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Misaki's POV

"So Kakashi-san, how do we go about breaking this barrier?" Gai rested his hand on the rock covering the Akatsuki entrance; I noticed the dramatic ripple that went across the air as Gai made contact with it.

"This barrier is made using seals in five different areas around the entrance including the one on the rock. We have to split up and find said areas. Then, we can take down the barrier." Kakashi said nonchalantly, "Neji, if you will."

"Yes, I know." Neji nodded before putting his hands together to form a seal. "Byakugan!" The veins around Neji's eyes instantly popped up and I knew he was seeing much farther than us right now. I grinned; it always fascinated me to see how useful the Byakugan could be.

"Found them." Neji announced. "Northeast, on top of a rock 500 meters from here. Southeast, 350 meters away on a tree trunk rising from a river bed. Northwest, stuck to a cliffside 650 meters from this point. And one more at the center of a small grove 800 meters from here southwest from here."

"Wow, that was good!" I nodded very impressed. Neji really was amazing.

"Yosh! We'll use wireless communication to keep each other posted and find those tags. Follow Neji's instructions. The frequency is 174." Gai said tossing us each a headset. I caught mine and put it in my ear fiddling with it until I got to the right frequency.

"Transmitter settings ready." Tenten announced.

"When it comes to speed my team's faster." Gai shot Kakashi a thumb up, "Stay here, we'll wait for you to notify us." Kakashi nodded easily.

"Team Gai, go forth! THE FULL POWER OF YOUTH! SAN!" Gai yelled and with that they all dispersed from the area, leaving Sakura, Kakashi, Naruto, Chiyo and me.

A few seconds later there was a crackling on the speaker in my ear.

Neji's voice came through clearly and sharply, "A little further south Lee."

"Ok! Found it!"

"Found mine too!"

"Ok everyone peel off the tags!" Kakashi took that as the signal to peel off the tag on the rock.

"We're going in with a button hook." Sakura took a few steps back getting into a stance to charge the entrance and break the rock. She ran forward slamming her fist into the rock; there was a rumbling noise as the rock crumbled under the force of her punch. I covered my head from the falling debris overhead.

I looked up when I heard the last of the debris hit the ground, peering through the smoky I saw two shady figures in the cave. When the smoke cleared I took note of their appearance. One had long blonde hair fashioned with a long fringe to cover his eye, the other looked like a hunched over mass with scraggly cornrows.

It was what was lying still underneath the blonde that made my blood run cold and boil at the same time.

"Well then, I wonder which one the jinchuuriki is…um." The blonde stood up finally getting off Gaara's chest. I grit my teeth angrily. How dare they sit on Gaara as if he was some kind of trash?! How dare they?!

"Who the hell are you?!" I growled out in an ominously dark tone, a darker tone than I think I've ever heard myself speak in.

"You bastards! I'll beat you to a pulp!" Naruto yelled angrily. I could already see that he was going off the edge from the darkened lines of his cheek, his long canines, and the fact that the clear blue of his irises had suddenly changed to red and the pupil had become a slit.

"The blonde one…?" the hunched over mass gruffly spoke.

"Sure looks like it, yeah." The blonde grinned wolfishly.

I was barely paying attention to their conversation though as I stared down at the limp body behind them, "HEY, GAARA, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" I yelled angrily.

"GAARA! WHAT'S THE IDEA, SLEEPING AT A TIME LIKE THIS?! GET UP!" Naruto yelled out for good measure. He didn't even stir much less wake up.



"Naruto, Misaki, that's enough." Kakashi said effectively silencing us. "…You must understand by now…" I stiffened up refusing to believe what Kakashi was insinuating. We couldn't have been too late.

There's no way this can be happening.

"Yup, you get it don'tcha? This one is real dead, yeah!" The blonde laughed cruelly.

"YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!" I yelled out enraged by how carelessly he spoke of Gaara's demise. That quieted him pretty fast, though he turned to smirk at me.

"Feisty little one, aren't you?" He grinned lecherously. I snarled at him furiously. I told myself to breathe; this was what he wanted. By belittling me he could get me mad so I would attack recklessly, but this was the Akatsuki I was up against. If I attack him on impulse now, I would be done for. I had to calm down and plan my moves carefully.

"Give him back…" a glance at Naruto revealed that he had no intention of calming down. The lines on his cheek had only darkened and he was baring his teeth threateningly, "GIVE HIM BACK, YOU BASTARDS!" Naruto easily took the bait and began to charge at the other blonde. Kakashi instantly blocked his path.

