Kaylee and Dean walked into a bar after a few hours of driving around. They continued to walk through the crowded bar when Kaylee noticed a familiar dark haired girl dancing between two guys.

Kaylee grinned to herself seeing this old friend dancing between these two guys. She hasn't seen this friend in so long.

Dean noticed the evil grin on Kaylee's face and arched an eyebrow. Right before Dean could say anything Kaylee yelled "Roxy!" and ran off.

Dean watched Kaylee run into a dark haired girls arms. The dark haired girl and Kaylee kissed each other's cheeks. Dean's eyebrows rose as the girls continued to kiss their cheeks and hug.

They wrapped their arms around each other and walked towards Dean. He straightened up and took a swig of his beer. "Dean I want you to meet one of my good friends and one of the best hunters I know, Roxy Sheppard."

Roxy put her hand out and Dean did the same as they shook hands. "Nice to meet you Dean. I've heard a lot about you."

"Too bad I haven't heard the same about you," he said and she and Kaylee shared a smile. Dean took this time to check Roxy out and bit his bottom lip. Roxy was wearing a plaid mini skirt that ended at the beginning of the middle of her thighs, a black t-shirt and black cowboy boots. He liked this girl already. "Well, a friend of Kaylee's is a friend of mine."

Roxy smiled at Dean leaning close as she licked her lips. "Good to know." She moved to the other side of Dean and as she moved she let her upper body rub up against him. "Well maybe soon I'll get to see if the stories are true." Dean and Roxy's eyes locked for a good minute before she turned on the stool with a grin on her face.

Dean looked back at Kaylee and she had the same exact grin on her face as she turned. Dean smiled to himself thinking this may be a good night. He turned around on the stool and looked on both sides of him. "So ladies how do you know each other?"

"We go way back," said Roxy and Dean watched as she wrapped her lips around the top of the beer bottle.

"Oh yeah, farther than me and you, Dean," said Kaylee. Kaylee smirked as Dean watched Roxy lick a drop of beer that had spilled from her mouth with her tongue then licked her lips. Dean cleared his throat and looked back at Kaylee.

"That long huh?"

"Well, Dean we've only known each other a year. Roxy and I have known each other since we were sixteen."

"Oh yeah? How's that story go?"

Roxy smirked her finger circling the top of the bottle and looked at Kaylee. "You want to tell the story?" Kaylee asked.

"Sure why not it's just my life in the beginning anyway." She smiled sarcastically at her. Kaylee laughed taking a sip of her beer.

Dean turned his attention to Roxy and she turned her head flipping her dark curls back. Dean looked at her flawless tan skin on her neck and then looked into her eyes. They were the bluest eyes he's ever seen. She was the total opposite of Kaylee. While Kaylee was tan, green eyes and blond, Roxy was tan, blue eyes and black hair.

"Well, her father, Thomas, found me on the streets of Washington while he was looking for a shapeshifter. He told me to go home it's not safe on the streets. I told him I couldn't go home and he didn't argue with me so he brought me back to the motel him and Kaylee were staying in and well Kaylee and I hit it off after that." She stuck her tongue out a bit showing off her tongue ring.

"You son of a bitch!" yelled Kaylee smiling. "You actually got it done? Ugh, whore."

Dean and Kaylee watched as Roxy played with her tongue ring, forcing it to go up and down then she twirled it around.

She shrugged smiling at them. "They say it heightens the sexual arousal." She wiggled her eyebrows and the two laughed.

"I see that's not the only piercing you have." And Dean pointed to his nose.

She smiled turning her head a bit for them to see the little stud on her nose. "Heat of the moment sort of thing."

"Doesn't that get dangerous during the job?"

"That's why I take them out while I'm on one."

"She's pretty smart," said Kaylee.

"Smarter than you? I believe that one." Kaylee made a face and hit Dean playfully on the arm making Roxy laugh.

"I also have my belly button done too." She stood up and lifted her shirt causing some whistles to flow through the air from the bar tenants. She smiled at them and Dean licked his lips looking at her body then back at her face.

"Hmm…that pendant looks familiar," he said looking over at Kaylee and she grinned.

"We got them done on our 18th birthdays." Dean smiled at Kaylee and turned back to Roxy.

"You must have a thing for piercings," he looked back down and noticed the devils trap on her hip bone, "and tattoos."

