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Holly was covered in the covers on the bed when Dean came back in the room with camera in hand. She turned her head slightly, "Oh, Dean," she whined, "No!" She pulled the covers over her head hearing him laugh. "What are you doing with the camera?"

"Oh...nothing," he had a dirty grin displaying on his lips.

She took the covers off her head but only displaying her eyes.

"Hey, gorgeous eyes..."

"Dean seriously, what are you doing?"

He was now sitting on his knees next to her. "Let's just say I want to record our love."

"No!" She put the covers back over her head. She felt a blush appearing on her face. "Put the camera away you perv!"

"Come on baby I want to do it with the camera. It'll be hot. Plus I'll have something to watch when I'm away from home."

"Do I look like Paris Hilton?"

"Mmm...no you're sexier. Come on baby show my some skin."

Holly had a grin spread across her face and bit her lip as she tugged the cover down her head. She noticed the grin on his face and pulled the cover down a little and that's when he noticed she was wearing his favorite matching bra & panties. Dean licked his lips at the sight of her and still couldn't believe she was his forever.

She threw the covers back over her. "I can't do this!"

"Yes you can baby."

"No I can't. The camera's too distracting."

He chuckled and got off the bed. She thought he was putting it away but all he did was set it on the dresser next to the bed at the right angle where it was facing the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"Five minutes," he climbed on the bed and she shook her head.

"I can't do it."

He straddled her legs and grinned at her. "Five minutes and I'll keep you distracted."


Dean shushed her with his lips and continued to kiss her as he pushed her down. He took the covers off of her and proceeded to make her squirm under his touch. Even after five years of marriage he still knew how to make her squirm and he planned on doing that all night.

He leaned up as took his shirt off. He lay beside her on his side and smiled over at the camera, "Dean, do we really have to do this? Holly asked as she was lying in front of the camera in nothing but her bra and panties.

Dean leaned in and began kissing her neck and he ran his hand down her slim body, "Don't worry baby. You wont even know its there I promise." Holly just closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her neck. His fingers danced along the top of her panties and she lifted her hip slightly off the bed, "Do you want my fingers deep inside you?"

Holly's eyes snapped open and she looked over at him, "What?" She asked. Talking wasn't something they normally did.

"Play along with me." he said and began to bite on her earlobe. He slipped his hand inside her panties and moved it across her clit causing her to let out a soft moan, "Do you want my fingers inside you Holly?" All she did was nod as she bit on her bottom lip, "I want to hear you say it."

"Y….yes." Dean slid his finger lower until he reached her hot, wet center. Slowly he slipped a single finger inside her, "Dean..." she moaned out and Dean smiled over at the camera.

"You like that don't you?" Dean said as she added another finger as his be began to move them in and out ever so slowly, teasing her, "Tell me how much you like it."

"I love it so much Dean." She breathed out as her hip began to move against him hand. Dean knew she was getting close but he didn't want her to cum yet. He had plans for her tonight and wanted to make the most of their video time.

Dean removed his hand, climbed off the bed, and walked over to the dresser, "What are you doing now?" Holly wined at him with disappointment in her voice.

"We still have three minutes baby and I want to make the most of it." He said picking up the camera and pointing it at her, "I want to watch you finger fuck yourself. I want you to make yourself cum while I watch you."

"What?" Holly said as she sat up in the bed and looked over at him. This was definitely something that was new for her, "Dean I don't know about this." She said as she began to blush.

"Just close your eyes," he said softly, "it's just me and you. No one will ever know."

Holly took in a deep breath and looked at Dean. He had planned this weekend so the least she could do was give him something in return. She got up on her knees and faced Dean. She smiled at him before retching around her back and unclasping her bar. She took it off and tossed it over to him, "Is this what you want Dean?"

"Oh god yes. You are so fucking hot baby."

Holly pushed her panties down her legs and lay back on the bed. She flicked them over to Dean with her foot. As she lay on the bed with her knees together, she began to get even more nervous. She was a mother for crying out loud. She should not be doing this kind of thing, "Spread you legs for me. I want to see all of you."

"But Dean I…"

"Just touch yourself in the same way you wanted me to touch you," he said huskily. "Pretend that it is me making you feel good."

She took another breath and let her hands travel down her naked body. Holly slowly spread her legs open and she heard Dean moan. Sliding her left hand farther down, she found her clit and began to circle it. Holly let out a low moan as she continued to played with herself. "How does it feel?" Dean asked in a low deep voice.