"Calm down. If you charge in there without a plan, it's all over." Kakashi said, Naruto visually relaxed a little more but still glowered at the men across the room.

"Hey…leave this one to me." The hunched over mass spoke again. "It seems this other jinchuuriki wants him back."

"Heh, Boss…you might be mad at me for saying this but, I'll take this one, hmm." The blonde smirked at his supposed boss.

"It's one jinchuuriki for each member. Don't push it." The boss seemed to be slightly irritated at his cohort now as he narrowed his eyes at him in a look that screamed 'don't test me.'

"An artist's talent wanes in the absence of stimuli, Boss. Plus, they say the Kyuubi jinchuuriki is especially strong, yeah!" The blonde didn't seem fazed by his boss's look as he continued to speak jovially.

"You still insist on calling those firecrackers of yours art? True art endures the test of time. Everlasting beauty."

"As a fellow artist, Boss, I respect you. But true art is fleeting, gone in an instant, um."

"What's up with these guys?" Sakura muttered obviously irritated by the way they seemed to blatantly ignore us.

"They're a real pair of idiots, aren't they?" I snorted.

"Cut the crap!" Naruto whipped out a scroll from his weapons pouch. He unrolled it and there was a puff of smoke, at when it cleared Naruto was standing with the giant folding shuriken he used in the Mist Village. I had almost forgotten he had that.

Naruto quickly whipped the shuriken at them, there was a flash of silver and a clang and before I knew it, the shuriken was implanted firmly in the ground. I gasped as I noticed that the hunched over mass of a human had a silver tail resembling a scorpion's peeking out from the back of his Akatsuki robe. The second thing I noticed was that he hadn't even averted his eyes from Deidara to deflect the attack.

"Deidara, you mean to make me angry?" the hunched over mass obliviously continued talking to the blonde.

"Well didn't I say you'd probably get angrily just a while ago? Hmm?!" The one known as Deidara said seemingly unaware that he was riling up his 'boss'.

"Grrr…" Naruto growled in frustration that his attack hadn't worked like he was hoping.

"Well, my artwork explodes. That's the way it is." Deidara got up as a large white bird-owl thing swooped down from one of the shadows of the cave and took Gaara into its mouth. "Different from your little puppet shows, Boss, yeah!"

The hunched over mass was silent for a bit before he lashed out at Deidara with his tail trying to swipe at him. Deidara quickly jumped onto his bird thing cheekily turning to wave back, "See ya later, Boss!"

"Tch…" the hunched mass sighed.

I noticed the bird thing had almost swallowed Gaara at this point with only his leg sticking out of its mouth, I gasped. It made a full circled quickly flying out of the cave.

"Hold on, you!" Naruto chased after the bird quickly leaving the cave in pursuit. Before I could turn to follow after him Kakashi had raced past me out of the cave.

"Misaki, Sakura, Chiyo-baa-sama you stay here and take this one, me and Naruto will take the one outside."

"No way! I'm coming too, you guys might need medical assistance to treat Gaara just in case he's not…you know." My confidence tapered off towards the end of that sentence as I realized that what that Deidara guy said could've actually been true. "Plus, when Team Gai gets here Sakura and Chiyo will have more backup."

Kakashi seemed to hesitate at this but nodded nonetheless, "Sakura, Chiyo-baa-sama try not to take any unnecessary risks until Team Gai arrive."

"Understood!" Sakura nodded solidly turning to face the hunched mass.

Kakashi and I ran swiftly after Naruto seeing his standing at the top of a ledge near the cliffside, facing down with Deidara. We quickly jumped up to stand by him.

"Gai, do you read me. We need you back at the cave on the double." Kakashi said into his headset.

Gai's crackling voice shortly came out of the headset, "Easier said than done. Everyone's caught in the enemy's jutsu. It'll take a bit of time…"

I thought quickly about this, we couldn't afford it waste any time, the longer Gaara was comatose (at this point I was hoping he was just comatose and not…you know) the harder it was going to be to wake him or resuscitate him. We can't afford to lose any more time...

"Are you sure you wanna stay here and fight me, Sharingan no Kakashi and girly, hm? Sasori-danna is much stronger than me!" Deidara smirked down at us.

"Don't call me girl." I fumed in irritation. Why does Kakashi get to have a respectable cool name, while I'm just girly? Sexist. That's what he was.