"It's a little arousal for me," she said sitting back on the stool pulling her shirt down.

"Roxy likes pain. I told her if she never went into the hunting gig she should totally be a dominatrix," said Kaylee grinning.

"And you would know," said Roxy smiling at her and winking.

"Whoa, what was that?" asked Dean.

"What?" asked Roxy and Kaylee sounding innocent.

"You two know what. The winking and the smiles. What am I missing?"

"Oh a whole bunch buddy," said Roxy taking a sip of her beer.

"So you two are real close then?"

"You have no idea," said Kaylee. "When we were younger we were inseparable. They even put us in the same class."

Roxy gasped putting her hand over Kaylees and leaning over. "Gym class, Mr. Roth! Ugh…sexy man."

"Oh my God! I know right. I miss my teenage days when we would stay after school just to help him put away his balls." Kaylee wiggled her eyebrows making Roxy laugh.

"Are you two serious?" Dean eyed the two.

"Of course we are," said Roxy taking her hand off of Kaylees and leaning on hers looking at Dean. "We never joke around about stuff like that. We're best friends Dean."

"Almost like sisters," said Kaylee leaning close to Dean.

"Sisters huh? Close?"

Roxy and Kaylee gave each other a quick glance with grins appearing on their faces. "Real close," they both said.

"You wanna know how close?" asked Roxy. Dean nodded wanting to hear more.

"We taught each other to kiss," said Kaylee leaning as close to Dean as Roxy.

"Ok, now you're just fucking with me," said Dean glancing between the two.

"No, we're not," said Roxy sitting up. "Seriously we did. It was like a month and a half I was with the Thomas and Kaylee. I remember it like it was yesterday."

"Yeah," said Kaylee. "We were in Louisiana; dad was on a hunt for a werewolf. Me and you got stuck with the research…again," she rolled her eyes, "and we got bored and started talking about hot guys and shit like that and well one thing lead to another."

"Hold on I need to picture this," said Dean smirking. "You two kissing that would be hot."

Roxy laughed. "Well we learned to kiss with each other along other things." She bit her bottom lip.

"Now this is just getting hotter by the minute."

The girls laughed. "Good times," said Kaylee.

Roxy put her drink in the air and Kaylee clinked it with hers. "To good times." They took a drink of their beer and looked at Dean.

He was feeling hot with the girls talking about their past to him. He didn't know Kaylee was into kissing girls and among other things. He is so glad he listened to Kaylee about stopping into this bar and Roxy being here. This night may just turn out in his favor.

"So, what are you two up to that brings you into this neck of the woods?" Roxy asked changing the subject.

"Well we're driving around looking for a case," said Kaylee, "hopefully 'something' pops up soon." She winked at Dean causing Roxy to laugh.

"Lucky bitch. You have this hot guy all to yourself covering your ass on hunts."

"Sweetheart that's not all I do with that ass," said Dean winking at her before taking a drink.

Kaylee hits Dean again on the arm.

"Baby you cheated on me?" asked Roxy faking a shock look.

"It meant nothing to me sweetheart," said Kaylee grabbing Roxy's hand.

"Well I guess I can forgive you." She let go of Kaylees hand and rested it on Dean's thigh. "Since it was with someone that looks so," she sucked on her bottom lip looking Dean up and down, "delicious." She licked her lips as her and Dean's eyes locked. "Dean?"


"Can I grab your nuts?"

Kaylee bit back a laugh as she covered her mouth with her hand.

Roxy's hand moved more towards his inner thigh and she felt him tense a bit. With her eyes still on his she grabbed the peanuts in front of him and put one in her mouth. She stuck it between her front teeth and bit softly into it causing it to break in half. "Mmmm…salty." She licked her lips and ran her nails along his thigh getting up.

Dean cleared his throat gathering his thoughts together. "Well," he said grabbing his beer and quickly chugging it down, "I think we should call it a night."

"But I'm not tired," said Kaylee.

"Neither am I," said Roxy.

"Sweethearts, who said anything about sleeping," Dean said with a smirk.

Kaylee looks at Roxy smiling. "Do you think Dean can handle us both?"

Roxy bit her lip shaking her head a little. "I don't know, didn't the last guy pass out on us?"

Dean looked between him not believing his ears as they continued this conversation about their sexual escapade with another man!

