Chapter Five: Dean's Secretary
By: Gumby Girl
Authors Note:
I had gotten the idea for this from DeansFallenAngels36 chapter on From Hell With Love and just had to write it. Hope you all enjoy and please review. I love me some Dean Smut :) Who doesn't?


Dean couldn't place it. Was it the knowledge she had about the cars? Or was it her hazel eyes that felt like was staring into his soul? Was it the way she put her hair up in a pony tail when it got hot in the office or the way she cooled herself down with a damp rag by patting her chest and neck with it while going through the files? Or was it when she wore those short little dresses or skirts in here and she bent over at the filing cabinet and that perfect round ass was screaming spank me Mr. Winchester I've been a naughty girl? All these questions and no answers but one thing was for sure…Dean was attracted to his secretary. Something about his young secretary got him hard every day she came into work, even the first day he hired her. At first Dean wasn't so keen at the idea of hiring a woman working at the auto shop with a bunch of horny men but she made it clear that she could stand up for herself the night the one mechanic was hitting on her and telling her he's been to the island in Hawaii called 'Iwannalaya' and she threatened to shove her 8 inch heel up his ass. After that incident all the men stayed clear of the auburn beauty unless they needed something filed or they needed to make an appointment with Dean.

"Scarlett!" yelled Dean.

"Yes Mr. Winchester?" she called out.

Did he mention he loved the sound of her voice? It was like silk to his ears and the way she said Mr. Winchester sent shivers throughout his body and end up straight in his groin.

"Did the lease on the new BMW come in yet?"

"Checking your mail right now sir."

Sir. She was the only woman in the world that could make 'sir' sound sexy and innocent at the same time.

"If it's in could you please put it on my desk?"

"Yes sir."

Another chill. Damn this woman could make him sweat but he never let it show to anyone.

He heard her chair move across the floor and heard her pumps walking across the floor. Click. Click. Click. Click. He glanced up at his door from the notepad he's been staring at for what seemed like hours and saw her standing by her and his mailbox. She grabbed his first and read through the mail. He watched her go through it quickly and tuck some hair behind her ear showing off those beautiful black diamond studs that made her ears just look even as sexy as her body. She was wearing that dark gray mini dress again that swayed with her body when she walked and was low enough so when she bent down there was cleavage showing.

Dean swallowed hard and looked back down at his notepad jotting a few things down when he heard her pumps getting closer to him. Click. Click. Click.

God did he love the sounds of those pumps.

Dean glanced up as he heard his office door close and thoughts popped into his head of what he could do to her with the office door closed. She smiled at him as she walked around his desk.

"The lease is in, so is a postcard from your brother you should really write him and not me this time Mr. Winchester. I'm pretty sure he knows it's not you."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because in the postcard it states and I quote 'Dean quit being a lazy ass and making that beautiful secretary of yours write your letters for you and write me back…P.S. Nancy says hi.'"

Dean smirked as he took the postcard from her hand and smiled at it, "Gotta love my kid brother."

"Who's Nancy?"

"Oh, uh, some girl he met in California. They hit it off pretty well…what's next?"

"Checks came in; just need you to sign them so I can ship them off with the next mail delivery."

"Great," he mumbled as she placed them next to him, "Let's get the lease signed quickly so we can hand it off to the boys downstairs."

"No problem," Dean's arm hit her bare thigh and bit his lip at how soft it was. She didn't even seem to notice as she bent forward with the lease in her hands tucking her hair on the other side of her neck giving him a view of her beautiful neck and gorgeous breast. He watched her lick her lips, "Just need your signature here and," she moved closer, "here…Mr. Winchester."

She must know what that 'Mr. Winchester' crap does to him. Makes him irritably hard where he just wants to shove everything off the desk and fuck her senseless up against it. The thought of that made him harder and he pushed in more under his desk.

Dean took the pen and signed and she smiled at him, "Thank you."

She grabbed the papers and walked around the desk, "Call me when the checks are signed." She continued walking and he heard her curse under her breath. He looked up and noticed the lease and a few other papers had fallen towards the floor.

Oh no.

Dean watched her get down on her knees and fix her dress in the back so it wasn't riding when she leaned over and grabbed the papers.

"Uh, let me help you," Dean said as he got up from the desk quickly and walk over to help her. He kneeled in front of her and she just smiled up at him as he helped her with the papers. She moved her head a little and he felt her breath on his neck. He swallowed hard and looked at her as he gathered the papers up.

Scarlett felt his eyes on her and she turned head slightly to look at him. Their eyes locked and Dean couldn't help his gut feeling and moved forward and kissed her. He dropped the papers and cupped her face in his hands. She moaned placing her hands on his shoulders.

