Payback's a Bitch!

By: Dean'sFallenAngel36

It's was a quarter past midnight and Margaret had been planning her revenge for over a week now. She had watched every move he made and she knew tonight was the night she was be getting a little payback.

Just as planned, she watched Sam walked out of the motel room and drive away in the black impala. She smiled to herself as she walked across the dark parking lot. She walked up to room 102 and took a deep breath. This was surely going to be a very interesting night for both her and Dean Winchester.

Dean was lying on his bed when he heard a loud sound that caused him to wake up. When he opened his eyes, he saw nothing but darkness. When he went to move his hands, he soon realized that he somehow had been tied to the headboard and was unable to move, "What the hell?" he said as he tugged on the ropes, "Sammy?" he called out and all he heard was a small laugh coming from the other side of the room.

"Sorry baby but Sammy is not here right now."

Dean knew that voice all too well, "Margaret? What the hell are you doing here?"

Margaret was sitting in the chair across the room in nothing but a black and red matching bar and panty set, "Lets just say I came by for a little payback." She said and got out of the chair and walked over to him, "Someone has been a very bad boy and well I think it is my time to have a little fun with you Dean."

"Damn it Margaret just untie me and I will give you what you want." Dean said as he tried harder and harder to free his hands.

"Sorry baby but you aren't getting out anytime soon. It's just you and me here tonight." Margaret walked over to Dean who was lying in nothing but his boxers and she bit her lip at the sight of his toned, sexy body. She leaned down close to his ear and whispered, "Don't worry Dean, I plan on making us both feel oh so good but first you have to play by my rules this time."

Dean felt his cock begin to twitch at her seductive words but he was never one to just give in so easily, "I don't play by anyone's rule but mine sweetheart and you should know that by now."

"Oh…. a tough guy. Well Dean, we will see about that. I think I know a few buttons to push to make you beg for me for more." Margaret reached behind his head and undid the blind fold and when Dean looked over at her, is mouth dropped. There she stood in nothing but her underwear and all he wanted to do was reach out and touch her, "You know Dean, I have been dreaming of you just like this for awhile now. All helpless, wanting, aching with my name on your lips," she said as she tenderly caressed his cheek.

She leaned over and ran her tongue over his nipple. His sharp intake of breath let her know how badly he wanted her. Margaret just smiled and moved up his body to his neck and began sucking, marking him as hers.

"You know all you have to do is untie me and I will fuck you senseless baby." Dean said and looked at her.

"Now that wouldn't be much fun now would it? Like I said before, this is payback Dean." Margaret walked away from the bed and over to her bag. She made sure to stick her ass high in the air to give him the perfect view. She pulled out a bottle up Jake Daniels and a red candle. She looked over at Dean and she took a swing of the liquor. She wanted him to want her, need her with everything he had.

She approached the bed once again and sat the bottle and candle next on the side table and leaned down, kissing him deeply, their tongues battling for control. Dean could taste the whiskey on her tongue and wanted her that much more.

Margaret pulled away and wiped her lips, "How does that taste Dean?" she asked as she lit the candle.

"So fucking good!"

"I thought you would like it."

As Dean began to start to struggle against the bindings, Margaret just chuckled, "Baby, you're not going anywhere until I'm good and ready."

She grabbed the bottle and kneeled on the bed. Dean watched as she straddled his lap and he felt the warmth between her legs that made is cock harden even more.

Margaret looked him in the eye before pouring a small amount of the liquor over his chest. She then leaning forward and licked every drop from his hard abs. She felt her nipples straining against lace but she had to stay in control. Dean let out a small moan as her tongue ran across his skin.

Margaret loved having him underneath her. She took one more swig before moving in to kiss him yet again, gently biting on his bottom lip, "You want something tastier for that mouth?"

"Fuck yes baby," he whispered, voice rough with need. It was so hard for her to keep teasing him when her own need is threatening to overcome her.

Margaret reached around and unclasped her bra and slowly removed it, teasingly showing him one breast at a time. Her fingers slowly caressing each nipple, pinching them as she slid her hips back until his straining hard-on pushed against her soaking wet panties. She leaned her head back as she poured the whiskey down her chest. She leaned forward and Dean saw the a single drop clinging to her left nipple and it didn't take long before he leaned up as far as he could and took it into his mouth, biting down hard, "Oh shit!" Margaret screamed, "Oh baby you know how I like it rough." She said pulling away from him.