"He didn't really like being handcuffed," said Kaylee.

"But," said Roxy pointing at her, "he did like the cool whip part. He didn't mind the handcuffs after that."

"But didn't he have a problem with something?" Kaylee creased her forehead trying to concentrate.

Roxy was in deep thought too. "Oh I remember now!" She began to laugh. "He had problems with the bra you were wearing!"

"Oh my God that's right!" Kaylee began to laugh as hard as Roxy and couldn't breathe. "He-he couldn't figure out it was…was a front cl-cl-clasp!" The two continued to laugh.

"So I used my teeth to undo it because my hands and legs were tied behind my back together."

Dean licked his dry lips visioning Roxy tied up with her limbs behind her wearing nothing and Kaylee doing things to her that he couldn't even imagine then he came into the picture. He felt himself start to get hard.

"Ladies I really think we should take this somewhere a little more private," said Dean looking around noticing the attention the girls were getting from their story. "You're causing a lot of attention."

"We usually do," said Kaylee hopping off the stool. She pointed to Dean. "Stay, I need to talk to Roxy for a second." She grabbed Roxy's hand and pulled her off the stool.

Dean watched the two walk away both their asses shaking. Kaylees being shaped fine in the tight low rise jeans she was wearing and Roxy's in that short mini skirt she was wearing. Dean took the last sip of his beer and looked next to him to see a man who gave him a toast for getting those two together. Dean smirked and turned back to the girls who were talking and looking over at him.

"So what do you think?" asked Kaylee glancing over at Dean.

"I don't know…you think he'll be ok with it." Roxy put her hands on her hips and clicked her tongue.

"Course he'll be ok with it. One he's a guy and two he is the most perverted, horny man on this planet. This is like his dream come true…I think."

Roxy laughed a little and looked over at Dean. "He is totally sexy and I am fucking jealous you get to have that man riding with you during hunts."

Kaylee smirked at her. "Then let's have a go with him."

"The stories you told me better be true."

Kaylee grinned looking over at Dean. "Oh trust me babe, they're fucking true." They grabbed each other's hands and walked up to Dean.

"Ready to go?" asked Roxy.

Dean arched an eyebrow. "The two of you…together." They nodded.

"Yeah," said Roxy walking up to him slowly and then leaning close, "I got a little room in the motel across the street. So you can leave your car here while we walk over." She leaned closer to his ear. "It'll be worth it." She lightly licked his ear and he bit his lip. She leaned back grabbing his hand and he felt like he was in a trance staring at her and Kaylee. "Come on." She grabbed Kaylees hand and led them out the door.

Roxy had this grin on her face as she led them towards her motel room her hands still in theirs. Dean's eyes kept dancing between Kaylee and Roxy. They were seriously doing this. With him! Roxy looked back at him and winked then looked at Kaylee laughing a bit as did Kaylee.

She walked to her room and pulled out her room key. She opened the door and turned the lights on and leaned on the doorframe.

"You ready baby?" she asked Dean and Kaylee looked between the two smiling.

"Don't worry Dean," said Kaylee placing a small kiss on his chin and grabbing his hand. "We won't hurt you…too much."

Roxy laughed and pushed Dean by his back while Kaylee pulled him in by his hands. Roxy closed the door and there stood Dean between two very hot fucking girls in a motel room. This was going to be a long eventful night.

Roxy ran her hands up his leather jacket and to his neck lightly massaging the sides of it. He groaned a bit as her thumbs put the right amount of pressure on the back of his neck. Kaylee walked up to the front of him rubbing her hands up his torso and kissed him. He could feel Roxy's nails lightly scraping the skin on his neck and her thumbs making tiny circles on the back of his neck.

Kaylee let go of his lips. "Relax Dean," she whispered against his lips.

"Yeah, Kaylee and I are gonna take care of you baby," Roxy said in his ear making a shiver run down his spine. He felt Roxy's hands move to his shoulders sliding off his jacket slowly. She threw it on the chair and forced him to sit on the bed. He looked at her with wide eyes. She ran a hand through his hair, her nails scratching at certain points as she stared into his huge curious eyes. "Your eyes are so fucking sexy," she whispered and then smile at him.

Kaylee put her hands on Roxy's hips from behind her grinning at Dean as she slowly pulled Roxy away from him, her nails lightly scraping at his face as she was pulled away.

