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A Night I Won't Forget

Chapter 8: Surprises and Privacy


As I continued to try and catch my breath, I lay still; gazing into Edward's emerald pools as they did to my muddy brown puddles.

I could hear Jazz moving behind me, taking off his condom and cleaning up a bit. I noticed the clock read 5.30am as I watched Jazz near the bed. When he was done, he turned to look at Emmett. I only then realised that he hadn't yet gotten off.

Suddenly, he shook his head slowly and then swiftly pulled his boxers on and left the room. My confusion seemed to be shared with both Edward and Jasper as well. And although Edward didn't seem to think it necessary to get up and leave the bed, Jazz looked back at us with a shrug before leaving after him. Assumingly, to check on Emmett.


As hot as it was to see Bella and Jazz come together, I couldn't come. Not after becoming so shocked and bewildered.

I like women.

They're fucking hot.

With their boobs and their arses, and their…figures.

So it completely freaked me the fuck out when I was watching the three of them – mainly Jazz and his movements with Bella – and out of nowhere, the image of me being in Bella's place popped into my fucking head.

I mean, what the fuck?

So then, as I continued to observe Jazz' sensual movements, completely perplexed, my mind began coming up with wholly different observations as well.

Like the fact that Jazz looked really attractive at that moment.

Okay yes, we'd all had a bit to drink over the last few hours, but I'd always known Jasper was an attractive male. Handsome in his quiet, gentlemanly manner and cowboy way. His blonde locks and blue eyes always left me at odds with myself; to either feel envy for how perfect his is, or to revel in knowing such a person, while also knowing his kind and generous personality as well.

My mama always said it was hard to find someone as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. And since I'd met Jasper, I'd known I'd found at least one person that fits that criteria.

So, although I had always known Jasper was very good-looking, it was only in the position that he was in now, lying behind another body and he used his own to bring them pleasure; that I truly saw how utterly beautiful he was.

Another observation was the fact that my cock kept twitching every time I imagined I was in Bella's place, lying in front of Jasper as his hands ran over my arms, his lips licked, nipped and kissed the back of my neck, his legs and hips thrusting into me.


I started to talk to Bella, to help her and Jazz come. I needed a moment to think.

"And me," I said, "jerking off as I watch you being worshipped by the both of them…"

Once she came and Jazz started to clean up a bit, I grew nervous.

I like Jazz.

I mean I actually, like Jasper.

I mean I must, if I'm picturing him fucking me. And getting really turned on by that imagery.

What the fuck.

And here I thought I was straight.

Guess I'm…not?

But what was really confusing was that, Bella still seemed hot to me as well. It was just that at that moment, Jazz and his slim yet sinewy arms and six pack, appeared more attractive at that point.

Who knew I'd ever think muscles on a guy was…hot?

I shook my head slowly at my boggled mind, before I quickly put myself back into my boxers and left the room. I headed towards the kitchen, I needed a drink.


I'm gay.

I mean I must be, right?

I had never told Emmett or Edward this, but the few times I've ever been with a girl I've opted for the back entrance if she's not bothered either way. I have only ever been inside a pussy three times out of seven, and Bella was the third girl.

I mean shit, I enjoyed kissing Edward earlier! I like kissing guys. Sure yeah, I like kissing girls to…but guys don't like kissing other guys unless they're gay or at least bi, right?

I also have realised through time that some males are very…attractive to me. Sometimes it's their hair, or their eyes, or their muscles. But for some, it's all three. Like Emmett.

I've always thought of him as hot. He's the guy I knew was the one I would 'turn' gay for if he was interested. Now I say turn with the quotation marks because let's face it, I'm pretty darn sure I already am on my way to being, if I'm not already, gay.

It's his short, yet pull-able hair brown hair, sky blue eyes, and his perfectly toned and tanned muscular build. But mostly his easy going, optimistic personality. I've known Em for more than a decade, but I still sometimes get nervous around him, just knowing that if he ever showed any interest in me, any at all; I would fucking jump him at the chance. Although all I have ever tried with a guy is kissing, I can imagine becoming turned on by seeing another guy jerk off in front of me.

And when I watched Bella and Emmett making out earlier that night, sure yeah it was very hot to watch, but I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of Bella and slightly possessive over Emmett.

