Staring out at the city on top of the golden gate bridge, Chris Perry Halliwell, white lighter to the charmed ones, future son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, sat with a far away look on his face.

His mother had found out that he was her son a mouth ago, Leo had left to be a full time elder, not knowing of Pipers pregnancy, or Chris's identity.

The look on his mothers face when he walked in to the room was surprising at the lest, he saw so many emotions cross her face, she keeps trying to talk to him, trying to get to know him better, he indulged her as much as he can without revealing to much but it was hard he'd lost his mother when he was 14 as much as he loved her he didn't want to get to close and then have to lose her all over again.

When she was just piper it was easier to ignore the pain he felt whenever they were in the same room but now with all the small smiles and worried nagging at him to eat and sleep more it was becoming harder and harder to ignore.

A jingerly sound awoke Chris from his memories.

Piper was calling him.

He orded to the kitchen, to find his mother with a stern look on her face.

"Christopher Perry Halliwell, I've been calling you for 10 minutes, where have you been."

Chris winced, she sounds so much like her future self its scary.

"sorry." he said sighing.

Her face softened, "have you eaten today?" she ask her voice showing a little worry.

He rolled his eyes, I swear if I eat every time she wanted me to I'd be bigger than a house.

Piper face become stern again. "I new it! I'll make you some breakfast."

Chris watched as she fussed about the kitchen making an omelette and toast, he sighed leaning on the side watching her.

"Piper your going to tier yourself out at his rate, its not good for you or the baby." he told her.

She suddenly stopped what she was doing and turned to look at him.

"I'm fine, if I wasn't I think you'd be the first to know." she told him, smiling at the fact that he was worried over her.

"hey people." Phoebe's voice came from the hall way.

Phoebe smiled when she walked in to the kitchen and saw her sister and future nephew, she new how hard Piper had been trying to create a relationship with Chris.

"hey sweetie, do you want some breakfast?" Piper asked turning back to the stove.

"sounds good." phoebe told her happily sitting down.

"where's Wyatt?" Chris asked looking around like Wyatt would pop up out of no where, which in his family is a possibility.

"over at Darrel's for the night." Piper replied placing a plate fall of food in front of him then turning to give Phoebe hers.

Suddenly dark blue orbs entered the kitchen to revel a dark lighter.

After years of demon battles the Halliwell family were experienced enough to duck and cover as soon as the danger presented itself.

Piper ducked behind the counter as Phoebe did the same under the table, Chris went in to fight mode throwing out his hand to deflected a poisoned arrow that was fired at him.

But he didn't see the second dark lighter orb in and fire an arrow straight at him.

The arrow imbedded itself in his shoulder, the pain making him drop to the floor.

"Chris!" Piper shouted as she watched her youngest sons body hit the floor.

Anger flared though her, she stood up and blew up the dark lighters without mercy.

Phoebe was already at her nephews side with a cloth from the kitchens side trying to stop the bleeding as she pulled out the dark lighter arrow throwing it a safe distances from Piper and Chris.

Piper rusted to her son, Chris's face was pale covered in sweat as he open and closed his eyes from the pain, her heart speeding in distress.

"we have to call Leo he's the only one who can heal him." Phoebe voiced warily.

"no." Chris moaned.

He didn't want his father here, Piper had it hard enough as it was, Leo coming back would only curse her more stress.

But Piper's mind was focused on her injured son, ignoring Chris's request, she did what she had to do to keep him alive.

"Leo!" she shout in a panic.

No response.

"LEO, your son needs you!" she shouted.

That did the trick, Leo appeared in front of them, his face covered in worry.

"what's wrong, where's Wyatt?" he ask, then taking in the seen in front of him.

"never mind that heal Chris!" Piper all but shrieked at him.

He rusted over and did as instructed.

As soon as the wound was healed and he was standing up Piper pulled Chris into a hug.

Chris felt a little awkward, as he patted Pipers back trying to reassure her that he was ok.

"what the hell is going on?" Leo ask confused at Pipers show of affection to her white lighter.

Phoebe bit her lip, she hated lying to her brother-in-law and she thought it was wrong that Piper didn't tell him about Chris straight away but it wasn't her right to tell him, she was just hoping maybe now Piper would because she sucked at keeping secrets.

Chris just looked at Leo, he tried shrugging off Pipers grip on him but it seemed she wasn't going to let go any time soon.

"nothing, sorry I wasn't quick enough it wont happen again." Chris's voice was monotone and full of distain.

Leo looked at Piper who was still holding on to Chris for dear life there was a strange fear in her eyes which she hadn't taken off of Chris.

"Piper?" he ask as he walked over to her placing a hand on her shoulder.

She jumped and turned to look at him.

"what's going on?" he asked again.

She looked at him a little confused for a second before her face showed rage as she stood away from Chris.

Leo took a step back out of fear, Piper had a temper and wasn't above blowing him up if he was pissed at him.

"I'll tell you what's going on, I'd had enough of this." she turned back to Chris and pointed a finger at him.

"this stops right now, no more demon hunting, no more running off without telling me, no more living at the club, pack your stuff up your coming home where I can keep my eye on you." he told Chris.

Chris just stared at her with an open mouth.

She's got to be kidding, I'm not a child, I can take care of myself.

Piper seemed to have read his mind because she took a step closer to him the vase on the kitchen table blew up as her anger lashed out.