Kaylee and Roxy faced each other, Kaylees hands still on her hips as Roxy's ran through her hair and bent down and kissed her. The kiss became heated in a second. Roxy pulled Kaylee's face closer to hers deepening the kiss as Kaylee gripped Roxy's hips pulling her closer to her.

Dean watched in awe as the two made out in front of him. He was hard before but now he was throbbing and he didn't care if they knew. They promised a good night and it was just a beginning with them making out. He watched as the two grinded into each other small moans leaving their mouths. Dean licked his dry lips. "Fuck that's hot," he said in a breathless whisper.

The girls heard him and smiled against their lips slightly turning their heads to look at him. "You wanna see something hotter?" asked Roxy and he nodded slowly.

She put her hands at the end of Kaylees shirt and slipped it over her head. Roxy leaned in kissing Kaylee again and her hand moved up her side and cupped her breast making Kaylee let out the tiniest moan. She placed her hand inside of Kaylees bra lifting her left breast out of it and taking it in her mouth.

Kaylee moaned and gasped feeling Roxy's tongue ring heightening the arousal in her acing core. The cold metal ball twisted around the hard nub then she licked it soothing the arousing nub.

Kaylee grabbed Roxy's shirt in her hands pulling it over her head and once it was to the floor Kaylee attacked her mouth with hers in a hungry kiss her hands landing on both breast as the two grinded into each other. Kaylees one hand moved to her skirt cupping her ass.

Roxy hissed feeling Kaylees nails digging into her so she bit Kaylees lip. The two continued to make out and then slowly let go of each other looking at Dean. Roxy motioned for him to come over with her finger.

With no hesitation Dean was off the bed in less than five seconds. Roxy was the first to standing in front of him. She pulled him down into a hot kiss, her tongue dominating his as her nails dug into the back of his neck. He moaned as their tongues wrestled around and he felt Kaylees lips on his neck.

"Now Dean," said Kaylee her hands dancing their way down his back, "we play fair and right now you're not being fair."

Roxy let go of his lips, both of them breathing heavily looking into each other's eyes and she shook her head. "You're not playing fair Dean and that's not very nice." She pouted then she grabbed the bulge in his pants making him groan and she put more pressure onto it. "You gonna play fair?" He nodded quickly and felt his shirt coming off.

"Now there's fair game," said Roxy her eyes wandering his toned but beautiful tan body.

"I told you," said Kaylee.

"Kaylee you talking about me?" asked Dean with a smirk as he crossed his arms across his chest causing his biceps to flex and both girls licked their lips. He grabbed her by her right hip pulling her to the one side of him. "What a bad little girl." He kissed her hard and she groaned into his mouth and let go.

"You going to punish me?" she asked with a naughty look on her face.

"I think you should," said Roxy now on the other side of him his right leg between hers. "She likes to be punished."

"Dominatrix," said Kaylee looking at Roxy who grinned at the name.

Roxy looked up at Dean. "I'll help you punish her. She needs a good punish, it's been a while."

Dean licked his lips looking at Roxy then at Kaylee. "We have all night to punish ladies."

The girls grinned both straddling his legs as they stood up against him. "Sounds good to us," said Kaylee.

Both girls leaned over to him and kissed his lips. Roxy nibbled on his lip making him open up a bit his tongue reaching theirs. He groaned as his hands groped both their asses hard.

"I want you two to kiss again," said Dean breathlessly.

"You like that?" asked Kaylee.

He nodded. "Yeah it's fucking sexy." The girls leaned towards each other kissing again and Dean smirked his hands running up their backs and into their hair pushing them closer.

Dean kneeled down unbuttoning Kaylees jeans and tugging them down. As he was doing this his other hand was running up and down Roxy's soft tender thigh. Roxy moaned a little as Dean's hand made its way up her thigh and rubbed her teasingly then gripped her underwear pulling it down leaving her in just her skirt and bra.

Dean groaned seeing the sight of her and she let go of Kaylee's lips and looked down at him. "See something you like?"

"Baby you have no idea." She laughed and pushed him down into a sitting position on the bed.

"Careful Roxy," said Kaylee smirking, "he likes lap dances."

