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AN: Hello readers! This story is a Mirai Trunks and Mirai Pan pairing. Pan is only 3 years younger than Trunks, because Gohan and Videl met when they were young. The story begins after the Cell games complete with flashbacks. What will happen when Mirai Trunks and Mirai Pan accidentally travel back too far when they go to tell the Z fighters they have defeated the androids? Read and Find out! And please review.

Mirai Trunks: 19

Mirai Pan: 16(Gohan and Videl were very young when they had Pan in the future)

The others: Normal ages

DragonBall Dilemma

Chapter 1

Pan stared up at the dragon in awe. Her face was tear-stained, but the dragon would fix everything. She looked down at the love of her life as he lay very still. She would never forget that moment when Cell had returned and killed him. She had easily gone super saiyan 2 out of rage.


Tears brimmed Pan's eyes. Grandpa Goku had just sacrificed himself so they could live. She buried her face in Trunks' chest and he stroked her raven hair. She remembered back to the days they had all spent together before the Cell games. They had been the happiest times she and Trunks had ever had. Suddenly, the wind became violent. She let go of Trunks and looked up at the swirling clouds. A red beam shot out of them. Nothing could have ever prepared her for what happened next. The beam shot through Trunks' heart and sent him falling to the ground. Pan gaped in horror and fell to her knees beside him. He struggled to open his eyes. He managed to lift his hand up to caress her cheek, before his eyes closed again and his body became very still.

"No!!!!! Trunks!!!!! Please, no Trunks! You can't die!!" she screamed. She turned to see that Cell had returned and in perfect form nonetheless. Her grandpa's death had been in vain. Her eyes flashed teal and her hair silver. She balled her fists and pounded them into the ground. She screamed and let her rage completely swallow her. Unlike her father, she wasn't worried about hurting the earth. No, the earth would withstand her power. But this bastard had to die for what he had done. Trunks was all she had. All Mirai Bulma had. Trunks and Goku's deaths would not be in vain. She could feel her power surpassing level 1 and continuing to skyrocket. Her silver hair lengthened slightly. Her subtle spikes softened into waves. Savage lighting bolts began to shoot off around her. He pools of teal bore into Cell like sharp knives. The super saiyan goddess strode toward the cause for this malice. Cell looked confident and smug.

"Sorry I killed your boyfriend, little girl," said Cell with dripping sarcasm. Pan glared icicles and swiftly punched him in the gut. Cell dropped to his knees at the magnitude of the blow. He snarled, but managed to keep his composure. Cell jumped back and gathered energy for a kamehameha wave. Pan glanced at her chibi father, telling him that they must do this together. He must do for his father, and she must do it for Trunks. Gohan stood beside her as they both started to gather energy. Cell released his gigantic orb of power. Pan and Gohan released their identical attacks to meet his. The blasts clashed in brilliant fashion. The immense ki blasts struggled for control, neither willing to give up.

But Cell soon found that he was no match for the unattainable power of level two super saiyan, especially two of them. Together Pan and Gohan had defeated the monster known as Cell, and for good this time. Every one of his cells was incinerated by their twin kamehameha waves.

Pan fell to her knees in exhaustion. Her silver locks returned to raven and her eyes to rich chocolate. She began to cry. She felt a hand on her shoulder. It was her young father. He only said one word to her