Boy did I have my balls in knot…

I sighed as I quickly and quietly took off the condom and wiped myself and Bella with a wet flannel.

When I was finished, I stood next to the bed and catching the way Edward was looking into Bella's eyes, right before I turned to look at Emmett. The fact that Emmett was jerking off as he watched me have sex with Bella made me so fucking turned on, I knew it was the reason I came so hard.

But I as I turned to look at him, I realised that as his head was lowered and he held his still hard cock, he hadn't yet gotten off. My eyes searched for his, for understanding, but he suddenly covered up and left the room. Confusion ran through me as I wondered what was wrong.

After shrugging at Bella and Edward I left the room to find and check on Emmett.


While I wondered and hoped that everything with Emmett was okay, I couldn't help but become distracted by the soft caresses Edward's fingers left on my arms, stomach and breasts. As he played around and drew shapes a pictures on my skin, I started to get goose-bumps and my breathing turned ragged.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

I shook my head slowly, "No…" I sighed.

He smiled at me, and then slowly shifted he body, placing himself between my legs, lying down with his upper weight resting on his elbows either side of me.

"You're so beautiful, you know that?"

I looked away with a small smile. I'm sure my blush made another appearance as well.

"This is beautiful as well…" he pointer finger gently stroked my cheek.

Darn rushing blood!

He leant forward and tilted his head down, moving his lips closer to mine. I held my breath in anticipation, waiting for lips to finally meet mine again – although it hadn't been that long, I missed them terribly. When they connected softly, I could breathe again. Taking in a gasp of breath, my hunger for him increased exponentially at the idea of having him all to myself in complete privacy. I started to pull his hair as my legs wrapped around him, both in effort to bring him closer to me.

His lips continued to crash against mine as our tongues fought for dominance and our bodies hummed together – like magnets, completely attracted to the other.

"Bella…" he groaned in between our rough kisses.

I moaned as he said my name, using my legs and fingers to keep him close. He quickly started to remove his boxers and then grabbed a condom. As he slowly placed it at the tip of his cock and then rolled it down, I took in his full size. Although Emmett was thicker, I'm pretty sure Edward was the same length, if not longer. His hardness was startling, and I couldn't wait any longer, the sight of him completely naked was too much for me and I needed him inside of me.

"Please," I said, looking into his eyes as his dark eyes gazed back at me.

Before I knew it, he lay down next to me and swiftly picked me up and placed me on top of his lap; so that I was straddling him with my knees either side of him. I gasped in shock, before he crashed our lips together again.

Kissing Edward was my new favourite thing to do…

I smiled into the kiss and he noticed.

"What is it?" he asked with his own smile when he pulled away.

"I'm just so happy at the moment," I said, massaging his head with my fingers, he moaned in pleasure. "I'm so glad Jake introduced us," I giggled. "But if he knew half of the things…" I trailed off, knowing he knew what I meant, "well, he'd probably regret letting us all meet…"

"I'm not so sure," he quietly disagreed. "Jake knows us…very well, and although it might be surprising and perhaps embarrassing…I think he knew what he was getting you into tonight when he decided to introduce us all."

I blushed at the idea. Would Jake really introduce me to his three friends, knowing that we might actually have an…orgy?


Surely not. That would be…weird.

But enough about Jake.

I had Edward right in front of me. "Ah well, I'm just glad I met you… you've made a night I thought would involve me having a drink with my brother before going home and watching a movie or two and then going to sleep, into a much more interesting and...pleasurable night."

He grinned up at me as he placed his hands on my hips, "The night's not over love."

"Say that again…" I whispered.

He knew what I meant, I knew he saw my eyes as they lit up at the nickname. "Love."

I sighed and smiled and he returned it with a crooked smirk as he leaned over, his lips to my ear. "Open up love, I'm coming inside now…" he breathed.

My breath caught, and I only had a second to prepare for him and rest my weight on my knees, before him slipped all the way inside me. Inch by inch were followed by our moans and gasps of pleasure. When he was completely inside of me, his fingers tightened on my hips, keeping me still as he pushed me down onto him.