Dean realized what he was doing and stopped kissing, "I'm sorry Scarlett." And looked at her surprised face. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that I'm just not feeling like myself today and my mind is just going in circles." He handed her the papers and the two got up off the floor.

"It's ok Mr. Winchester," she said, "It's alright." There she went with that Mr. Winchester crap again that made him harder. "I'm just going to take these down to the guys."

Dean nodded and she walked past him to the door. Dean looked behind him and stared at her ass. Damn you Winchester. Way to go!

Click. Click. Click.

Those pumps were driving him crazy. That dress was making him hard. Her voice was sending chills. He just had to have her.

"Hey, Scarlett could you come in here please?"

Click. Click. Click.

"Yes Mr. Winchester?" She was standing there looking sexy as anything and Dean had to calm himself down.

"Come in and close the door."

She nodded and bit her bottom lip as she closed it. Dean put his elbows on his desk and watched her take a seat in one of the chairs. She sat with her hands on her lap and her legs together.

"Is something wrong? Is it about earlier today? Again I am so…"

"No don't apologize it was my fault. I shouldn't have…that's why I called you in here," he ran a hand through his hair and looked at her, "You're a great girl Scarlett and I don't want you thinking that I have you here as eye candy. You do everything right. Have my coffee nice and hot and ready for me when I come in, in the morning and you lock up right after I leave. You're really one of a kind and I want to apologize for me lunging at you like I did."

Scarlett just gave him a smile as she crossed her legs her dress rising, "It's alright Mr. Winchester I am after all here to please you, business or…anything else?"

My God, did I hire a seductress and not even know it?

Dean swallowed hard his eyes quickly glancing at her legs then her eyes. Dean couldn't help but smile and shake off what she said with laughter as he leaned back in his chair. "Well, now that that's all out of the way…why don't you head out early? It's a Friday you probably have a date tonight or have your boyfriend waiting at home?"

She laughed making him glance up as she got out of the chair, "Mr. Winchester you know as well as I do I'm single."

"Well you're going to make one man very happy one day Scarlett."

"Maybe…" He watched her slowly walk around his desk, her fingers skimming across it, "Maybe I already found someone I like to please."

"And who is this lucky guy?" Dean smirked as she stood in front of him and sat slightly on his desk crossing her legs. Dean's heart was pounding against his chest as she leaned forward placing her hand on his chest and running it up to his shoulder, "Mr. Winchester the only man I like to please is you."

"Scarlett, sweetheart you don't know what you are getting yourself into," he said breathless eyeing up her legs. She leaned back on the desk and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Maybe I do." She licked her lips and Dean watched as she uncross her legs slowly glimpsing at her black panties and smirking before she crossed her legs again, "But I only live to please you Mr. Winchester and nobody else."

"You're a little temptress aren't you?"

She bit her bottom lip as he rolled his way to her where she sat on the desk. Dean ran his hands up her soft skin like he always imagined he would do and separated them placing them placing them on either side of him. He wanted this legs wrapped around him. His hands ran up her thighs and she shivered.

"I'm wondering Scarlett now…do you where your little dresses for me? To temp me?"

He watched a slow smile spread across her face, "I thought it was obvious Mr. Winchester, since day one during my interview that you were all I wanted."

Dean smirked bringing his lips to her inner thigh. She shivered feeling his stubble against her skin. She ran her hands through his spiked hair. He stayed far from where she wanted him, wanting to tease her some more.

"Mr. Winchester," she breathed out and that made his blood pump harder. Hearing her breath out his Mr. Winchester in need sent a bolt of pleasure through him.

Dean sat straight up his hands moving up her thighs and tracing over her ass pushing the dress up. His hands found her panties and pulled them down her legs softly and over her pumps. He tossed them to the side and pushed her onto his lap. Her arms rested over his shoulders and over the head of the chair.

"Mr. Winchester," she said breathlessly again as she licked her lips, "I've been thinking about that kiss all day." She bit her bottom lip lightly letting it pull slowly from her teeth as she looked down at his lips, "How it was able to send a wave of electricity throughout my body," she moved against the bulge in his pants, "my lips were tingling all day…" she moved closer to his lips staring into his eyes now, "and not just the ones you kissed."

Dean's breath hitched as she kissed him. Her lips parted giving him access to her mouth and he ran his hands through her auburn hair. She moaned letting him take what he wanted from her. His hands moved from her hair to her dress pushing it down more so it was giving him access to her breast that jumped free from it sitting nice and nestled in her black strapless bra. He cupped them in his hands and she moaned loudly this time. His lips left hers and moved down her neck leaving hot wet kisses and she closed her eyes in pleasure, "Mr. Winchester…"

"Oh…Scarlett do you know what that Mr. Winchester stuff does to me?" He moved his hips against hers and she moaned holding onto the back of his head as he continued to assault her neck and down to her breast licking the top of them making her shiver in anticipation.