"do you know what its like to know the baby growing inside you is out some where putting himself in danger, I'm meant to protect you not the other way around!" she shouted.

Leo just gasped as the peaces started to fit in to place in his brain.

Piper's pregnant and as far as he can tell from this conversion Chris was his son, it made sense why else would he be so determined to save Wyatt, the way he new where every thing was in the house, how he interacted with the sisters and himself.

For heaven sake, the boy looks and acts so much like Piper, how could he not see it.

"Piper in case you have noticed I'm an adult, and I have work to do I have to go down to the underworld and talk to a couple of my contacts about whose after Wyatt." Chris told her.

He was touched at his mother was so worried about him but her worry was starting to get out of control.

Looking over at Leo who was staring at him in wonder, oh crap he knows.

"NO! your staying right here." Piper screamed lost in her anger.

Pregnancy Hormones are crazy, Chris thought as he looked at his mothers red face.

"we'll talk about this later ok?" he told her as he went to orb.

Only to be stopped by his mothers hand holding him in place.

"oh no you don't,

Hear my words hear my cry, A mothers worry to subside, Turn him back to a child, So I may watch over him all I desirer."

Chris body glowed a bright light, piper phoebe and Leo watched as he deaged in to a young child no older than 8.

"mommy?" the boy ask.

He was small, with messy brown hair and bright green eyes.

They could all tell this was Chris but the hunted look in his eyes was gone, as well as his narcotic attitude.

Piper beamed him a smile which seem to relax the boy as he smiled back at her confused.

"hey peanut, are you hungry?" she asked crouching down to his eye level.

He nodded as he looked around at the kitchen with a cute confused look on his face.

"Piper can I talk to you in the hall way." Leo asked.

Chris turned to look at him a frown coming to his face at the sight of his father.

"sure." Piper said then turned to Chris once again. "stay here with your Aunt Phoebe ok?"

He nodded again, walking over to Phoebe looking up at her.

Phoebe had to stop herself from 'awwwing' at the sight of an 8 year old Chris, he really was cute!

"How could you not tell me you where pregnant?" Leo hissed at Piper when they where out of ear shot of Chris.

"it was hard enough for you to leave one son I didn't want you to feel guilty about leaving two." she told him calmly.

Leo tried to relax shouting at his pregnant ex wife wouldn't help anything.

"what do you think your doing, you cant keep Chris like that you have to turn him back, he came here for a reason Piper."

Piper glared at him.

"I know ok, but just for today I want to protect my son, just for today I want to see him smile and look after him like I should, I'll turn him back tomorrow." she told him.

Call it her hormones or her stubborn attitude, but in her mind she needed just for today to have her son with her were she could keep him safe.

Leo sighted there was no arguing with piper, and if it was only for one day there wasn't to much harm, plus he wanted to know why Chris hated him so much he could tell from the boys eyes it wasn't just about what happened since he's been in the past.

Maybe talking to his 8 year old future son would shed some light on where he went wrong as a father.

He nodded as he followed piper back in to the kitchen to see his youngest son giggling while phoebe tiggled him.

"stop aunt phoebe!" he shout laughing.

The seen made Piper heart warm, he knelt down and held out her arms, little Chris seeing this ran over to her and hugged her.

Piper held on to him tightly, this was what she wanted, to have her son smiling, laughing and hug her.

"mommy, are you ok?" the little boy ask as he pulled away from her.

She smiled, he does love me.

"I'm fine honey."

Leo came up behind Piper and Chris's eyes widened as he knelt down near them.

"hey kiddo."

Chris just stared at Leo with wide eyes full of confusion.

"hey daddy."

Leo's face broke out in a grin at little Chris's words.

He held out his arms like piper had done.

"don't I get a hug to?"

Chris just turn to look at his mother like he was asking for permission.

Seeing piper smile at him, he slowly walked over to Leo and hugged him unsurely.

"daddy does this mean you like me again?" little Chris asked Leo.

"because I didn't mean to do it, I swear."

Ok so this was something that happened in the future that made him mad at Chris.

"didn't do what?" he ask still smiling.

"you know what happened with the elders, I didn't mean to use my powers honest." his 8 year old face was so pure and sweet Leo's heart melted.

"it doesn't matter buddy, just don't do it again."

Little Chris nodded, confused but happy that his daddy wasn't mad at him any more.

"aw, isn't this cute." a dark voice came from the door way.

The man was tall and blond with cold blue eyes.

"who are you?" piper asked as she pulled up her hands ready to blow him up.

Leo pulled Chris behind him, protecting him from the stranger view.

"I'm hurt, you would think a mother would recognise her own son." the mans voice was full of mock hurt and sarcasm.

"Wyatt?" Leo's voice shook as Phoebe and Piper gasped.

Wyatt smirked at little Chris who had peek out from behind his father to look at Wyatt.

"I remember him at that age, he was so innocent and sweet." Wyatt said.

It seemed to every one else in the room like he was talking to himself.

"you've made it so much easier for me to take him home." he told them smirking then waving his hand so piper, Leo and Phoebe went flying away from Little Chris.

Wyatt crouched down and grabbed his brother by the arm who was shaking in fear.

"time to go home Little Brother." Wyatt flamed them out.

"CHRIS!" Piper shouted as she got to her feet.

Only to see Wyatt flame away with her youngest son.