"Oh God baby," Edward moaned, "You feel so good. It's…so warm inside you. So tight. It's just so good to be inside of you. Finally. Oh fuck." With his eyes closed I watched as the emotions crossed his features, from pleasure to pain to a determined expression, assumingly to control himself. I revelled in my ability to give him these feelings.

"Edward…" I whispered, waiting for him to look at me. "You're cock feels so good, so right, inside me baby. I don't want you to move…" my breath caught in a quiet sob. He just felt so perfect there.

Fuck, I don't want to cry though. Pull your shit together Swan!

I tried to quickly breath properly and hold in any tears.

Edward's hand against my cheek caused me to look down into his eyes, but I couldn't see too clearly through my unshed tears.

"Hey," he murmured, "I know Bella. I know what you mean. I don't ever want to move from this position ever again. It feels so perfect, here, inside you, connected to you."

I nodded quickly as a couple of tears fell. "I don't want another person to ever be inside me now. And I-I knew…" I couldn't finish, he'd think I was crazy.

"What, love?" His soft fingers on my face and his soothing voice lulled and persuaded me into telling him the truth.

"I kn-knew that I was rea-really attracted to y-you in the be-beginning, and I kn-knew that if I wanted to be with you, you would h-have to be last…'cause otherwise I wouldn't d-do anything with th-the other guys…after being w-with you, you wou-would ruin every oth-other guy for me…" I tried to relax and breath, so that I could sound normal and my embarrassing tears would disappear.

When I finally looked up again and into his eyes, I took in his beaming smile, perplexed. "That's exactly the reason I wanted to be last with you, because after I was with you, I wouldn't want anyone else to be… And I knew that they would probably get jealous, so I figured if I went last, then maybe I could claim you as mine afterwards. Sorry, I don't mean to be so possessive bu-.."

I cut him off with my lips as I kissed him passionately. Done with the talking, I did want to start moving now. This whole time he had been inside of me, and although it felt good, and I mean really fucking good, I wanted him to move inside me, I wanted us to both bring each other a pleasure we would share together.

He seemed to understand, as his enthusiasm grew suddenly as he held my hips completely still. He began impaling me with his cock as he thrust his hips swiftly, pounding pleasure into me with each one. Obscenities, moans, gasps and curses fell from our lips as he continued his hurried movements and I tried to continue kissing every part of him that I could reach.

My mouth fell open as a familiarly pleasant tightening in my stomach began as Edward continued to keep thrusting into me, his cock hitting a pleasure spot so deep inside. When I started to move, bobbing up and down on his cock and chasing my orgasm, he used his thumb to massage my clit.

"Oh fuck…Edward…Edward…."

"That's it baby, I want to feel you come on my hard cock okay?" he panted.

All I could do was give a slight nod as I reached my hand behind me and running it softly along his thigh, searching for something. His ragged breathing turned into a gasp and groan as my fingers found his ball sack and I began to massage them.

"Shit, shit, shit…" he let out.

I watched in amazement as his stomach muscles clenched and the veins in his neck constricted as his head bent backwards in pleasure.

"Oh God, I'm…I'm, coming, Edward…"

He quickly looked up and then sat up, wrapping his fingers behind my neck, he pulled me in for a kiss. And with both our eyes wide open, we kissed as my orgasm flowed through me, sparking a flash of pleasure and eliciting the highest whimper from me as I continued to ride Edward's cock and play with his balls. His sudden quick thrusts drew out my orgasm, before he came with me. A light layer of sweat ran down our faces and all over our skin as we panted into each other's mouths. When we were both sated I fell lightly on top of him, kissing his neck and stomach as he stroked my back and ran his fingers through my hair.

His body felt so nice and comforting against mine. I never wanted to leave the sense of home and security I felt when I was touching him like this, so close.

Even after another ten minutes, we still lay in the same positions; with me on top of him, yet he had slipped out and gotten rid of the condom. A sense of emptiness flooded throughout, as he was no longer inside of me. So I didn't want to move any time soon, and it didn't appear he did either.

We still hadn't spoken, but knew what the other was thinking. We could sense the love we had for one another, yet we didn't think that now was the right time to admit it was love just yet. Not so soon after just having slept together.

It was another fifteen minutes after that, 6:45, according to the trusty clock on the wall, that we wondered what the other two were up to and whether all was okay.

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