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After finishing my new movie, I began to wonder about my itchy witch. It has been about a day since her little bargain with her pet rat and I'm curious to know if her plan worked out or not. But the real concern is if she's got her shunning removed or not.

If she doesn't get her shunning removed she has to stay with me. Forever. As it should be. No matter what she says, she doesn't belong over on the other side of the lines. In a mere year she has caused non stopped trouble left and right.

Over there, people don't want to accept her, they want to strip her of her gifts and erase her existence, thus getting rid of the only proof that links witches to demons. They have got to get over denial already; it has been over 5,000 years. Just because they want to ignore their roots doesn't mean they aren't there. And that goes double for Rachel.

Ah, Rachel. It is miracle in itself how far our relationship has gone. She has gone from complete ignorance of demons to finding out that she is kin. She has stopped fighting me and is now starting to trust me, if her asking me for a location curse isn't evidence enough. She doesn't cage me like an animal in a circle anymore. She challenges me and demands respect. And I give it to her, on occasion, and I'd be a fool otherwise not to. Whether she realizes it or not she has the potential to be a threat. The way she acts around me, no one has ever done so, or even dared. She makes things interesting, hell, if I'm truly honest with myself; she makes life in the ever-after more interesting. And it has been a long while since that happened. And when she moves in…. My mind wanders to the possibilities. Damn, that's a splendid image.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts when I hear an audible pop. Looks like the little runt is back. Following his thoughts, I find he's in the kitchen. And with nothing but a thought, I jump to where he is. What I witness makes me smirk. He's washing the dishes by hand like the good little familiar he should be.

Despite knowing that I'm here, he doesn't turn around and remains cleaning the dishes. Finding this odd, I decide to try to get a reaction out of him.

"Welcome home, runt. How was your little vacation on the other side of the lines? Did you get me a souvenir?" I taunted.

He offered no response and stayed determined on his task. I'll try another tactic then.

"Tell me, did Rachel get her shunning removed? I'd be curious to know if she doesn't. We have a little bet between us you see, if she doesn't we'll have another tenant in my humble abode." I said in a nonchalant tone.

"Yes." He said in a monotone. Well, that got something out of him.

I narrowed my eyes at his back and I could tell he wasn't telling me the whole truth.

Feeling my penetrating gaze, no doubt, he replies, "But in June it becomes of permanence."

Hmmmm. Interesting. I have little faith that the hacks will let her be free again. They know how to hold a grudge almost as well as a demon.

I started to step closer but froze when I smelt something coming from him. He smelled like Rachel. I sniffed the air again, to make sure that it was from sleeping next to her or in being close proximity. Ice laced my blood and a growl threatened to come out of my throat when I realized that this scent was far too strong to be something of a casual touch. No, her scent is practically oozing off him like maple syrup.

He slept with her. I didn't think I would have to kill him this soon.

Ignoring my growing anger I still held up my casual demeanor, millennia of practice helps with that.

"I guess you did have fun on the other side of the lines." I stated while making a show of examining my nails uninterestingly.

That made him turn around and had his eyes filled with more suspicion than usual. Good, this will be more fun when I actually get to see the terror in his eyes when he realizes that he is a dead man, again.

I stepped closer until I was right in front of him. I gave him a mocking smile and asked dryly, "Was she good?"

His brows furrowed up in confusion and I realized he didn't understand what I was referring to. I need to change that.

To refresh his memory I said, "I knew pancakes would've done it. I really should buy her a cake."

His eyes widened in recognition and since he's my familiar I get a flood of images come my way. Him and Rachel…in a hole? Mother pusbucket! Rolling around in the dirt with a ghost. I really didn't think Rachel could get any more unpredictable.

He tried to free but I grabbed his skinny neck and said, "Now, now, don't be shy, be a man and own up to your little conquest. But ponder this: Was great sex really worth your life?"

He was still struggling to get free but I saw in his eyes a flash a fear. He rasped, "I'm of a mind to inform you that Mistress Witch was the one to suggest that we consummate-"

I cut him off with a bark of laughter. "Trying to save your miserable life with blaming it on Rachel? What would she think if she saw you now? Probably the same as I am. Pathetic."

I smiled maliciously and led him to his torture. I snapped my fingers and a strapped chair appeared. The chair doesn't allow any magic to be used to any being that is on it. Perfect for my uses at the moment. I said a curse to immobilize him for a few moments and strapped him to the chair.

The curse faded leaving him trying to get out of the chair with his own strength. Predictably, he didn't escape.

I punched him in the jaw and felt a sliver of satisfaction at the resonant crack I hear. I broke both his legs as if they were toothpicks and reveled in the agonized scream that caused from him. With his broken jaw, the scream made the pain even worse for him. I slashed at his arms with my ceremonial knife until blood wound around them to resemble ribbons. His eyes were filled with hate and tears were streaming down steadily. He tried to spit at me, but only had it burn like acid before it left his mouth.

For the grand finale I collected all the ever-after I could in my thoughts, and drove it all throughout his body. His eyes widen in terror for a moment, and then disappear as his entire being banishes from existence. The ever-after I threw at him didn't just make him just explode. It attacked every single cell, until nothing was left of the body containing the entity known as Gordian Nathanial Pierce.

The soul, however, is still kicking in this butterfly jar and looking positively livid. I put a spell on the jar that would insure that this jar will never be opened or broken.

I put the jar in the safe in my bedroom and jumped myself into the library. I picked up a book and began my afternoon reading, very comfortable with the fact that no one goes after my itchy witch except for me.


I know I've been off the radar for a while and well, let's just say I have been busy. Lately I have seen many Al/Rachel fics and it inspired me to finally finish this one. It's not my best work, but I hoped you liked it. Please give me the honor of telling me what you think.