A/N: Hello again everyone :) This is a piece that I wrote months ago now. It was just a little something I put together based on how I was feeling after I watched House and Cameron's last scene together in 6.08 "Teamwork". I had absolutely no intentions of posting it, until my dear friend Lilly convinced me to.

I have a lot the second part written already, so there shouldn't be long before that's added. Part 1 will be mainly be from Cameron's perspective (although it will start with House's), but Part 2 will be from House's perspective. Also, the song I used as inspiration for this fic is "Beautiful" by Jennifer Paige. I immediately thought of House and Cam and their history when I heard it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :)

P.S. I promise that a new chapter of "The Bet" is coming soon, but I seem to have hit a little snag which I am currently in the process of working through. I apologize for the wait, but I want to have it right before I post it.

"Goodbye My Almost Lover"

Part 1.

"I loved you, and I loved Chase…I'm sorry for you both, for what you've become because…there's no way back for either of you."

Her words echoed within his head with painful clarity. How did she do that? How did she reveal a part of him that he hadn't been expecting to see tonight?

House watched numbly as Cameron's outstretched hand appeared in front of him. Her eyes glistened with the pain and raw emotion that had revealed itself in the very tone of her voice.

She turned to walk away from him, and the cold, desperate sensation of realization suddenly flooded his veins.

She was leaving.

And he was pretty sure that it would be for good this time. Did she honestly think that he was going to let her do that?

He blinked his crystal blues, breaking away from the momentary shock of her declaration.

Like hell.

"How dare you."

His words made her pause, but she still didn't turn back around to face him.

"How dare you say something like that to me Cameron, and then think that you can just walk away."

She finally turned, and her darker eyes met his vivid blues ones, now burning with the heart of a flame as what he was feeling began to rise to the surface. He had no idea why he'd said it. Why now, after all these years, he'd finally tried to stop her.

But if she left him tonight, he wanted her to feel every step she took away from him like a blow to her gut…because that is exactly what watching her take those steps would feel like to him.

"Excuse me?" She asked in amazement. "How dare I? No House. How dare you. How dare you destroy my marriage and then think that you have the right to tell me not to be angry."

Her breath trembled, and fluctuations were heard clearly within her words. Damn it, she was going to start crying. That was unacceptable. He had already caused her to shed enough tears in the past.

She could tell herself over and over that he wasn't worth it. That he didn't deserve her pain. But love wasn't that simple. It didn't discriminate, and it certainly wasn't black and white. It wasn't its fault if something went wrong. You couldn't blame it, no matter how hard you tried, because the truth was, leave it up to human nature to totally screw up something so precious for no apparent reason.

He was standing there in front of her. There was pain on his face, but also the struggling to distance himself from what was happening. Bracing himself for what was about to come his way. And he deserved it. He deserved to have her fire off, to tell him what he had done to her. It was her right to hit him with all of her anger, all of her pain, all of her dissapointment and confusion…

And maybe if she had been thinking clearly, she would have done just that. In the end it probably would have been less painful.

But no, it could never be that simple in her life. As he had already pointed out to her years ago, she wasn't one to take the easy road.

Before she even had a chance to think about it, she reached her hands up to frame the sides of his face. She knew that he realized what she was about to do. They'd been here before. Déjà vu at it's finest. She could feel the protest forming as his body tensed in preperation to stop her…to keep it from happening.

But she wasn't going to back down. She wasn't going to hesitate or allow herself to over-analyze, despite her tendency to do just that with every aspect of her life.

He should have known that this was going to happen sooner or later. He should have remembered how incredibly unpredictable she could be sometimes…even to herself.

And he should have remembered just how incredibly potent their chemistry had been…had always been. They may have drifted apart. She may have gotten married, he may have suddenly decided to pursue their boss…but even through all of that, it was still there. It probably always would be.

But there wasn't any time to think about that. There wasn't any time to think or feel, or resist or doubt at all…as she slowly brought his lips down hard upon his.

And something achingly bittersweet inside of her broke free.

At first he was stunned. She could feel in his still resistant frame that he was struggling within himself. Struggling to decide whether to push her away or guide her closer.

But it wasn't his choice. He didn't get a say in this...Not this time.

Desperate to keep him there, her lips moved over the softness of his, and when that didn't break him, she ran the tip of her tongue over the seam over him mouth...tasting him, taunting him, daring him to react.

And then she felt it. She felt his hands tighten on her hips, pulling her firmly against him. She heard the sound he made deep in his throat at the sensation of her mouth against his, and she knew...she knew in that moment that she had won. She had proven her point. She had shattered his shields.

But she forgot all about the victory when she suddenly felt him come to life under the pressure of her mouth as he took control of the kiss.

Something wrenched deep inside of her heart and body, as the kiss reawakened their dormant connection. It was desperate, passionate, and almost punishing...Full of destiny denied and desire intensified. As if through it, they were desperately trying to hold on to each other...As if they both believed that as long as it continued, the rest of the would couldn't touch them.

It was a moment that brought her body achingly to life, yet at the same time seemed to kill her.

She suddenly realized what Gilda had meant all those years ago when she said that hate was such an exciting emotion. Just minutes ago the only desire she possessed was to hit him. To hurt him physically as much as he had hurt her emotionally...but now her thoughts were consumed by a completely different emotion.

The tears she had fought to keep him from seeing began to slide down her cheeks. Falling over her soft skin towards their joined lips. She was soaring, but all the while her heart was breaking into a thousand pieces.

Because a kiss is just a kiss. It's a moment in time where the past and the future melt away, giving into only the present...the here and now.

And she knew long before he finally began to slow his pace, that the here and now was all that he was going to give her.

The sudden bruising force of his mouth began to lessen, and the kiss suddenly turned gentle...comforting almost. As if the taste of her tears had brought him back from whatever primal train he had been riding on, and the knowledge of her pain had turned him inside out. But it didn't comfort her. It just made it worse. She had been prepared for many things, but the sudden disarming tenderness of his touch hadn't been one of them.

He held her like she was the most precious thing in his life. He touched her like her skin was made from the finest of silks. He kissed her as if she were an addiction a million times stronger than Vicodin.

He kissed her like he loved her...and she kissed him back the same way. God help her, but she did.

But still, as she finally pulled away and felt his labored breath against her lips...she knew that she couldn't stay.

In a way she was already gone.