"Kakashi-sensei, Misaki, go back and help Sakura-chan. I'll save Gaara." Naruto didn't even turn to us; he was so focused on Deidara.

"Sorry Naruto no can do. This is an Akatsuki member you're dealing with." I said firmly. No matter what he said I wasn't going to go back. Sakura can handle herself, and so can Chiyo, I was sure of that. He's not the only one who sees Gaara as someone precious. Despite the fact that we fought a lot in the Chuunin Exams and he hurt Sakura and even Sasuke, I couldn't hate him. In fact, he reminded me so much of the young, lonely Naruto that I wanted to understand him and be there for him. He shouldn't have to be alone. No one should.

Suddenly, Naruto sprung off the ledge launching himself at Deidara. The bird thing easily flew upwards dodging Naruto's attack sending Naruto into the cliffside creating a large explosion. I took the opening to whip three kunai in Deidara's direction.

Deidara quickly jumped off the bird sending him out of the way of my attack but also leaving Gaara defenseless. Kakashi took the chance to send a shuriken flying at the bird, as soon at the shuriken grazed the bird's stomach it exploded; I waited tensely for the smoke to clear, but to my surprise out of the smoke flew the shuriken that Kakashi had thrown. I held up my kunai quickly deflecting it. I glared when I realized when we had taken our eyes off Deidara he had used the cover of the smoke and jumped back on the bird and thrown the shuriken.

Naruto finally climbed out of the small crater he had created in the cliff side, "I won't let you have Gaara!"

"Humph, you're real strange for a jinchuuriki, you know? I've heard that all of them are lonely creatures who despise humanity. This Gaara kid was special as well…I've seen no jinchuuriki's welfare cause other people such concern. My comrades have already taken two jinchuuriki and from all their friends and their respective villages no one has even raised a finger to help them, yeah…" Deidara grinned, "On the contrary some people were even thankful to us, hm, hehehe..."

Still he continued, "So you can't let your poor, fellow hated person go, hmmm?" Deidara taunted Naruto. "This Gaara had the Ichiban drawn out, he's dead-"

"SHUT UP!" I covered my ears and gave my head a violent shake, "THERE'S NO WAY HE'S DEAD SO STOP SAYING THAT. STOP IT!"

"-you can be sure it will be your fate too, you little monster." Somehow I wasn't able to drown out the sound of Deidara's next words to Naruto. Once I heard them I literally felt my whole body filled up with anger, fury actually, I was beyond enraged.

"I'm gonna murder you bastards!" I screamed out.

"I'll kill you all." Naruto shouted back at Deidara. He just smirked before turning around and flying the bird farther into the forest. I immediately gave chase; Naruto bolted out of the cliffside and easily overtook me due to his heightened chakra.

"Wait! Naruto don't get too far away from me!" Kakashi chided, but at that point I didn't even care about stopping Naruto. It was true after all.

They killed him.

They really did it.

All this time I thought it was impossible. There could be no way that Gaara no Sabaku had lost, but it was over. But that didn't mean I couldn't get revenge for him. I poured on the speed over taking Naruto again. Behind me I could faintly hear Kakashi restraining Naruto and telling him to calm down then Naruto shaking loose there was a bit of talking I couldn't hear until I heard Kakashi shout.

"Misaki! Slow down! We have a plan." Kakashi called out. I conflicted with myself internally. I should really listen to Kakashi but at the same time all I could think was revenge, revenge, and revenge. The thought of Gaara lying dead in that bird made we want to chase Deidara down and throttle him. Nevertheless, I took a deep breath and slowed down reasonably.

They quickly explained the plan to me. I stood still and nodded agreeably. "…Understood."

With that we jumped ahead at a slightly slower pace waiting for Kakashi to build up his chakra enough.

"…Kakashi-sensei, still?!" Naruto asked impatiently.

"Don't be in such a hurry, Naruto. Unlike you I don't have that much chakra. It takes time but…" Kakashi said opening one red Sharingan eye, "I'm ready now. Let's go!"

"Th-that's a new Sharingan!" I said pleasantly surprised.

"Yes, it is." Kakashi gave me a lazy thumb up.

"…" Naruto stared intently at Kakashi.

"What it is Naruto?" Kakashi asked surprised by how silent Naruto had become.

"Kakashi-sensei…" Naruto turned forward again. "It's okay if you screw up…because I'll finish it up!"

