Akatsuki Valentine's Day – Chapter 1

(Warning- Contains Yaoi, shounen ai strong languge and future smut. XD Dun like Pairings? Dun read. Thxs)

Pairings- KisaIta




"Oh my god! I can't take this anymore….!" Sasori groaned, smashing his head on the couch cushion, cursing under his breath. Kisame sighed, "I know they have been ignoring us for more than 3 weeks now… And none of them had actually done this before… Not even Ita-kun…" "Well, all I want to know now is why are they ignoring us? And what we did to deserve this mental torture…" Kakuzu muttered, massaging his temples.

"Hey guys, I got an idea.*Oh no…! There is no way we're going to do that…* C'mon we have not tried yet…"

"Spit it out Zetsu…."

"Kay, we would have to investigate and spy on them, they might just discuss about what is making them ignore us."

"Err… One thing, THAT'S SUICIDE!

"I agree. They would kill us if they found out!"

"Hey! Hey! At least it's better than not knowing anything and let this go on!"

Silence fell upon the four, they looked at each other, exchanging looks, finally Kisame spoke,

"Yea, you have a point Kakuzu… Hmm… I think its worth trying…"

"Even if it kills us."

"So… Everyone in?"

"Right.*Yeah, yeah, if you're in I'm in…*"

"I'm in!"

"Me too."

"Alright, I'm in."

So the four boys began planning out their plan, hoping that it has no flaws. They decide to target Itachi first. So, Kisame is to carry out the plan.

"Alright then… Wish me good luck."


Kisame crept up to the Uchiha's bedroom, as soon as he heard the shower turn on, he quickly rushed into the room. Slowly, he tip-toed over to the drawers at Itachi's study table. He opened the drawers carefully, trying not to alert the Uchiha. He searched about, but to his dismay, he only found bits of paperwork and other items. He sighed, he was jus about to leave when something shiny caught his eye. It was a padlock on a sleek, black, hardcover diary. The padlock glisten in the dim orange light produced by a bedside lamp. Imprinted on the cover was shiny sliver words, "Itachi's Diary, Read. And. You. DIE." Kisame gulped, but he picked up the book and swiftly broke the padlock.


"Oh shit." Kisame muttered and he quickly ran out of the room.

The shark smashed clumsily into the room, all the guys stared at him, eyes filled with curiousity.

"What happened?" Sasori asked.

"Oh my god, I nearly got caught…"

"Heh, so you got anything?"

"Itachi's Diary…"

The room became silent, the three boys stared at Kisame as if he had gone mad.

"Are you nuts?"

"Remember what happened to the last person who TOUCHED his diary?"

"He got totally pwned!*Tsk… He deserved it…*"

"Hey! Hey! Guys! Back to the point!"


"Alright, lets see what Itachi-kun actually wrote in here…"

They all crowded around Kisame as he opened the precious blackbook.

-End of Chapter 1-

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