Roxy grinned as she straddled his lap feeling the bulge in his jeans right underneath her tight center. She moved her hips up and down on him making him groan. His hands were on her hips as she continued to move against him feeling herself getting hot from this and his lips just looking so delicious. She crashed her lips hard onto his and he forced his tongue into her mouth his tongue battling with hers and her ring. She did this trick with her tongue and the ring causing Dean to moan into her mouth.

His hands reached around her back and unclasped her bra and pulled it off. His lips never left hers as his hands cupped her breast. She moaned into his lips and he opened his eyes when he felt another set of hands on his.

Kaylee and him locked eyes as she straddled his lap too sitting behind Roxy her hands now massaging Roxy's breast. Roxy turned her head and kissed Kaylee. Roxy's hips were still moving on Dean's lap and his hands were on her thighs holding her tightly on his lap. They moved up to her center and his thumb brushed against her clit.

She moaned and began to move harder against his hand.

She let go of Kaylee's lips and looked back at Dean. "I think I have something that will make things a lot more interesting." Roxy got off of Deans lap and walked over to her bag.

Kaylee, who was still sitting on Dean moved closer to him and kissed him.

Roxy pull something from her bag and cleared her throat. She was holding up a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs, "I think it's time to play," She said and walked back over to them.

Kaylee got off of Dean and pushed him hard onto the bed, "Relax baby...we won't bite...hard."

Dean moved up the bed as Roxy walked around and pulled his hand to her. She took one of his long fingers into her mouth and moaned.

Kaylee was working on removing Deans jeans as Roxy cuffed his hands together. "I think it's time to play don't you Dean?"

"Oh God yes!" he said and Roxy walked to the end of the bed where Kaylee was tossing Dean's boxers to the floor.

"I think someone has our attention don't you think so Roxy?" Kaylees asked as she licked her lip.

"I think he wants a little more."

They both knelt beside him and Roxy began to stroke him and Kaylee cupped his balls, "Oh shit…" Dean moaned as he threw his head back.

The two girls smiled at each other and Kaylee moved up the bed closer to Dean, "Tell us what you want baby."

Roxy was still stroking him as their eyes met, "I want her to suck my dick while you sit on my face. I want to taste you."

"Whatever you want." Kaylee said and straddled Dean's face.

Just as Dean licked Kaylee he moaned feeling Roxy's warm moist mouth take him in inch by inch. Kaylee moaned as Dean moved his head going deeper inside her with his tongue. She hung onto the headboard with her hands making it shake a little as Dean hit the right spot with his tongue.

Roxy let her tongue ring slide along the slit on Dean making him groan and shiver. She looked up watching Dean fuck Kaylee with his tongue and then took him deeper in her mouth as her ring and tongue slid down the underside of his shaft. She cupped his balls in her hand, massaging them with the right pressure as she continued to suck on him.

Dean moved his head away from Kaylee as Roxy's mouth distracted him with pleasure. He bit her inner thigh and groaned and she cried out from pain and pleasure.

"Shit," he said breathlessly and then moved back to Kaylee's womanhood.

As he licked and sucked on her clit his hips thrusted up into Roxy's mouth wanting to go deeper. She relaxed her throat letting him go down deeper. Her piercing teased the underside of his shaft causing him to groan into Kaylee.

He needed to hold onto something. With Roxy giving him head and Kaylee sitting on his face, it was torture not being able to do something with his hands. His hands still being cuffed he reached up behind him and grabbed a hold of Kaylees breast.

Kaylee moaned her nails digging into the headboard and her hips began to rock back and forth on his face.

"Oh shit…" she said tilting her head back. "Dean…fuck…don't stop!" A few more strokes with his experienced tongue and Kaylee was cumming. Dean licked it up with his tongue, sucking every bit of juice that slid down her thighs. She shivered as her body was coming down from the high.

Dean felt Roxy's experienced mouth leave his cock and he whimpered a bit. Kaylee got off of Dean and kissed him hard. The taste of herself on his lips was intoxicating.

Kaylee and Dean parted and looked over at Roxy. Kaylees eyes widened at the very familiar object, "Is that what I think it is?" She asked and walked over to Roxy.

"The one and Roth." She said and began to kiss Kaylee.

Dean was even more turned on that he had ever been but at the same time curious, "whoa...who is Coach Roth?" He asked causing them to part.

