Sorry for the super late update but I've been stuck on this as well as others. But I am still working on them. So I haven't given up yet...

Anyways- I hope that you like this update since it's come at a bad time. We buried a stillborn baby on Monday. A little boy, related to me through my first cousin Adam.

My uncle- Adam's dad went to the funeral and I think it's been especially hard on him to attend because of how his eldest son was murdered seven or eight years ago.

Not only that but a dear friend of the family is dying and her time is almost up. As it is I keep waiting for her daughter- my best friend of twenty years to show up hysterical.

So yeah...sorry for the late update.



Mica purred as she lunged at the elder the very second he had opened the door to her mommy's home.

She'd just been so happy to see him. He was nice. Not at all like the others around where her mother lived. And sometimes when he came to speak to her mommy during breakfast he would feed her and Alice little pieces of sausage and bacon under the table so that their mommy wouldn't flick them on the ears and say that they were spoiled little queens.

Still the second she had lunged out at him, he had caught her in mid air and let out an blood curling shriek before taking a second to seeming get ahold of himself and muttered- "I'm getting too damn old for this," And then with a pat on the head, greeted her in his usual traditional fashion. "Hello Mica. Are you and your sisters protecting you're mother?"

"Meow!" Mica said excitedly, hoping that he might pat her on the head again. And if not, maybe she could get the others to distract him enough for her to see if he had any food on him in one of the pouches he wore under his white silk robes.

It had been awhile since he had last fed her or her sister bacon or sausage... and besides with the newest addition to the family they would need all they could get to keep from starving. Aside from that... she'd missed his pleasant company. And after what her mother had suffered at the hands of the enemy- she knew that she had too.

She was merely too proud to say the words aloud.

It was at that exact moment that her mother entered the room, her expression somewhat concerned until she noted the elder standing there talking to her familiar. Ah- So that was the way of it, She thought before sending Mica a silent message to be as cute and charming as could be and she'd fix her a treat of rabbit meat later on. Knowing that the familiar wouldn't be able to say no to the thought of having rabbit.

Mica meowed again and quickly licked Sarutobi's cheek and then jumped down out of his arms and bounded off somewhere in the room as Kakashi peeked out from around the corner- behind Uzu's back- from his hiding place in the hallway. His hands twitching to go for a kunai the second he saw danger.

He didn't know where that fucking giant cat had gone off too or what the hell was going on but he wasn't letting anything touch Uzu.

Nuh-uh. No way.

"Saru," Uzu said as she quickly crossed the room and took the elder's outstretched hand in her own before asking. "Are you okay? Mica didn't traumatize you, did she?"

"What?" Sarutobi said as he gave her fingers a tight squeeze while his dark eyes scanned her apartment. Aside from Kakashi trying his best to blend in with the walls and the overturned tables and broken dishes- everything seemed alright. There was no noticeable traces of blood or torn apart body tissue's. "No. No, no, no, no. She's fine. She just startled me that's all. The little scamp probably wants to be spoiled a bit." He said absently as his eyes went back to Uzu.

Apartment aside, there were faint traces of scarlet around her normally pink lips. And Sarutobi couldn't help but wonder just what she had done this night.