I snorted; Naruto's getting pretty cocky, huh? Still I smiled, there's no way between the three of us that Deidara would be getting out of this. He's dead meat.

"Humph, just watch." Kakashi scoffed, "Mangekyou Sharingan." I looked up at Deidara noticing a slight waver in the air by his arm.

"Huh? Both my arm and the space around it…what an amazing jutsu." He uttered. Kakashi's eyes narrowed and I could tell from his expression he was in pain.

"Gyahhhhh!" The bloodcurdling scream made me snap my head up to look at Deidara again. His arm had been ripped off drawn into the small black hole Kakashi had created with the Mangekyou Sharingan. Kakashi finally put his hand up to nurse his eye and the hole disappeared.

"Kakashi, don't push yourself." I chided. Kakashi opened his eye once again looking at Deidara intensely. There was another shimmer in the air around Deidara. This time though he learned not to stick around and quickly swooped down to dodge it. I took this as my chance and jumped I raised my leg up getting ready to bring my foot down on his skull. He sneered and jumped back off of the bird. I grinned, exactly as I wanted him to do. I brought my foot down hard kicking the bird thing down so it was sent spiraling downward.

Deidara growled and used a small explosion to send him spiraling down after his bird landing messily on top of it.

Naruto and one of his shadow clones pounced on the chance quickly conjuring up a Rasengan and aiming right for Deidara's chest.

"Tch!" Deidara jumped back off the bird and Naruto's Rasengan went harmlessly through the middle of the bird.

"Misaki!" Naruto yelled out.

"I got it!" I yelled jumping forward and catching the head of the bird where Gaara was stored. "Safe!" I held up a thumb up for Naruto to see. He quickly went over to check on Kakashi who had finally deactivated the Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Are you okay, Kakashi-sensei?" I ignored Kakashi and Naruto for a minute as I dug through the thick layer of clay encasing Gaara. Finally, I saw a bit of red through a small hole and I dug faster revealing Gaara, sitting still and quietly inside the bird.

"Gaara…" I heard Naruto's gruff voice behind me and realized he had been looming over me. I bit my lip and turned away, fighting the rush of emotions coursing through me.

"I'll get you…" Naruto growled, the fox features already becoming apparent on his face again.

"Gotcha, gotcha. I'll fight you again soon, um." Deidara smirked evilly.

"You've let your guard down." I growled turning to him. He blanched just before another one of Naruto's hidden shadow clones flew out of the tree and punched him square in the jaw. He instantly was sent flying to the forest floor. There was a thud and a slight rumble as he hit the ground. Hard.

"Kage no Buushin!" Naruto created four more clones to hold him down on the forest floor. Naruto slammed his fist into his stomach creating a large crater in the ground Deidara.

"Guh!" Deidara coughed up blood at the heavy punch. The other clone that had been helping with Deidara came down next landing heavily with his foot, kicking Deidara in the stomach.

"Ugh…" Deidara screwed his face up in obvious pain. Naruto pulled back his fist for good measure and slammed it into his face. He repeatedly did this for a few seconds before using a clone to create a Rasengan and smashed it into the middle of his stomach.

There was a silence in the clearing. There's no way humanly possible that Deidara could've survived that onslaught.

When I peered down past Naruto though there was just a clay mold on the ground with a hole in its stomach. I growled angrily, tightly gripping the tree branch in my hands so hard that it snapped under my fingers. He got away, that sneaky bastard.

Naruto slowly rose to his feet, the red chakra flowing off him in waves. I instantly forced myself to calm down for the nth time that day and face the situation levelheadedly. Naruto was going off the edge again, and I had no idea how to calm him down or get away.

"Kakashi! What do we do?!" I whispered to Kakashi quietly but urgently not wanting to remind Naruto of our presence in case he decides to come after us in his rage. Kakashi fished in his weapons pouch before pulling out a seal. I warily watched him jump down to Naruto, I tensed ready to come down to help Kakashi if necessary.

Naruto turned to Kakashi just in time for Kakashi to slap the seal on his forehead. The red chakra quickly diminished and Naruto fell forward off the rock he had been crouched on onto his knees. I said a relieved sigh before jumping back down, to comfortingly pat his back.

"We'll get him next time. It's fine." I murmured tiredly. It had been a long day but we had retrieved Gaara.

I turned when there was a light thud near us. I was surprised to see Sakura with Chiyo's arm around her neck leaning heavily on her.

