Diary of a High school Freak Artist~ (DHSFA)

Thursday- 11th Feb 2010


Dear Diary,

Have you ever heard of Thursday blues Diary? It seems that Sasori Danna has that kind of thing. He was rather gloomy this morning and the world didn't seem to be on his side today. He made a bad mistake in his physics project and he was having a major art block during Art. Ow… I would hate to be him right now; I doubt the next few classes will be good either. Maths and History may not be a nice thing to go to if there's a test. Just live with it I guess… Nobody feels like talking to him now. I guess he is pissed enough. I asked Konan what they did when he is pissed and she replied that she didn't know. Because after I came, it was the only time Danna showed emotion, before he was just a puppet with an emotionless face. Now since the group knew what was on his mind, they didn't know how to cheer him up when he is down or make him laugh if he could. Well, she told me to take care of it but I don't know how to take care of him either. But she said I would find out. That spark in her eyes was rather rare, but they definitely meant something. So maybe I will just spend more time with him later.


I guess spending time didn't work out too well. When we came home from school, he locked himself in his room and didn't come out after that un. Kakuzu said that he wanted to finish his science project quickly with his art homework too. That redhead needs a break… Well, at least not everything is bad today, Tobi and Zetsu made up… Tobi managed to say sorry and tell Zetsu that he wanted the fight to end. I don't know the details exactly but this afternoon for social studies, Iruka-sensei paired Zetsu up with Tobi for the project. We thought that something really bad was gonna happen but when the class ended, Tobi was laughing happily plus Zetsu was smiling. Well, it's hard to see whether he was smiling since he was half white and black, but he wasn't angry. Maybe he was too tired of their constant fights and quarrels. Or maybe he couldn't bear to see Tobi in such a miserable state, the power of love can be quite surprising at many points of time. At least there is finally peace in the Akatsuki now. But I seriously wonder what made Tobi laugh. Was it Zetsu, himself or something else? Maybe I will ask Konan tomorrow. Now I need to think of something to make Sasori Danna SMILE. Hidan said tickle him but seriously? I am scared to disturb him right now. If you were to peep through that door, you can see him working like some scary machine. A dark aura has surrounded him all day, and I think tickling him might get him more irritated. He doesn't seem to want anyone to disturb him so I can let him be, but if he doesn't come out of that room for Dinner I have to do something. Kakuzu told me to call if he doesn't lighten up by evening, and he told me to cook dinner. Yes I can cook but… I am no chef…! What makes them think my cooking will coax him to come out? And secondly, I don't know what to cook! Sasori didn't seem hungry during lunch and he didn't eat much so maybe a soupy meal? Ramen is kind of easy, not too messy and it can be heated up at night for a snack. So maybe a trip to the supermarket now will get me what I need so… Later un!


Sasori no Danna… Are you done isolating yourself in that dark room un…? When will he come out...? I decided not call Kakuzu or Hidan since they were rather…busy… *cough cough* Just heard some awkward noises through the phone and hanged up. What they do in bed nowadays un. Anyway, back to the point Diary, Danna is not coming out. His room is not locked but I don't feel like opening the door. Well, I want to open it but I'm scared I will ruin the peace and quiet in there. Knocking won't hurt, I hope…I better get his Ramen ready then, hopefully he will try to eat. Going without food while working isn't really good even though he is a puppet, he still has to eat. A machine can't go on without energy right? He still has organic parts of his body. If he doesn't eat and passes out I don't know what I can do to help him. I am not a puppeteer! Okay relax, I am really drifting too far away un. Guess I better go get his dinner before eight.