"Dragon balls,"

~~~~~~~End Flashback~~~~~~~

So here they were. The dragon towered magnificently above them. He bellowed his greetings and demanded their wish. Her eyes danced with anticipation and never left his unmoving form. She heard Krillin wish back everyone who had been killed by Cell. She brushed his lilac locks from his eyes and stroked his cheek. Trunks opened his crystal blues and met her rich chocolate depths. Their eyes spoke the words for them. Pan threw herself into his arms and cried into his chest. He stroked her hair. Their lips met with fervid passion as they drank in each other's essence. They reluctantly broke the kiss, but their eyes remained locked.
"Trunks, I thought I had lost you," Pan whimpered.

"Don't worry love, I'm here now. I love you Panny," he said.

"I love you too Trunks," she replied.

Krillin used the second wish to remove 18's self-destruct mechanism. After the dragon disappeared, they flew back to Capsule Corp. Pan and Trunks knew they must return to their world tomorrow to defeat the androids.


The next morning Trunks and Pan prepared to return to their world. They bid farewell to their family and friends of the past and departed down the river of time.

"You think we're strong enough to beat the androids this time?" asked Pan.

"Of course, we are both much stronger. I heard that you went SS 2 when Cell killed me," said Trunks. Pan smiled. They would finally defeat those stupid androids and avenge the deaths of all the Z fighters. They would pay dearly for killing her father, Trunks' father, and all the others. The time capsule arrived back home. The hatch opened up and they hopped out. Trunks and Pan peered inside the hole in the roof of CC. Bulma sat at the table reading and drinking her tea.

"Hey, what ya reading? Trunks asked. Bulma looked up.

"Trunks! Pan! You're home, thank goodness!" exclaimed Bulma. She poured them some tea and they sat and talked about what had happened in the past.

Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded near by. Trunks snarled and threw off his jacket. Pan also stood up and they both powered up into ascended saiyans.

"You two be careful!" called Bulma.

"Don't worry mom. This time the androids will meet their end," said Trunks.

"Our world will finally be free!" said Pan. Trunks smiled and nodded as they took off for the location of the androids.

17 blasted buildings, while 18 looked very bored.

"17, this sucks, I'm bored," complained 18.

"Oh and I suppose you trying on dumb clothes all day isn't?" he retorted.

"Whatever, let's do something," said 18. Suddenly 18 was slammed into a nearby building. 18 dug herself out of the rubble. She glared at them.

"So the lovers have returned, silver and gold goes nicely together," said 17.

"Let's get them 17!" yelled an angry 18. 17 nodded. Pan faced off against 18, while Trunks took 17.

Pan made quick work of 18. She pounded her with several merciless kicks and punches. She hovered several feet above the broken android that she had shown no mercy to. She powered up the Son signature move and fired it at the feminine monster. Android 18 was now a black smudge mark on the concrete.

Trunks faced off against 17. 17 was angered by the death of his sister. But Trunks was too fast for him. 17 found himself playing catch up. His blows failed to make any kind of contact. Trunks pummeled the cocky warrior into the ground. 17 watched in horror, as Trunks released a powerful burning attack. The blast came closer and engulfed him, ending his reign of terror.

Trunks and Pan powered down and they ran to each other. Trunks picked her small body up and spun her around. They kissed and continued to celebrate as they flew home hand in hand. They knew they still had the face Cell's imperfect form, but they for the first time in their lives, they were sure that their future would be filled with peace and happiness. Their childhood may have lacked that, but their adulthood would not.

That night Pan and Trunks sat on the broken roof of Capsule Corp. Pan wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned into his embrace. He pulled her small body into his lap. He nibbled at the sweet skin on her neck, earning a moan of pleasure. Pan kissed him vehemently and played with the short hairs on the back of his neck, making him purr. She smiled to herself, she knew which buttons to push. They held each other close and gazed up at the stars.

"Are we going to visit the past after we beat Cell," asked Pan.

"Yeah, I think that they'd want to know that we're all right," replied Trunks. Pan smiled and snuggled closer to him. Eventually, they went inside for the night. They both had the best night's sleep they had ever had. No nightmares filled with terror, just peaceful dreams of bliss.


The next morning, Pan and Trunks ate breakfast while Bulma prepped the time capsule. Trunks and Pan walked outside and stood by the time capsule, waiting for him to make his entrance. They heard footsteps behind them. Trunks smirked and turned around.