"You found us pretty quickly." I nodded impressed.

"We saw where the enemy was flying before." Sakura explained pulling Chiyo's arm off her and getting settled.

"You are still…having trouble here it seems…" Chiyo panted out. I scrutinized her closely; the old woman looked really bad. Not just like 'I-just-went-through-a-particularly-tough-battle' bad but more like an 'I'm-about-to-keel-over-and-go-into-a-coma-I'm-so- tired'. I shrugged it off though; she was an old lady maybe the battle just took more of a physical toll on her old joints. When we get back to Suna she could rest all she wanted.

"Sakura-chan…the two of you did it." Naruto smiled tiredly at her, probably from the smiled tiredly at her, probably from the exertion of trying to control the Kyuubi earlier.

"Yes. More importantly, what about Gaara-sama?" Chiyo didn't waste any time and got right to the point. Naruto awkwardly looked away obviously not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. I swallowed but stood up.

"I-I'll go get him." I said climbing the trees back up to the bird head I slung Gaara's arm around my shoulder and awkwardly lifted him up to lean on me. Chiyo nodded up at me gratefully.

There was a rustling in the bushes nearby and I snapped my head to look at it, it couldn't be reinforcements for Deidara could it?

Gai's familiar voice came loudly through the clearing. "Well done, Neji." When I squinted I saw the telltale blonde ponytail. I groaned, so he had been hiding in the bushes watching us this whole time?

Tenten was the first to spring into action bombarding Deidara with an array of weapons. Deidara rolled of off the brush and jumped nimbly dodging everything Tenten was throwing his way. He jumped and somersaulted, landing near the emancipated body of his clay bird. He spit the kunai out of his mouth and took a bite out of it to my horror

"Everyone get down!" I yelled, quickly jumping away from our attacker back to the ground Gaara in tow.

"Get out of the way! He's a long distance type who attacks with explosions!" Kakashi yelled; everyone in the area quickly moved out of the way watching Deidara tersely.

"Hehe, take a look at my ultimate work of art, art is a BANG, yeah!" Deidara chuckled, my eyes widened when I realized that his entire body was expanding growing into a round blob of sorts. He was going to blow his body up? He's a suicide bomber?!

"Get farther away! Retreat!" I yelled jumping as quickly as I could from the air, dragging Gaara on my shoulder with me. There was a loud bang and a rush of hot air sending me flying forward. I landed hard on my arm taking the force of explosion and Gaara's added weight. I groaned feeling a pang of pain go through my arm, wasn't quite fast enough to avoid it. There was an eerie silence following the explosion. I coughed trying to clear the smoke around me and get it out of the lungs.

"Report!" I yelled out hoping that everyone else was okay. There were a few choruses of 'here' and 'okay' and I breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone seemed to have made it out in time.

There was a sudden gale of wind and I put my hands up to cover my face instinctively. When I peeked past my arm I noticed that there was no sign of Deidara in sight and there was a small warped hole in the air closing up. Kakashi had used his Mangekyou Sharingan to suck up most of the explosion. He had saved us all.

There was a thud as Kakashi collapsed on the ground, Sakura instantly rushed to him and fussed over him, "Kakashi-sensei?! Are you alright?"

"I sent the brunt of the explosion and him to another dimension. More importantly, everyone is safe…" Kakashi spoke weakly.

"Misaki…" Naruto suddenly spoke. I turned to face him and nodded.

"Let's get to a safer area." I spoke solemnly.

I laid Gaara out on the ground quietly; I brushed my hands over the left side of his chest, putting my ear near his mouth. No heartbeat and no breathing.

I sat up slowly and slowly shook my head. I didn't even look up I didn't want to see the looks on the faces of my comrades. I already knew what they were.

Disappointment. Sadness. Despair.

I got to my feet taking a deep breath, willing myself not to cry. There was a tense, thick silence.

"Why was Gaara…?" Naruto's shaky voice broke it, "Always Gaara…"

I look up to study his trembling form and I wasn't surprised when I saw a tear slip down his cheeks and fall to the ground next to Gaara.

"Why did he have to die like this…?" Naruto continued anger and sadness mixing in his voice, "He was the Kazekage…he didn't just become the Kazekage!"

"…Relax, Uzumaki Naruto." Chiyo attempted to calm him down. Naruto spun on her fury evident on his face.


