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Chapter Eight: Adult-napped

Edward's Point of View

The next week passed peacefully. Bella and I continued going on dates; each day we got to know each other better. Despite the fact that we hadn't known each other for long, I knew I was in love. I would have been in utter bliss if it weren't for the fact that Emmett and Jasper completely ignored me as if I didn't exist.

At the moment, both Jasper and Emmett were gone, so I was playing on the piano. I was writing a lullaby for Bella; it was almost perfect. Suddenly my playing was disturbed by Emmett barging through the door.

"Edward!" Emmett gasped. His breathing was heavy as if he had just run a mile.

"You're talking to me again?" My tone was more callous than I meant it to be, but I didn't care. Emmett deserved it.

He ignored my question; instead, he stood there with a thoughtful expression on his face before he turned and walked towards the kitchen. I could hear the clatter of Emmett opening and closing the refrigerator and several cabinets. Just as I was about to begin playing again, Emmett came back and said, "We need food, and it's your turn to buy."

I sighed. "Didn't Jasper buy food just three days ago?"

"I already ate most of it." Typical Emmett. He always eats all the food we have in the house before Jasper and I can even touch it.

"But it's late," I whined, glancing at the clock.

"So?" He crossed his arms menacingly and stared at me. "I'm hungry now."

"I'll go tomorrow, okay?" I was still suspicious of why Emmett was talking to me again.

"So you don't have any plans with Bella for tomorrow?"

I was about to say no, but then I remembered that I did have plans with Bella, so I reluctantly agreed to go buy food.

I trudged out to the parking garage. It's not really fair that they're making me buy the food, I thought. I haven't eaten anything at the apartment since Bella and I started dating. Once I got to my Volvo I considered just sleeping in my car and forgetting about Emmett, but I didn't want to make him angry. I bet he's finally gotten past me and Bella being together, I thought, but I knew that was a lie.

Bella's Point of View (Half an hour earlier)

This probably wasn't a very good idea, I thought to myself as I walked through the dark, empty alley. I had been in the mood for an evening Starbucks trip, and now I was walking back home through a shortcut that I usually didn't like to take. The only reason I was taking this shortcut was the fact that I hadn't told Alice and Rosalie that I was going to Starbucks. If they found out I was missing, they would be worried and I would get in trouble.

I glanced around me quickly, making sure there weren't any rapists or axe-murderers. Although no one was in sight, I could still feel the panic and adrenaline run through my veins. To reduce the fear, I pulled up images of Edward in my mind.

My Edward daydreams were interrupted by the sound of light footsteps. I swiftly looked all around me but saw nothing. I stood still for a moment, not even breathing, and tried to hear the noise again. When the lack of oxygen made me gasp for air, I decided to continue walking, but now I was being more cautious. My heartbeat, breathing, and footsteps were all twice as fast as before I heard the noise.

A minute later I heard the footsteps again, except now they were heavy and fast, as if the person was running. Just as I was about to whirl around, I felt a pair of arms grab me from behind. One hand was clamped over my mouth to keep me from screaming, and the other arm was wrapped around my arms and waist. I tried to call for help, but my voice was muffled by the huge hand that was over my mouth. My legs were still free, so I tried to kick my attacker, but all I heard was a deep, male voice chuckling.

It was then that I heard another pair of footsteps. Since my attacker was standing still, I knew there were at least two people. I'm outnumbered. There's no way I'll be able to escape.

"Where's the chloroform?" whispered the man who was holding me. The voice sounded familiar, but in my panicked state, my mind was unable to place where I'd heard that voice before. I heard the sound of some shuffling, and then a cloth was placed over my nose. I held my breath to resist breathing it in, but my lung capacity wasn't very much. I soon took in a gasping breath. Immediately my eyes started to close and my body went limp.

Oh no! Who could Bella's attackers be?
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