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DragonBall Dilemma


The time capsule landed just outside the newly restored capsule corp. dome.

"Man, is it ever good to be home," Trunks said hopping out of the time capsule.

"Yes it is. And it's good to know that we're going to married soon," Pan said. Trunks smiled at her and pulled her close. He kissed her tenderly. They were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Trunks and Pan broke the kiss and looked up, only to Bulma and ChiChi eyeing them mischievously.

"Hello mother, hello ChiChi," Trunks said.

"Hello son, nice of you to come home alive," Bulma joked.

"So, when are we having this wedding. The whole town is waiting for you two to set a date," ChiChi asked impatiently.

"Mother, you didn't invite the whole town, did you?" Trunks asked.

"Well of course I did. The town would be disappointed if they couldn't witness the wedding of their two saviors," Bulma answered. Trunks rolled his eyes.

"We want to get married as soon as possible," Pan said.

"Well, then it's settled," ChiChi said.


Two weeks later, a nervous Trunks waited at the altar as his beautiful bride strolled down the aisle. He was dressed in royal saiyan armor. Pan also wore the proper saiyan attire for a royal wedding. They were married, with the city of west capital as their witnesses. But a few other faces chose to watch on from the sky.

"So I guess this means we're related Vegeta," Goku said.

"Shut up baka," Vegeta growled.

"Ah come on Vegeta, I know you couldn't be happier about their marriage. She is saiyan after all," Gohan said.

"Hn," was all that was heard from Vegeta. But as they all knew, that meant he was okay with it.

"I wish we could tell them how proud we are," Krillin said.

"They know," Yamcha replied.


The next day, Pan and Trunks loaded the space craft that was their wedding gift from Bulma. Pan and Trunks were going out into space for their honeymoon. They planned on exploring space for two months, before returning home.

They bid ChiChi and Bulma goodbye, and left the earth's atmosphere. Trunks flew the space craft out of the earth's gravitational pull and then set it on autopilot.

Trunks left the console and wrapped his arms around his new wife.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Pan asked. Trunks smirked as he lifted her into his arms and carried her into their bedroom. Clothes were shed and passionate cries were uttered throughout the night.


The next morning, Trunks awoke first. He kissed his wife gently and slipped out of bed. He threw on his boxers, and padded out to the control room. He checked the status and made sure everything was going well. Soon, he felt a pair of arms encircle his neck. A pair of lips began to nibble at his neck. Trunks purred.

"Good morning love," he said.

"Good morning to you to," she said as she straddled his lap. They kissed intensely, until they were interrupted by a beeping sound from the computer. Trunks broke the kiss and tended to the controls.

"What's wrong Trunks?" Pan asked.

"We've been caught in the gravitational pull of something, but I don't know what. Computer, give me a visual," Trunks ordered. The computer complied by displaying what it looked like outside the ship.

At first, all they could see were millions of stars, but then something caught Trunks' eye. A swirling hole, blue in color, was pulling their ship towards it.

"Trunks, what is that?" Pan asked.

"I'm not sure Panny," he replied.

Trunks and Pan held each other close as they were sucked through the hole.

A few minutes later, Trunks and Pan opened their eyes. They were once again in the calm of space. Trunks checked the controls.

"That's weird," Trunks said.

"What is it?" Pan asked.

"We seem to be in the same place we were before. I have a bad feeling that the hole we just went through was some kind of dimensional gate," Trunks said.

"Dimensional gate? Do those exist?" Pan asked.

"Yea, though they are very unstable. My mom has been experimenting with them for a long time," Trunks replied.

"So what do we do?" Pan asked.

"Well, since we are in the same place. I say we go back to earth. It's only a day's trip. It may not be our earth, but I'm sure we can find help there," Trunks said. Pan nodded and laid her head on his shoulder as he adjusted the controls, and set the course for earth. Or at least the earth in this dimension, wherever that was.

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