Akatsuki Valentine's Day- Chapter 13

(First month of pregnancy)

"I say girl!"

"Boy un!"


The blonde and the blunette glared at each other, eye to eye. The mother-to-be growled.

"I said girl and that's FINAL!"

"C'mon! Why not a cute chubby boy un?"

"Well, it is really boring, I live in a house of men, I want a little girl in the house."

"Well, thinking of that now… A little girl won't be too bad un…"

"Naw… Girls are too expensive, that old bastard will nag like a bitchy mother…"

"I heard that Hidan…!"

Konan laughed as the albino stuck his tongue out to his seme in the kitchen.

"That's true… I have to think about funds… Clothes, food, equipment, diapers, hygiene items… and so much more… I think this will seriously cost a bomb…"

"Wow… That is a fucking bomb! Clothes like about 10000 since it's a girl… Food will be 15000 since it must be that healthy baby shit… Equipment, diapers, hygiene items…? Aww man…! It would cost about 50000 at least! That should be much more than 75000…! That is a lot of money!"

The two other artists stared at the Jashinist with wide eyes. Did he just calculate?

"What the fuck did I do?"

"You must have a fever or something, I thought you hated math?"

"That old bastard in the kitchen made me do the fucking accounting books last week… Jashin knows what screwed his mind last time to be an accountant. It's so damn BORING. I wonder what so fucking fun about it…"

"Hah! No wonder you rejected the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) challenge last week un! You were busy doing accounting."

"Shaddap Blondie."


The zealot smashed a couch cushion into the sculptor's face. Deidara growled and pounced playfully on Hidan, grabbing his neck. The vulgar man smiled and tugged the blonde's bang, causing the teen to yelp and growl, attacking his head with a nudgie. The kunoichi smiled staring at the two youngsters, two kids. A shudder of joy made her feel happy, will her child whether boy or girl, add in to this family? Being able to fit in with people much older than him or her? She would just have to see. The two had stopped fighting and were staring at the woman who seemed to be stuck in deep thought.

"Konan-chan un…? You okay? Hello…?"

The worried teen waved his hand multiple times in front of the mother's eyes. They were fixed on to the floor, but those amber orbs were sparkling with interest and curiosity. The albino snapped his fingers a number of times in front of the woman's face, finally stirring her out of her thought.

"Oh, oh…! What is it Hidan?"

"You were stoning there for fucking forever, we thought you died bitch…! What were you thinking of?"

"Oh… Hidan… Have you thought of having a child with Kakuzu before?"

"What un…?"

The albino stared blankly at the blunette, his face was wiped with a shocked expression.

"Have pregnancy made you lose your fucking mind woman? In what way do I look like a chick? I can't have a kid even if I wanted to damn it!"

"Yea Konan-chan, I doubt Hidan will be a good mother either un."


"Well, pregnancy for men is possible! Hold on. I'll show you."

The origami artist ran off to her room and dug out a old novel. She ran out again and showed it to the two boys.

"See, this is a novel based on a true story. Written by a man who had gay boyfriend and got pregnant and gave birth to two kids, he wrote about his life before pregnancy until life after pregnancy with his two kids. He called this book, 'An Unexpected Natural Incident.' Ironic isn't it?"

The two stared at the cover and read the back, the summary was really clear, a man with a pregnancy. The blonde lit up.

"Can I borrow the book un? I want to read it."

"Hey I want to read it too!"

The two glared at each other, fighting yet again.

"Hey, hey! C'mon you two, share it okay? You guys can read it together anyway."

The two stopped and then ran off to the albino's room. Konan sighed and smiled.

"Ahh… Kids these days… So cute and yet so epic, even though they aren't really kids anymore, they still can act like one. No wonder the older guys like them, so predictable yet so surprising. I wish I could be as young as them now… But now I have brighter things to look forward to… "

The pregnant woman smiled and lightly stroked her own stomach. Her little angel was in there. And whether a he or she, he or she will keep growing, and will join her mother and father with his or her family… They were all waiting for him or her. Everyone was excited… A new one was coming into this family…


Konan turned to the call of her nickname, she smiled gleefully as she saw her hubby come home from grocery shopping.

"Pein-sama! You're finally back!"

The pierced man smiled kissing the bluenette on the nose.

"So, how are you hun? Feeling okay? Are you hungry…?"

"Nah… I was thinking…"

"Hmm…? Thinking of what?"

"How our kid will be, do you think he or she will fit in and be happy here?"

"I'm really sure he or she will… Anyway, I can always fix the problem if it's to do with the people in this house."

His spouse laughed sweetly and leaned on his shoulder.

"It seems so far away… Yet it is so close…"

"Yes… I guess it is."

The father placed his hand on the mother's belly which was still rather small. The couple weren't aware of the group of busybody ukes peeking on them, even the great Itachi was peeking through the door like an eager child.

"What in the world are you four doing…?"


Sasori rolled his eyes as he left the four to their own amusement.

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