raven turned up the street and down an alleyway. And that was the last time anyone in Jump City saw her.

Beast Boy,

You've been here for me more than anyone. I'm sorry I am leaving. I'm sorry I don't have a reason. I don't know how to make it clear that the Titans are a family to me and I am so sorry that I have to take this time to be alone right now. You've been a great friend to me. So has Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire. Even Rose, though I did not know her long. You all helped me so much as a person and I will never love anyone more.

I'm sorry for leaving. This is something I need to do.

Love Always,


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A special thanks goes out to all of those who have been with this from the beginning. You guys have been the greatest readers ever and I absolutely love reading your comments. You have no idea how often one of your comments ended up making my whole day. You guys are honestly all amazing. Thank you so so much.

To all of those who were left confused by chapter after chapter of questions, I'm sorry for letting you wonder for so long. Hopefully this solves everything!