Die Demon.

Was written in bright scarlet letters across her front door in blood. Cat blood. She stared at the small kitten hanging under the words by a kunai in it's lower side, the wound was clean, trapping the kitten to her door without cutting it in half. She stared at it blankly as she felt the prickle of tears sting her eyes and blinked a few times as she stared at the small animal that she had been planning to bring home with her and keep.

The wound was made in the lower region of it's body to inflict the most pain, meaning that it had suffered greatly and had probably just died. It was sickening how cruel the people of the village could be. They could have killed it faster instead of letting it hang here on her door crying in pain until it had died, but that would'nt have sent the right message to her. And would have been too easy. 'And we can't have the little demon dying easily, can we boys' a mocking voice she had once heard sounded in her mind. As fresh and clear as if he and his buddies had been seen and heard yesterday.

She gnashed her teeth as she reached up with both hands, dropping her school bag as she used one hand to support the lower body while she gripped the kunai in her other hand. Once she took care of it, and saw to her babies she would hunt down the sick fuckers who had killed the innocent animal just because she had dared to want to save it, and give it a home. She removed the blade from the kitten and caught it in her hand and cradled it against her chest as she started to snap the kunai in half and stopped herself as she stared at the scarlet stained silver black blade.

I can use this to send a message of my own. She thought as she unlocked her apartment door and walked inside. She looked around her apartment, silently taking note of anything that may be out of place before stepping inside. She could already hear the soft mewing of the injured and abandoned kittens that she had brought home with her. There were three in all, the rest had died from their wounds or had simply been too weak to continue living even after she had picked them up.

Saving wounded animals had become a habit of late, mainly because everytime she came home to her empty apartment after having the shit beat out of her every day had finally started to take a toll on her heart and mind. She would often sit curled up in a corner for hours rocking back and forth and muttering, 'There's nothing wrong with me' and 'I'll live' as if it were a sacred prayer. And when she was'nt doing that she was wishing that she had someone or something to talk too and break the silence.

But everytime she tried to make friends, or adopt an animal something happened to the person or animal in question, some unforseen accident. So she never really managed to make a connection with anyone or anything until she had come across her babies, and now another one was dead.

She would have liked to get pissed about it, but for now she would practice her new jutsu and see if she could save it. Then she would get even.


Her new jutsu was a whopping success, and as a result her latest addition to her growing family was resting in the rocking doll cradle with the other two kittens, she had managed to use her new jutsu to restart the dead kittens heart and had used her medical jutsu to heal the fatal wounds that had killed it and then gave it something for pain and had sewn it's sides closed and then bandaged them and put it in the nursery that she had made for them.

She slipped on her black leather jacket and picked up her favorite mask, an ogor mask with long jagged fangs and slipped it inside of her jacket and picked up the bloody kunai, mentally going over what she was going to do to the person responsible for hurting her new baby. She had placed the bloody kunai in a place where it would rust at an unnatural rate, but had'nt dulled the blade very much which was good.

She hated to hear someone scream while she was hurting them sooo...a ball gag would probably be for the best. She found the one that had been stuffed in her mouth the last time someone had broken into her home, and put it in her jacket pocket and headed for the door when she heard a soft mewing sound right behind her and glanced over her shoulder to see the little black and white that she had patched up a short time ago looking up at her with a worried expression. "Mew?"

She sighed and bent down and scooped the little one up and cradled it in her arms. It mewed again and started to purr softly as soon as she held it against her chest and scratched it under the chin as she walked down the hall to her room. "You should'nt be up Baby. You were hurt very badly and now that I know your going to make it, mommy has to go out and find the one who hurt her little baby cat, and beat the hell out of them. So you just stay put, here in your new bed, and I'll feed you and your siblings when I get back, okay."

She put the kitten down on a small plush pillow that she sometimes let the other kittens sleep on and pulled out the hand sewn baby blanket that she had made for her babies and put it over the kitten, tucking the corners in as the kitten settled down and yawned, obviously to tired to argue with her as she rubbed her fingers along it's soft fur and quietly left while she could.

She had an hour to kill before she had to feed the little ones, and read to them.


Okay, here is the first chapter of my new story. I know I probably should'nt but I think I'm going to name it Accidental companions and go from there. Now, this is a different story from the actual accidental companions, and will deal mostly with our main girl, and our favorite shinobi, and the relationships that they form. Not everyone in the story is going to be nice to her, but she is going to have freinds in high places, and is going to work hard to earn the respect of the other shinobi.

Now to explain a bit about the story itself.

Uzu is a new genin, who is made jounin on the cruel whims of the hokage.

He does'nt do it to punish her, he does it to punish her new students. Yes, she becomes the teacher of Kakashi, Gai, Anko, Asuma, Kurinai, Inoichi, and Ibiki.

The reason for this is they all hate her, well except for Ibiki, Gai and Kakashi-they don't really like or hate her. They made the mistake of upsetting the Hokage who in turn wants to make them aware of the struggles that she faces for their sake. So he strips them of their jounin ranking and puts them in her care hoping to teach them compassion for their fellow man.

Well, hope you like it since it's something new. The character ages are below.









bye-bye for now