"Naruto…" I muttered felt my eyes fill up with tears. I really couldn't handle this right now. None of us could.

Naruto lifted his arm up gripping the sleeve in his hand to wipe at his eyes; he made a quiet hiccupping sound as he struggled to control himself. "I couldn't save Sasuke, and I couldn't save Gaara. For three years I trained so hard, but nothing has changed, has it…"

Chiyo suddenly moved forward shuffling towards Gaara. She kneeled before him and rested her hands on his stomach; there was a bright blue glow around her hands and a soft humming sound in the air.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I asked doubtfully, she couldn't do anything to help a patient once they're dead. It's impossible, or was it…?

"Chiyo-baa-sama! That jutsu!" Sakura yelled out obviously recognizing what she was doing.

"That's…" Gai spoke in wonderment.

"Yes…" Kakashi confirmed what Gai and I were thinking. I gasped, such a high level jutsu…how is that possible?

"What the hell are you doing?!" Naruto yelled in confusion clearly thinking that Chiyo was doing something immoral to Gaara.

"She's bringing Gaara back!" Sakura answered.

"…!" Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Tenten amazed by this revelation.

"Bringing him back…? Can she… can she really do something like that…?" Naruto stumbled on his words, evidently very hopeful.

"This jutsu is Chiyo-baa-sama's alone…" Sakura confirmed it. I felt a rush of respect for Chiyo but a jutsu like this must have a high price to perform it.

"What a convenient jutsu…" Neji mumbled in awe.

"But it must have a high risk…one that equals the effect…" I murmured quietly.

Chiyo flinched and the glow around her hand faltered, "Damn! Not enough chakra…"

Naruto and I scrambled to kneel beside her, "Please use my chakra!" we blurted out hopefully.

"…" Chiyo stared us down for a bit before slowly nodding, "Put your hands on top of mine…"

We rested our hands on hers and began to transfer our chakra into her. The blue glow slowly came back to full power.

A small smile grew on Chiyo's face, "Naruto-kun, I'm very glad that someone like you came into this shinobi world that we old people created. In the past everything I did was mistaken…but…at the very end it seems I am able to do the right thing." Chiyo looked up and gave us a cheerful smile, "Sand…and Konoha…their futures will be different than our pasts."

"What Kakashi said…that mysterious power of yours…it may change the future. Become a Hokage unlike any before." Chiyo nodded at Naruto, "And Sakura don't risk your life for an old hag like me next time. Save what's important to you. You are…a lot like me… There are not many women with chivalrous spirits matching those of men. You may become an outstanding kunoichi surpasses even the strength of your master."

"…" Sakura bit her lip as the tears streamed down her cheek, she covered her mouth suppressing the hiccups that were starting to become clear.

"Misaki." I looked up in surprise, "I see that you a very promising kunoichi, you have a lot of empathy, and guts for that matter. You care, and that can be your greatest strength. Though you have not gone through the same situations that these two have…" Chiyo nodded towards Naruto and Gaara, "you have the eagerness and capability to understand their feelings and that is a very strong thing that us old people who created this world did not have the foresight to understand. I expect you to go far."

I bit my lip and nodded not wanting to look into Chiyo's knowing eyes because I knew. These would be the last words she ever spoke to me or the rest of us.

"Naruto… a request from an old hag…Gaara too, understands your pain, so please…help Gaara out…" And with that Chiyo fell back for the last time the blue, warm glow dissipating into nothing. Next came the fluttering of Gaara's darkened eyelids. I heard footsteps running towards us and shouts. The sand shinobi were here, but I could care less about that.

"G-Gaara?!" I removed my hands from his chest in surprise. He quietly and slowly sat up.

Naruto rested his hand on his shoulder, "…Gaara…" He smiled warmly.

Gaara slowly to turned to face his wide bewildered eyes, "…Naruto."

"Y-you got up." For the first time in a long time, I felt warm tears run down my face, as I bawled, "You got up." I repeated again relief flowing through my system. As I reached behind him to support his back.

"Misaki…" Gaara turned to me, then to Temari kneeling at his feet and then all around him realizing he was surrounded by the shinobi of the sand. "This…"

"Everyone came running to save you!" Naruto grinned cheerfully at Gaara's surprise.

I swallowed down my sobs and smiled genuinely, "Hey, you put us through a lot, you know?"

Kankuro who was standing a few feet away nodded, "For sure. You're a little brother I always have to worry about, eh?"