"Trying to sneak up on us Cell. Sneaking around like the boogieman?" asked Trunks with sarcasm. Imperfect Cell's eyes widened.

"So you know about me, no matter, I will dispose of you and your little girlfriend easily enough," said the lizard-like creature.

Trunks, Pan, and Cell took their fight away from the Capsule Corp. building. Trunks transformed into super saiyan and launched at Cell. Cell fired a blast, but Trunks batted it away as if it were nothing. Trunks pummeled Cell. Cell regained his composure and swung his tail at Trunks. He was aiming for Trunks' neck in hopes of doing some damage. But Trunks caught his tail. He began to twirl Cell around in the air. Cell yelped as Trunks released him and sent him sprawling into the air. Cell stopped himself in the air. He panted and tried to figure out how the saiyan had got that strong. He began to power up for a kamehameha wave. Trunks began to build his own energy. Cell launched the attack at Trunks, while he prepared to release the Final Flash attack he had learned from his father in the past. The saiyan prince's attack engulfed Cell's stolen technique and then incinerated him. His ash remains lingered in the air and then dissolved. Trunks powered down and Pan up to him.

"Our world is finally free Trunks!" she cried in happiness. Trunks smiled at her. She gave him a victory kiss and they flew back to Capsule Corp. hand in hand.

Bulma waved goodbye as the pair hopped into the cockpit of the time capsule. Trunks set the coordinates and launched the capsule. It hovered before disappearing. Once again, Trunks and Pan traveled down the time stream.

"I can't wait to tell everybody," said Pan with excitement.

"Me either," replied Trunks. Suddenly a beeping from the controls interrupted them. A red light flashed on the control panel. The coordinates began to scramble.

"What's going on Trunks?" asked Pan.

"I'm not sure, but the coordinates are scrambling. If I can't fix it, who knows where we could end up!" said Trunks. He fumbled with the controls, but they refused to respond. The capsule came out of the time machine and landed with a thud. The hatch opened, and Trunks and Pan looked around. They had landed in a forest.

"Where are we Trunks?" asked Pan.

"I don't know, but I think the question is WHEN are we," he replied.

Trunks heard what sounded like a car heading towards them.

"I think someone is coming this way. Maybe we can get some information from them," said Trunks.


"I'm hungry," said a little boy, who was floating on a cloud next to the car.

"You're always hungry," replied a talking pig. A blue haired teenager drove the car that contained a man with black hair, the pig, and a blue cat.

'If we don't get the dragon balls back, I'll never get my wish for the perfect boyfriend," she thought. The girl saw two people up ahead and began to slow down.

Trunks capsulated the time machine. He hoped the car coming would stop and at least give them some directions. Like directions to Capsule Corp. The car stopped. Trunks stepped up, but nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw just who was driving the car.

"Can we help you? Are you lost?" she asked. Pan's eyes widened.

Trunks and Pan looked at each other. Somehow, they had been sent back nearly forty years instead of only twenty. Now he knew how Pan had felt around her father who was actually younger than her at the time.

"Hey, why don't you come help us get the dragon balls back," said a twelve year old Goku.

"Good idea Goku," said a sixteen year old Bulma.

Trunks looked at Pan and she shrugged her shoulders.

"All right," he said as he and Pan hopped in the backseat next to Oolong.

(AN: Trunks and Pan do share a saiyan bond, so when there is ** around text, that means they are talking telepathically)

**Trunks, what are we going to do?** asked Pan.

**I don't know, I guess just play along,** Trunks told her.

"So what are your names?" asked Bulma. Trunks panicked, but Pan saved them. She figured since her father didn't exist yet, she could reveal at least her first name.

"I'm Pan, and this is Toran," she said.

**Thanks Pan** he told her.

**No problem love, it's a pleasure saving your cute butt** she smirked.

"I'm hungry," said Goku.

"We know Goku, you've mentioned it several times in the last hour," said Yamcha. He looked back at Pan.

'She's cute,' he thought. Trunks saw him gazing at her. He glared at him and put his arm around her waist. Yamcha turned away. 'All the good women were always taken, he thought. They eventually arrived in front of Emperor Pilaf's palace.

**Trunks we need to fix the time machine and leave before we disrupt it more than we already have** Pan told him.

**I know Pan, but I think I am going to need my mother's and grandfather's help with it, so we are just going to have to go along with this until we can get her to fix it,** he told her. Pan sighed. This wasn't good. They might really mess up the timeline.

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