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Chapter One: Assignments

I have always hated sitting in the waiting room, and right now was no exception. I'm always filled with anxiety and stress and worry… The reason I was called here could be either good or bad, but I was always nervous because I'm usually only called here because I'm in trouble.

What did they find out? I haven't done anything really bad recently… except for that one thing… but there's no way they could have found out it was me who did it. Buildings explode all the time… Or was it the grand auto theft, which resulted in a totaled Ferrari? But that couldn't be traced back to me either…

"Come in, Bella," the terrifying voice called from inside the office.

I took a deep breath, stood up swiftly, and sauntered into the room to greet my mob boss and second-best friend. "Look Rose, I just want to start off by saying that you've known me a long time, since high school, and you know I would never do something like that. But if you're going to accuse me, then let me say that I have piles of evidence to prove my innocence. And furthermore-"

Rosalie interrupted my rambling. "What are you talking about? I called you in here so I could give you a new assignment."

"Oh really! What was I saying before? I must've been rambling about some nonsense."

Rose stared me down for two seconds before continuing. "As I was saying, you've got a new assignment. This one should be easier than your last one."

"Ooh! What is it?" I asked excitedly, forgetting all my anxiety from earlier.

"Just find out as much as you can about this person, especially where he lives," she said while throwing me a manila-colored folder. "Alice will do the dirty work."

"And what exactly will Alice have to do to…" I looked inside the folder, "Edward Cullen?"

"Kill him."

Edward's Point of View

While Jasper and I waited outside Emmett's "office", we tidied up the kitchen. You see, Emmett's "office" was just the office in our apartment that the three of us shared. The three of us had been friends since high school, we went to college together, and now we were mobsters/spies/assassins/whatever you want to call us. Our whole operation just consisted of the three of us, and our central base was our apartment.

We OWN New York City. At least, we did for awhile, until we heard that there was another group exactly like us, except for the fact that it consists of three women. And now the only thing we focus on is trying to get rid of them. But they're so evasive, so elusive, that we can never seem to find them. It's as if they don't exist, but we know they do.

Emmett finally called us into his office. "Here's the new strategy. Edward, you're in charge of finding out about this one girl. I finally learned what her name is. It's your job to track her down, and Jasper, it'll be your job to kill her. And her name is…" Emmett had to pause his little speech to look for the name. It could have been any one of the thousands of papers that were piled atop his desk.

After a few minutes of shuffling through the papers, Emmett finally pulled out a small sticky note and handed it to us. And there, in his messy, boyish handwriting, it said:

Bella Swan