"Hey now, don't go getting all arrogant! Gaara's still the Kazekage so don't be cheeky!" Temari scolded. "You brats!"

"Geh…!" Naruto and Kankuro scowled at the sudden onslaught from Temari. I laughed merrily; things were back to normal now.

Temari ignored their hurt reactions and leaned in closer to Gaara. "Gaara, are you okay? …How are you feeling?" Temari asked and I could hear the concern in her voice. She was more worried than she let on.

Gaara snapped back to attention. He put his hand on his knee and attempted to push himself off the ground. He trembled and made a small noise in pain. I stopped him quickly putting my hand on his arm.

He turned to look at me in confusion, "Not so fast. Don't be in such a hurry to move. You're body isn't up to full health yet."

"This is great!"

"Kazekage-sama is alive!"

"I thought Kazekage-sama might've really died!" one of the shinobi in the crowd yelled out. The kunoichi next to him hit him heavily over the head.

"Baka! As if that would happen!" she offended Gaara. "Gaara-sama is a real strong and silent type, and good-looking, and elite…" she clasped her hands together a blush on her face as she blatantly swooned over Gaara.

"Yeah, yeah! But there's still some cuteness about him, but then he's Kazekage…" one of the other women from the crowd joined in with her two cents.


"Next time for sure I'll get Gaara-sama out of whatever mess he's in!" The ladies rushed to Gaara's side violently punching Naruto out of the way.

Naruto landed giving an evil glare to the girls and rubbing his cheek, "Yeah, I guess I'm still just a genin."

"Don't feel bad women are always weak at the knees for the elite, cool types." Kankuro crouched with Naruto and comforted him sharing his disdain for the rude women.

"Yeah, I think Shikamaru said something like that to me before."

I took a moment to let the fact sink in that Gaara was now ultra-super popular with the women. A lecherous grin grew on my face and I stared at Gaara with a lewd look, "Ohohohoho…" I laughed like a perverted old man, "Looks like you've given into your carnal desires with the ladies, eh? Well, out with it, how'd-" My head snapped forward sharply as Temari delivered a sharp blow to my head.

"Baka! Aho!" Temari yelled at me as I rubbed my head. I pouted.

"I was just-" I started before she whacked me again.

"Shut up!" She blushed knowing what I was about to say. I laughed boisterously but stopped when my eye caught Chiyo's limp form resting in Sakura's arms.

"Chiyo-sama is passed out from tired ness now but she'll be fine when she gets to the-" Naruto started before Kankuro interrupted.

"No." Kankuro said.

Naruto furrowed his brow in confusion, "…What'd you mean 'no'?" He asked impatiently.

"That was no medical ninjutsu. It was a tensei ninjutsu. Chiyo is dead." Kankuro explained curtly.

"…What are you saying…?" Naruto was in denial as he stared at Chiyo.

"A ninjutsu that restores life in exchange for the user's own." Kankuro continued, "At one time in the Sand puppet squad Chiyo worked out a jutsu that could be used to give life to puppets…but the risk of the jutsu was too high and it was marked as a forbidden jutsu before experimentation could be done. It was sealed away."

The look on Naruto's face made me realize that he was just now going over Chiyo's last words to him in his head. He looked down then turned away as he finally accepted the bad news.

"I keep expecting her to laugh out loud and yell 'I'm just playing dead!'…she has such a peaceful expression now." I looked up and realized Ebisu was standing next to Chiyo looking down at her, his face blank and unreadable.

Sakura gave Chiyo's shoulder a squeeze and one of her tears fell down onto Chiyo's silvery hair. "…Yes…"

"You're truly a mysterious person Naruto." Temari remarked, "Chiyo-baa-sama was always saying that she didn't care about the future of this village. She would've never done something like this for Gaara."

"She entrusted the future to you and Gaara. A fitting last moment for a shinobi." Kakashi spoke.

"Yeah…I understand the old lady's feelings now." Naruto nodded thoughtfully.

Gaara shut his eyes before attempting to get to his feet again, "Gaara…" I warned.

"It's ok." He answered. Naruto put a hand under his arm and helped him to his feet. Naruto and Gaara walked forward to stand in front of Chiyo. "Everyone say a prayer for Chiyo." Gaara's baritone voice sounded through the clearing. I bowed my head whispering a quiet prayer for Chiyo.

When I finished I looked up at the sky. 'It looks so much bluer somehow…'

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