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Jasper made it to the back entrance of the hospital in about 2 minutes, using the forest as one big shield to cover up the unhumanly speed at which he was running.

When he got near the emergency entrance, Jasper placed Bella firmly on the ground and looked her in the eyes.

"What?," she snapped at him.

Jasper growled slightly, still struggling to keep him calm.

If only she knew how close she was to making me...nothing, Jasper thought to himself, sighing as he shook off the thought of inflicting more pain upon this frail little human.

"Listen, just be quiet," Jasper seethed, seeing red.

"Don't tell me what to-," Bella started.

"Oh, shut up," Jasper cut her off, firmly grabbed her by the arm and began furiously walking her into the hospital.

At the front desk, a nurse welcomed Bella and Jasper. Bella fell back a little, letting Jasper do the talking.

"Hello. My friend Bella cut her hand with a knife while preparing food. It looks pretty bad," Jasper said to her, playing completely innocent.

The nurse looked at Bella.

"Can I have your full name and date of birth, sweetheart?," she asked in a motherly tone.

"Um, Isabella Swan. September 13th, 1987," Bella answered.

Jasper looked edgy and Bella looked pissed off as the nurse entered the information in the computer.

"You've been here before," the nurse said without looking up. "And your doctor was Dr. Cullen, right?"

"Mm, hm," Bella acknowledged her.

"Alright. I'll need you to wear this wristband and take a seat and we'll get you into a room as soon as possible," the nurse smiled and printed a wristband for Bella. "The wait probably won't be too long- as you can see, we're not that busy today."

Bella stretched out her right hand, the one that was fine, and allowed the nurse to attach the wristband to her wrist.

"Actually, I was wondering if I can request Dr. Cullen again," Bella bit her lip.

"Of course, darling," the nurse picked up a phone by the desk. "He should be up at his office. I'll page him for you."

She dialed some numbers into the phone and then set down the receiver.

"I can show you to a room now while you're waiting for him," the nurse stepped out from behind the desk and motioned for them to follow her.

They did. Jasper walked behind Bella and gave her a slight shove to keep walking. Bella turned back, while walking, and gave him a death glare. It was like World War III was going on between them, but it was invisible.

They were instructed to stay in room 15, which contained all the normal workings and necessities of a normal hospital room: the sink, the exam table, the cabinets and posters and pictures on the walls.

"You can just sit up here, Ms. Swan," the nurse patted the exam table. "And you, sir, can have a seat right here." She touched the back of a plastic chair sitting in the corner near the exam table.

"Thank you," Bella and Jasper said at the same time. When they did, they looked at each other and glared.

The nurse left the room and it was silent. Neither Jasper nor Bella said a word. Bella looked down, trying to stave off her nauseousness and furiousness while Jasper leaned against the wall by the exam table instead of sitting down.

Jasper was dead still, no pun intended. He didn't breathe or move a single muscle. His face was set in a frown, as still as stone, hell-bent on controlling his ferocity and rage that resulted from the piercing scent of blood in the room.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, who was three floors above, smelled Bella's blood from the second she walked out of the forest with Jasper. He was not in the process of doing anything important. He had finished all the files for the day and was waiting for his next appointment, which was in about two hours, while reading a medical journal on his computer.

He was expecting the page from the emergency room when he got it. Accepting the page, he picked up the telephone on his desk and called down to the emergency room, as per protocol, even though he knew it was about Bella Swan already.

"Hello, this is Dr. Cullen," he said to the nurse that answered the phone.

"We have a patient down here, name Isabella Swan, DOB 09/13/87. She has a laceration to the left palm, may possibly require stitches. She requested you, Dr. Cullen," the nurse replied.

"Pull her file for me and I'll be right down," he answered and hung up the phone.

Carlisle grabbed his lab coat from the back of his chair and pulled it on in a flourish and draped his stethoscope around his neck and left his office, locking the door behind him. Instead of taking the elevator, he took the stairs and made it down to the emergency room in less than a minute.

The nurse that helped Bella and Jasper to the room saw him coming and walked up to him, handing him the file that contained Bella's entire medical history since she came to Forks a few years ago.

"She's in exam room 15, Doctor," she said, smiling kindly.

"Thank you," Carlisle smiled back at her, dazzling her and making her blush.

He walked down the hall, well aware of the fact that the other nurses at the desk were burning holes in his back with their eyes.

About ten minutes after Jasper and Bella were shown to a room, Carlisle knocked at the door.

He opened the door and looked inside. And before he even entered, he could tell something was wrong. You could cut the tension with a knife and Carlisle felt it emanating from both of his children within.

Good thing I made it here just on time, Carlisle thought. Because if they stare at each other like that a second longer, I fear they might begin to disintegrate.

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