Dean just smiled, "When you untie me, you are going to get it. I am going to fucking rip you wide open when I fuck your pussy."

"Promises, Promises." She smiled and sat upright. With his cock between her legs, she began to grind against him, making sure that he can feel the heat of her desire.

Margaret's hands slid down across her stomach, causing Dean to moan at the sight, "Oh God you're gonna fucking kill me."

"I think you can handle it" Margaret reached inside her panties and started to work her clit, "Oh god" she moaned as she rotated her hips, her juices soaking though her panties onto him, "Fuck…Dean I'm gonna cum!" She moved her hand faster over her clit as Dean arched off the bed, rubbing his dick against her pussy. He watched as she came and knew he had to get out of these ropes.

His eyes were glued to her as she brought her fingers up to his lips and he slowly licked them clean. Dean fought harder against the restraints. The tension in his body combined with the look of exquisite pain on his face is driving her absolutely wild.

"Damn it Margaret! I can't wait any longer. I want to taste more."

Margaret climbed off of him and walked up to him. She then leaned into his ear, "Not yet baby. This is my party. I get what I want and you better remember that."

Dean was so hard that his cock had found its way out of his boxers, "I think I have someone's attention." She said just before she leaned down and wrapped her lips around him,working her way down his hard shaft, swallowing him inch by inch.

Margaret took her time torturing his sweet cock, enjoying the taste and texture while Dean's hips pushed up deeper and deeper into her mouth. "Fuck…Margaret! Suck my dick baby!" he moaned and she could tell he was getting close.

She started bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. Dean wanted so bad to grab her hair and force his cock deeper but he couldn't. He knew she was in control tonight. With a few more sucks and licks, Dean came deep inside her mouth and Margaret swallowed every bit he gave her.

She pulled away from him and ran her finger over her mouth, "Tasty" she smirked.

Dean was still trying to catch his breath as he looked at her, "Damn baby you are so good at that."

"I aim to please Dean but I hope you aren't done yet."

"I am going to fuck you all night one I get out of these ropes. Why don't you untie me?"

"Not yet baby."

Dean started to argue, but his words quickly turn to groans when she grabbed the candle and pour the building wax over his nipples, "Oh fuck!"

"You like that baby?" she asked him, "Mmmm I think you like the pain. It makes you hard doesn't it?" Once the wax dried, she moved her finger lightly over it, "Seeing you like this turns me on Dean." Just then she twisted his left nipple, causing him to arch off the bed.

"Shit!" he cursed and Margaret just smiled. Enough was enough. She couldn't take it anymore and she reached up and released Dean's wrist.

As soon as he was free, Dean wrapped his arms around her and flipped her onto the mattress, "My turn to have a little fun."

"I think you should just shut up and fuck me now." She told him. "I want you inside me right now!"

"Oh no baby. It's not that easy." Dean said and grabbed her wrist, tying them above her head. "You think its fun toy with me huh? Let's see how you like it." He said and made his way down her body. He ripped off her panties and tossed them aside.

Dean spread her legs open and pressed a kiss to her inner thigh as he mad his was up to the the small nub of pleasure before sucking deeply, making Margaret cry out. He slid two fingers inside of her, pumping them and her entire body began to shake. When his tongue started licking on her clit faster, she was finding harder and harder to hang on "Oh God! Oh God! Dean!"

Dean stopped mid orgasm and looked up at her, " What? Dean! Please!"

"Please what?"

"Please don't stop! I want to come!" she begged. "Please make me come!"

"I would love to." Dean made his way up her body and without another word he pushed into her, sinking deeply inside as he leaned forward, his hands resting on either side of her face. He began to move with hard, deep thrusts of his hips. .. He moved faster and faster. She bit down on her lower lip, her hands clutching tightly at the rope above her head. His arms began to shake as he got closer and closer to his own release.

Dean pumped into her again and again, and then he felt her clinched around him, "Oh Fuck! Dean!" she screamed as her heels dug into his back. Her hips thrust upward and locked as she screamed though her orgasm. Her inner muscles clamping tighter around him like a vise. With one final deep thrust, Dean growled as he came deep inside her. His arms collapsed beneath him but he managed to catch himself and roll over beside her.

They both laid there for what seemed like an hour. Who knew payback could be so sweet.

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