"This sexy football coach that was at our school." Roxy said and she brought the dildo to Kaylees mouth and she began to suck on it.

Roxy pushed the dildo into Kaylees mouth over and over as Dean watched, "Son of a bitch," he said and they turned their attention to him.

Roxy pulled it from Kaylees mouth and the both walked over to the bed and Kaylee uncuffed Dean, "Tell us what you want Dean."

As soon as he was free, he jerked both the girls to him ,"I am going to fuck you first while I watch you fuck her," Dean said as he jerked Kaylee closer and kissed her hard. Roxy stood behind her and smacked her ass as hard as she could causing Kaylee to moan into Deans mouth.

Roxy leaned her back against the headboard with her legs spread wide as she began to rub the dildo over her wet pussy. Kaylee crawled onto the bed and she was on all four, "I think that's my job" she said and she bit her lip, taking it from her hand.

Roxy bit her lip and smiled at Dean as Kaylee began to move it over her clit, "It feels so fucking good" she said and Dean couldn't take it anymore. He climbed behind Kaylee and smacked her ass hard, "Fuck her hard Dean," Roxy commanded, "make her cum again."

Kaylee looked over her shoulder and smiled at Dean as she inserted the dildo into Roxy just as Dean entered her, "Fuck...oh Dean fuck me faster!" Kaylee said and turned her attention back to Roxy's pussy.

She leaned forward and began to lick Roxy's clit and she pumped the dildo in and out, "Oh shit're still so fucking good at this," Roxy moaned out as he eyes met Deans.

He was so turned on by the sight he started fucking Kaylee as fast and hard as he could, "Scream for me baby," he grunted out and smacked her ass hard again, "Scream my fucking name!"

"Oh Dean...fuck my pussy deeper!" Kaylee screamed.

Roxy grabbed the back of Kaylees head and moved it back down, "Don't you fucking stop! Make me cum!" She said forcefully. Kaylee lapped at Roxy's clit as she pushed the dildo in deeper, "That's it baby...fuck me deep!"

Dean was doing all he could to hang on but the sight was almost too much for him. He gripped Kaylees hips and squeezed hard and he pumped in and out of her. She was so tight and wet.

Roxy gripped Kaylees hair and she felt herself about to cum, "That's it...oh shit...fuck!" She screamed and arched into Kaylees face as she came hard.

Once Roxy came down, Kaylee removed the dildo and brought it to her mouth, "Taste so fucking good," she said and Roxy moved and kissed Kaylee hard.

After Roxy released Kaylees mouth, Dean grabbed on to Kaylees shoulders and pulled her up onto her knees. He forcefully turned her face and kissed her. Dean could taste Roxy on her lips, "That was so damn hot...watching you eat her pussy," he grunted out as he began giving her slow, hard thrust.

Roxy got on her knee and pressed her body into Kaylees as Dean thrusted in and out, "You like his dick don't you?" She asked.

"Fuck.." gasp "yes!" Kaylee moaned out.

Roxy's eye met Deans as she began to slowly run her hand down Kaylees sweaty body, "Rub her clit...make her cum on my dick!" Dean commanded as he felt his ball tighten ready to cum any minute.

As Dean started to thrust harder and faster, Roxy grabbed Kaylees face with her other hand as the other pinched her clit causing Kaylee to moan loudly, "Is that what you want Kaylee? Do you want to fucking cum?"

"Yes...please!...Make me cum hard," Kaylee begged as she reached around and grabbed onto the back of Deans neck.

Roxy circled Kaylees clit as Dean thrusted into her. He reached around and pulled Roxy closer to him and captured her mouth with his.

The sight of them was enough to push Kaylee over the edge, "Holy fuck!" She screamed.

Dean felt her pussy tighten around him and he couldn't hold on any longer. He pulled back from Roxy's lips and squeezed his eyes shut as he came deep inside Kaylee.

Dean eased out of Kaylee and kissed her shoulder before rolling onto his back, "Good God that was fucking amazing," be breathed out.

Roxy crawled over to him and ran her tongue ring over his bottom lip, "We aren't near done with you baby." She sat back up and looked at Kaylee, "Looks like we are going to have to have our own fun for now."

Dean watched as Roxy kissed her way down Kaylee's neck and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready for round two. Kaylee looked over at him and moaned as Roxy took one of her breast into her mouth. Dean couldn't stand it any longer. He had to touch them.