Friday- 12th Feb 2010


Dear Diary,

Guess what Diary? It was a no wonder Sasori wasn't well yesterday. He was sick! That damned puppet doesn't know how to open his mouth… I found out yesterday before I slept. Furthermore he was rather stubborn, he told me he didn't want to eat the ramen that I made but he was eyeing the food like as if he was about to drool. He was tired, but he said he wanted to finish the work, so I didn't really know what was wrong with me but I grew a bit pissed and pulled him from his work desk and brought him to the living room with his bowl of Ramen and sat him there. I didn't allow him to go back to work unless he finished his food. Plus I promised that I would stay up with him all night until he finishes his work. So he agreed and ate so fast, I thought he would choke. He ate as fast as that champion Ramen eater in school called Naruto. Like in ten seconds flat the whole bowl was gone. He then dragged me upstairs and placed me beside him on his study table. There was so much paper work… My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. I helped him out a bit and the whole Science project was finished by 1.15am. My eyes were swirly lines by then. He was tired too but he still had to finish his art homework. Luckily his art block wasn't too bad and he finished his art piece by 2.40am. While he was doing his art, I was making the bed and cleaning up the house. Danna told me that he would shout 'Marco!' to check whether I was still awake and could shout back. Cute isn't he? Shouting 'Polo!' in the wee hours in the morning when you're about to fall dead asleep is not really a nice thing to do. I had to pinch myself a number of times to keep me awake. He was happy that I stayed up but there was something else bothering him. Well, he looked rather unwell and tired. So once he hit the bed he slept. Ahh, but here is the epic part. I didn't really know what was on my mind but I felt like I needed to hug him, you know like an urge. So I just stretched my arm over his chest as he was lying facing the ceiling, but I kept my distance at first. My body wasn't touching his at all, until he retaliated and started to move closer to me and I felt his shoulder slip under my head. That is really close Diary. I was lying on his CHEST un! And it did not feel awkward but felt like Déjà vu . My hand was also on his chest where his heart cylinder was. That was when I found out that he was sick. It was…feverish, like your neck and forehead when you are having a fever or a really bad flu. No wonder his mind was not focused and tired. I told myself to handle that today, but I didn't account the fact that flu from a puppet can spread. So I felt rather queasy this morning. And I didn't want to get up. I actually woke up earlier. Like about the time that we were supposed to go to school but I didn't get up un. Sasori's shoulder was rather…comfy. Danna didn't wake up either! So we didn't go to school today. It was until like about 8.15 when Danna decided to be an ass and wake me up… While I was asleep, I felt something tickling my nose. So my reaction was a natural one - to hide your nose in your own pillow. Apparently, I forgot I was sleeping on his chest so I nuzzled my face in my 'pillow'. I could faintly hear someone snicker, but again, something tickled my nose. I just gave an irritated whine and hid my face in a dark corner. That dark corner was erm…between his shoulder and neck un… Shut up Diary, I know you're laughing! So after that, he continued to slide something like a feather to my nose and eventually I sneezed. Bastard… he used a paint brush! No wonder it was so itchy! Revenge for me tickling his face a few weeks ago? So I just grew irritated and tried to stuff the paintbrush up his nose un, but I accidentally pushed him off the bed and he pulled me down with him and I thought that his back cracked as he was a puppet right? So I was like some hyper-worried idiot who helps him up and checked his back. I wasn't really sure what happened since I was rather flustered at that time and I sort of hugged him and felt his back for cracks. When I was assured that there were no cracks, I let go of him and he just fell to the bed. There was a really big red blush on his cheeks and his nose was bleeding. I didn't know puppets could do that so I poked his head like a kid wondering if his pet hamster is dead when it was just asleep. So it went like… Poke, poke, poke… Then he just shot up and gave me that 'OMFG you are DEAD' glare. Until I just sneezed, then he laughed again… Such an epic morning isn't it Diary un? Well, I am about to get scolded by Hidan since he just called me like… 35 times and I didn't pick up. Opps…? Anyway, time to get Danna some breakfast.

Writer's Comments

Hah! So cute. XD The last part was random and reminded me of my cousin wich is the one that is irritated by cats. (lol, go read Jealousy Killed the Cat to get what I mean) I was sleeping over at her house and she just REFUSED to wake up and get out of bed so I told her Boyfren to tickle her nose with a paint brush and he nearly got that brush stuffed up his ass. Ow... but I got away with it. XD Lols. Anyway, I need to thank someone who is really really important and helped me alot. She is a awesome and GREAT FRIEND. Thank you AkatsukiFan14. XD Without your encouragement, my story would have died long ago. Thank You! X3 So please leave a comment! I beg of you! There will be moar surprises! So please make an effort to post a review! I appreciate everything you guys have done for me! So if you have any Ideas, please feel free to tell! You can post it in the reviews or if you're too shy, give me a private msg. But not my email, its... Too full. Thank you everyone! See ya next time! x3