Song: 'Waking Up in Vegas'- Katy Perry
Season: 3
Pairing: Bec/Garry
Author: aussiebabe290 (Rhyleigh)

"Happy birthday dear Garry, happy birthday to you!" the six teenagers and Bec Sanderson sang cheerfully, and Garry Miller puffed out the candles on his cake, laughing a little.

"Feel any older?" Guy Spender joked, and Garry had to smile.

"Trust me, mate, with you guys, I'm surprised I'm looking this good".

"I wouldn't say that", Adam Bridge taunted and the three girls gasped in indignation.

"Adam!" Bec laughed.

"Just sayin', I think there's a few grays poking through", Charley Prince played along.

"So, this is the point where we ship you back to the house?" Bec wanted to know.

There was a unanimous groan.

"When you guys are eighteen", Garry promised. "We'll all come back and we'll go out for drinks. Our shout".

"Angus would kill us if he found out".

"He won't find out!" Cassie Cometti said hopefully.

"Back to the house- Bridget, you're in charge". Bec patted Bridget Sanchez on the arm and the blonde smiled, a little of unsure of the events that would follow. "Make sure you lock up the house, we won't be back too late".

"So why's Bridget in charge? Why can't I be in charge?" Guy wanted to know.

"Because we want to actually come back to a house", Garry quipped and Guy clutched his chest.

"Ouch, Garry!"

"come on, head on out, we'll pay for this", Bec told them, and bidding them goodbye, the six teenagers traipsed off in the direction of their big beach house.

Heading towards the surf club, the pair prepared themselves for a night out, away from the kids. They loved their six teenagers dearly, but sometimes, a night away from their almost parental responsibilities was all they needed.

You gotta help me out
It's all a blur last night
We need a taxi
'Cause you're hung over and I'm broke

"Garry", Bec giggled, , "You've gotta open the house!"

"Shoosh!" Garry bellowed at her, "The kids are asleep!"

"What's the time?" she wanted to know.

He fumbled with the well-worn watch around his wrist, squinting to read in the dark. "Ten past ten… ten to four. I dunno".

"Where's the keys?"

"I dunno". Garry let out a yawn, collapsing on the grass and leaning against the house. "Maybe the kids'll let us in".

Bec knocked gently on the door once, before giving up and sitting beside her housemate. "Think they're in bed".

"Good kids… I love 'em".

"I love 'em", Bec echoed.

I lost my fake ID
But you lost the motel key
Spare me your freaking dirty looks
Now don't blame me

"I wonder if Bec and Garry are home yet", Bridget whispered into the darkness of the bedroom she shared with Loren. The blonde shrugged, rolling over under her blankets.

"It's just gone midnight; they said they wouldn't be too late".

"Bec also said she didn't climb in the bathroom window, and Fly proved that wrong when she came to visit", Charley said from the doorway. "Is someone going to wait up for them?"

"We've still got training in the morning", Cassie called from her room across the hall. "Night guys".

"Night Cass!" Adam yelled from the top bunk.

So they retreated back to their beds, checking the house was locked one more time before drifting into dreamland.

You wanna cash out
And get the hell outta town
Don't be a baby
Remember what you told me
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

"How are we gonna get in?" Bec wanted to know.

"Dunno", Garry yawned hugely, leaning on her shoulder. "Wonder what time it is".

"Wonder if the kids are still awake", Bec mused, glancing towards the dark house. "Don't think so… we could climb in through the girls' bathroom!"

"You're a bad influence".

"That's not very nice", she pouted and he grinned, resting his head on her shoulder once more. With a sigh, she put her head on top of his, leaning against the side of the house, the warm spring breeze making them both smile.

Why are these lights so bright?
Did we get hitched last night?
Dressed up like Elvis
Why am I wearing your class ring?
Don't call your mother
'Cause now we're partners in crime
Don't be a baby
Remember what you told me

Bridget groaned, smacking her alarm off and rolling over in bed. Kicking off her blankets, she slowly tossed her feet over the side, shuffling sleepily over towards the door.

"Morning Loren!"

"Mmm", Loren moaned. "I'm coming, I'm coming".

"Did Bec and Garry ever come home last night?" Adam wanted to know, emerging from the boys' bedroom with sleepy eyes.

"I think they did", Cassie mumbled, padding out of her own bedroom and glancing down the hallway.

But upon closer inspection, they came up with a conclusion.

"Bec and Garry never came home last night!" Guy said eagerly, showing way too much excitement for that early hour of the morning.

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
You got me into this
Information overload, situation lost control
Send out an S.O.S.

"Oh my God!" Charley yelped, opening the back door and finding Bec and Garry leaning up against the house, both dead asleep.

"what?" Bridget was beside him within seconds, bursting into laughter at the sight. "Good morning!"

"What's going on?" Loren wanted to know, abandoning her cup of tea and following Bridget and Charley's examples. "Hey guys!"

"This is quite the situation", Adam drawled, unable to wipe the smile from his face.

"Don't tell Angus", Bec said sheepishly, rubbing her eyes and shoving Garry off her shoulder.

"You know, Bec", Guy grinned, unable to resist the opportunity, "We have a front door, a back door and several windows that we know you're capable of climbing into".

"Shut up", Garry murmured.

"He couldn't find the keys".

"The keys that are poking out of his pocket?" Cassie checked.

Bec sighed heavily, smacking Garry. "They would be the keys".

"Think of knocking?" Adam tried.

"You guys were asleep. Or ignored us. One of the two", Garry decided, the bright light burning his eyes.

"This is a night to go down in the history books", Loren decided, reaching out a hand to help Bec up.

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
That's what you get, baby
Shake the glitter
Shake, shake, shake the glitter
Gimme some cash out, baby
Gimme some cash out, baby