He climbed off the bed and walked around to the other side of the bed. He pushed them on to their backs and they willingly spread their legs wide for him. They both gasp as they felt his fingers enter them, "Fuck…" Roxy moaned out loud and Dean replaced one finger with two.

Kaylee moved back from Dean and grabbed his hand. She licked her juices from his fingers and climbed off the bed, "I think it's time to play with Roxy a little more." She said and grabbed the cuffs, "Get on your knees and face the headboard." Kaylee told her.

Roxy did as she was told and Kaylee walked to the top of the bed and cuffed Roxy to the headboard, "Am I going to be punished?" she asked and looked back at Dean.

"Oh I think you need it." He said and grabbed his jeans from the floor and pulling out his belt. He folded it together and slapped it across her ass. He moaned at the pain and pleasure and knew she would have a mark but she didn't care, "You like that Roxy?" he asked as he did it again.

"Oh God yes!" she seethed out.

Kaylee dropped to her knees and began to stoke Dean as she licked his tip. He grabbed the back her head and forced her to take him in her mouth.

He ran his hand over Roxy's red ass. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as Kaylee cupped his ball. These girls were going to kill him before the night was over.

Kaylee released him from her mouth and stood up, "I want you to lick her pussy Dean." She said and pushed him onto the bed.

He moved his head between Roxy's legs and began to lick her dripping wet center. As he fucked her with his tongue, she pulled on the cuff as hard it was cutting into her wrist.

Kaylee watched with a smile as Dean worked his magic on Roxy. She picked up the belt and slapped Roxy with it again as Dean continued to suck on Roxy's clit, "Damn this is hot" she said and moved to Roxy's face and grabbed it, "Want him to fuck you now?"

"God...please!" Roxy begged.

Kaylee uncuffed her as Dean moved from under hear and flipped her on her back. Dean took her all in at once shoving his full length into her. She moaned loudly wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled her right leg over his shoulder as he went deeper inside her. He thrusted in and out of her harder and faster.

Kaylee bent down and kissed Roxy on the lips hard. "You like that? You like what he does to you? You like the feel of his hard cock throbbing in and out of your tight wet pussy?"

Roxy arched into Dean his arms wrapping tightly around her. "Oh…God…Yes!"

Kaylee kissed Dean hard. "Fuck her hard Dean. She likes it rough!"

Dean took her leg off his shoulder and pulled her onto his lap thrusting deeper into her. He took her mouth into his, his tongue fucking her mouth at the same speed as his dick fucked her pussy.

Kaylee was leaving soft kisses on Roxy's back as her hands ran up her sides teasing her breast.

"Oh…shit," breathed Dean feeling his balls tightening. "Cum hard on my cock!" He commanded. "You're so fucking wet…want you to soak my cock up good baby!"

She tilted her head back and cried out. He was close and Roxy grinded down onto him hard and he groaned grabbing her face and kissing her hard. Kaylee was nipping and biting at Roxy's neck and her hands were massaging her breast, pulling and twisting at her nipples making Roxy moan.

"Dean…oh God…don't stop…"

A few more thrust and Roxy felt her climax hit her hard. She screamed his name and as she tightened even more around him through her aftershocks Dean came deep inside her.

The three of them were breathing heavy and Dean rested his forehead against Roxy's shoulder catching his breath.

"Geez ladies…I was pretty sure…you were gonna kill me."

He heard them laugh and he smirked lifting his head and looking at the two of them. Roxy continued to sit on his lap as Kaylee kneeled next to her and they kissed his neck slowly and passionately. He closed his eyes as they took care of him.

A few minute later Dean was laying between Roxy and Kaylee. The both of them laying halfway on his chest while his arms were around them. He was staring at the ceiling with a satisfied smirk on his lips.

Roxy moved a little on his chest and moaned a little in her sleep making him arch an eyebrow and then heard Kaylee do the same thing.

"Huh, you girls are close," he said looking between them and then laid his head back on the pillow. He closed his eyes images of the night passing by and giving him satisfaction. The girls had taken care of him as much as he had taken care of them. Each one having a turn and in different ways and forms.

A confident smile broke out on his lips thinking how lucky he was to be in between two hot young women and wondered to himself what tomorrow morning would bring to him and the ladies.