"Alice! Rose! Come on!" I shouted up the stairs. Seriously, how long does it take for those two to get ready, just to go to a nightclub?

I was waiting for their arses to finish up so that I could drop them off; being their designated driver. The plan was that I gave them a lift there, before meeting up with my brother; Jake, at a new pub in Port Angeles called, Cullen's. Recently turning twenty-one, meant that he was now able to enter a bar and drink all he bloody well wanted; finally, in his opinion.

To be honest, I was nervous that my little brother was now legal. I mean I know he's been drinking for a few years, but still. He's actually allowed to now; and the word 'restraint' does not come easily to him. I began tapping my foot in impatience as I waited with Rosalie's front door open.

"Oh my God Bella, we're coming! Just wait. Beauty takes time!" Alice yelled.

"Yeah? Well then you guys must be a least a hundred years old." I said. I hadn't thought it was loud enough for them to hear, but they were walking down the stairs.

"Aw Bella, how sweet. I'm assuming that's your way of telling us we're beautiful?" Rose asked.

"You know you're beautiful," I muttered, "Now hurry up, I'm leaving." I walked though the door and into my red Chevy truck.

You know the saying, 'life is unfair'? Yeah well, pretty sure I've been experiencing a lack of fairness my whole life. Having friends like Rose and Alice has been amazing, and good for my self-consciousness; they've helped me to become the woman I am today, who is a lot more stronger than she was in high school. I couldn't have asked for better friends; but I also couldn't have asked for better-looking friends. Their beauty was sometimes too much to associate with, especially when you looked like me.

Sure; I had a slim figure, but I abused it every time I walked. My clumsiness was just one of many things that made me pathetic. The long, brown, plain hair that covered my face was both a blessing and a curse; it allowed me to hide when I wanted to, but also when I actually wanted to be seen. Alice and Rose had always told me and made sure I knew, that I was beautiful, but I didn't believe them. I shook my head; ridding all self-loathing thoughts as I drove my best friends to their destination.

"Okay, so you know the drill?" I asked them as I parked outside the club.

"Yes! Text or call you every hour, contact you to tell you we're leaving, stick together at all times, contact you to tell you we're home and call you if something happens." Alice said, repeating all of my instructions from every other time I've dropped them off at a club or a party. I'm they're sick of this, being twenty-five year olds, but no matter your age you can never be too careful. Especially when you're going into a building with many horny males with raging hormones, and wearing as little as those two were.

"Okay. Good. Have fun. Be safe. Love you guys." I said, kissing their cheeks as they exited and ran into the club. I sighed as I drove off into the direction of the Cullen's. I sometimes regretted saying no to them, every time they wanted me to go out with them. I only let my guard down twice.

About a year ago, we'd gone out and had a couple of drinks. We met a few drunk guys and things got a little hot and heavy. Since then, I just haven't felt bothered to go out and get trashed. However, I do enjoy the times that we would stay at one another's house and drink all night long; joking, laughing, dancing and overall having good times. But they rarely happened at my house, seeing as my father, Charlie Swan, was the Deputy of Police.

I smiled as I recalled memories of us three getting into mischief. When we were all twenty-two, we all went out, found a guy we seemed to like and brought them back to Rose's house; effectively losing our innocence. I cringed at that memory though, I'd always regretted that night. I'd always dreamed that my first time would be special, romantic, and with someone I loved. But it was slow and painful, with a complete stranger that I – luckily – never saw again.

I smiled as I pulled up into the parking lot of the pub and saw a familiar, black motorbike near the entrance. Jake had always been into motorbikes, and had tried many times to get me on one; but I treasured my life too much for that, and told him I wasn't yet ready to die. He'd laughed and told me that he wouldn't let that happen, since he would be driving. However, the two or three 'minor' crashes he'd been involved in left me unconvinced. I swear, he must be a cat with nine lives; actually more like a wolf.

I quickly parked the truck, got out, grabbed my purse and walked towards the door. The loud music and bellows of laughter already felt like home; so warm and relaxing. As I opened the door and walked in, a familiar tune played out of juke box and some men around the bar started singing the words.

"She was a fast machine

She kept her motor clean

She was the best damn woman I had ever seen"

I smiled as the familiar song rang through the room, the lyrics whispering out of my lips as I tried to locate Jake.

"She had the sightless eyes

Telling me no lies

Knockin' me out with those American thighs"

As I was singing and scanning the room for my brother, I noticed an amazingly emerald – coloured pair of eyes watching me intently as I walked slowly around the pub. I internally gasped as his appearance, he was absolutely beautiful; his pale white skin – so completely flawless – emphasised the colour of his eyes, the shape of his lips, and the unique shade of bronze that tinted his hair. I smiled timidly at him before looking down with a blush.

"Taking more than her share

Had me fighting for air

She told me to cum but I was already there"

Finally, I looked back up to see that he was grinning at me as he casually sat on a stool at the bar. I blushed again before turning when I heard a voice, bringing me out of my haze.


I turned to see my six foot, four inches of a brother, wearing the biggest smile as he waved me over to a table. I smiled back at him before I walked over as he engulfed me into wear one of his bear hugs. "Ooomph!" I squealed, "Jake! I-can't-breathe." I let out.

He chuckled in my ear, "Good to see you too Bells! I've missed you. It's been too long." He kissed my cheek and thankfully let me go. I grinned up at him as he let me sit down at the booth and then sat down next to me.

"Jake, it's only been a week." I said.

"Exactly! A week too long." He nudged his shoulder with mine as I laughed. Just then, I noticed there were two guys sitting opposite us. One was huge, there wasn't another way to describe his build. Though, his dark, curly hair and dimples made me relax; he seemed like a big teddy bear to me. So I gave him a small smile, before assessing the next guy. This one was blonde and slim yet muscular. The blonde had striking bright blue eyes, while the bigger one had light, pale ones. I smiled at him too, before they both grinned.

"Bells," Jake said, "These are my friends, Emmett and Jasper." He pointed to the bigger one and blonde, respectively. "Guys, this is my sister Bella."

I shook their hands, "Nice to meet you," I said.

"Yeah, you too." Emmett replied.

"A pleasure," said Jasper.

"Oh, and Bells. This one here is –" Jake was interrupted as the guy from before, with the bronze hair tints bent over the table to extend his hand to me as he sat down next to Jasper.

"Edward," his velvety voice said. I blushed and smiled as I shook his soft hand.

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