"It feels….it feels so good" she moaned, moving her hips against her hand.

"I want you to tell me how good it feels. This is so fucking sexy baby." Dean felt his cock twitch inside his boxers. He wanted to touch her so bad. He could see her wetness through the camera and it made him want to be buried deep inside her.

"It feels so good. I wish it was you touching me right now." she groaned as she slid one finger into herself. "Oh….god. I wish I had your fingers inside me."

Holly opened her eyes as she heard Dean let out a groan and found him staring at her, "I am going to fuck you so good you don't even know." He said and reached down and rubbed his hand over the front of his boxers. He wanted her so bad it hurt, "Make yourself cum for me Holly. I want to see you cum." He ordered.

Holly began to thrust her fingers in and out frantically, "Dean…Dean…I'm..." she threw her head back on the bed and cried out his name as she felt herself tighten around her fingers and she came.

Dean placed the camera back onto the dresser and left it pointing at her as he walked over to the bed then knelt beside her, "That made me so hard." He said taking her fingers into his mouth, "Mmmm, you taste so good."

"That was…intense." She said and smiled at him.

"We're not done," came a reply, accompanied by the mischievous smile she had grown to love for everything it could, and usually did lead to. "Get on your knees and turn around."

Once on her knees, Dean pushed her forward and her hands landed on the footboard. Holly looked over her shoulder and smiled as she watched Dean remove his boxers. She licked her lips at the sight of him and his perfect body.

He began to stoke himself as he climbed behind her, "You ready baby? I want you to scream my name."

Holly swallowed and figured after what she just did she better just go all out, "Then…then you better fuck me hard." She said and couldn't believe that just came from her mouth. Dean had never been so turned on. He sat on his knees and positioned himself at her hot, wet center and pushed himself in slowly, "Oh…Dean!" Holly cried out at the feeling of him inside her.

He gripped her hipped had as he filled her completely, "Shit baby." He grunted out, feeling how tight she was.

Dean eased out slow began thrusting back into her hard, causing Holly to throw her head back as she gripped the footboard as hard as she could. He leaned forward, placing his hands on top of hers and held them tightly, "Is this what you wanted?" he breathed into her ear.

"Yes…yes!" she screamed.

"Tell me you want it Holly." Dean's thrust became harder and quicker, "Tell me you want me to make you cum."

"I want you… to make… me cum Dean." Holly was finding harder and harder to breath.

Dean leaned back up as he held onto her hips once more. He fingers were digging into her as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock, "You are going to cum for me aren't you baby? Shit you are so fucking sexy." He grunted out as she thrusted into her wet heat harder.

"Dean…I'm going to cum…Oh God!" She yelled out as she felt another climax take over her body, causing her to grip the footboard so hard her knuckles began to turn white.

As Holly came down from her high, Dean pulled out of her and Holly looked over her should and smiled at him, biting on her bottom lip, "Oh baby don't think I am done with you yet." Dean said and pulled her up to him and into a deep kiss. He pushed her onto her back and spread her legs wide, "I haven't tasted you yet." He said and moved his head down to her throbbing clit and flicked his tongue over it.

"Fuck!" Holly gasps as she arched off the bed and closer to his face.

"You taste so damn good." He said as he licked her wet slit up and down. Holly began to thrust up into his face, loving the way this man of her worked his tongue.

"Dean…please…" Dean could tell she was close again but he wanted her to cum with him this time.

He sat up and laid over her. Dean groaned as he felt Holly grab his hard cock and guide it into her. He pushed himself inside and groaned when he was fully inside her once again. Dean withdrew himself form her and thrust back in hard, causing the both to gasp and moan out each others names. Dean picked up the pace as he felt his climax approaching "Oh yes, oh Dean!" Holly moaned, gripping onto him tighter.

"Cum with me Holly!" Dean ordered.

"I want you to come deep inside me Dean."

That was all it took as Dean let the pleasure rip through his body as he filled her. Holly was digging her nails into his back as she felt the warmth inside her and she came once again.

Dean eased out of her for the last time when they both came down from their highs and they kissed each other passionately, "Happy Anniversary Holly."

"Happy Anniversary Dean." She said and something caught her eye. She turned her head and saw a red blinking light on the camera, "Dean Winchester!"

"What?" he asked innocently.

"That was a lot longer than five minute." She said.

"Oh baby that top can take up to four hour and I am just getting started." He said and kissed her again. If the next five years was anything like the past, he was going to be one happy man.

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