"Mr. Winchester…please…"

"Please what Scarlett?" As he felt her hands unbuttoning each button on his black shirt revealing his toned tanned chest. She moaned feeling his muscles bulging out into her small soft hands.

"Mr. Winchester…oh…wow," she breathed out feeling his hands abdomen.

Their lips connected again in a heated kiss as she worked on his belt and pants. When she was able to release him she let go of his lips and looked down. Her eyes widened slightly, "Oh my God…"

Dean grinned, "That's how much I need you baby."

She looked up at him, "You must need me…a lot."

"You have no fucking clue," he picked her up off his lap and placed her on the desk. She wrapped her legs around him, "Since the first fucking day I hired you, I've wanted to fuck you."

"Oh Mr. Winchester," she begged rubbing herself against his straining cock, "Please…"

Dean smiled, "Please what Scarlett? Words have power sweetheart," he ran his hand through her hair brushing it out of the way so he could stare into her eyes.

"Mr. Winchester I want to please you in every way I can. It's my job after all." She smiled up at him. He pushed her dress up her waist and brought her hips to his dropping his pants to the ground leaving him only in the unbuttoned black shirt. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her pumps digging into the back of him. She lowered them and dug the heels into his ass.

He groaned and entered her. She moaned closing her eyes and tilting her head back. He felt so good inside her. Their rhythm started slow at her their breathing shallow and low. Scarlett's hands were on the desk behind her holding herself up.

"Faster Mr. Winchester," she moaned, "Oh Mr. Winchester…deeper…"

Dean grabbed her hips angling them higher. Her hands moved behind her causing the one to hit the speaker button for the warehouse. Their breathing and moans echoed throughout the empty warehouse.

"Mr. Winchester! Oh God!" She screamed feeling an orgasm about to abrupt within her. The way Dean was moving her, her breast started to fall out of her bra. Her breathing became heavier as he moved faster within her pounding her hard.

"Mr. Winchester!" she screamed as her orgasm ran through her. "Oh my God!...oh…oh…" She moaned as he helped her through it. Her breathing slowed down as her orgasm spiraled down from her. She licked her dry lips as he pulled out of her and stood her up.

He turned her around and placed her against his desk. She looked over her shoulder as she backed into him and he moaned. He placed a hand on her hip and spread her legs with his knee. He left small kisses on her neck as he bent her slightly over the raising her ass high for him. His one hand teased her slit with his fingers causing her to whimper.

"You like that Scarlett?" she nodded and he shook his head as he smacked her ass and she moaned biting her lip, "I asked if you liked it Scarlett?"

"Yes Mr. Winchester! Oh God yes Mr. Winchester…please more!"

Dean placed himself at her soaked entrance and pushed himself in. He closed his eyes feeling the warmth of her surrounding him and started to pull out slowly then push back in. He hear her moan softly and then pounded into her harder next time. She gasped bracing herself on the desk.

His one hand left her hip and began playing with her clit as he continued to pound into her deeper and harder getting close to his climax. "Cum with me Scarlett!" He moaned and grabbed a fist full of hair. She gasped and his mouth was on the side of her neck biting and licking. She was backing up into him and then into his hand feeling both pleasure.

"Mr. Winchester…I'm close…so close…"

She closed her eyes concentrating on the feeling of pleasure rising within her that her boss was giving her. She continued to back into him wanting him to feel the same. Both of his hands left her clit and hair and grabbed her hips and she knew he was close. She continued backing up.

"Mmm…Scarlett! Yeah…keep doing that! Oh shit…"

She smiled to herself hearing his pleas of pleasure and continued what she was doing until she felt her climax approach again and her hands went into fist, her knuckles turning white as she came onto his cock once more and felt him cumming inside her. She cried out in pleasure as did he and pumped the rest of himself inside her until he had nothing left.

Dean wrapped his one arm around her waist and rested his head on her back as he placed gentle kisses on her glistening skin. She ran a hand through his hand and closed her eyes.

"Why Mr. Winchester," she giggled making him smile against her skin, "I do believe I have to clean your office now."

Dean looked at his desk where the speaker button was still on, his pens and pencils placed everywhere, his papers falling of the desk or already on the floor, his mouse to his computer dangling of the desk and hitting the side every so often and the keyboard flipped over. He grinned as he pulled himself out of her and turned her around. He pushed some hair from her forehead and kissed her swollen red lips.

"Leave it for Monday. I expect you here bright and early Scarlett...wearing another dress I am hoping."

She grinned looking up at him, "Anything for you Mr. Winchester."