My voice travelled easily with the wind as i sang. Strands of my hair blew gently around my face, the last ray of sun beat down on me making my skin warm. Night began to take over as the sky turned inky.

What a wonderful day.

Neji sat next to me listening and joining in on the chorus which always made me laugh, he could not sing!. We were 15 songs in and he wasn't getting any better yet, he was so cute.

We had gone shopping for nearly 2 hours, looking for food that would last a longtime that Neji could store for when he moved out.. He planned on getting his own place really soon he had confinded in me as we shopped, within the next month he had told Hihashi.

We must have looked in over 30 different shops and i didn't mind one bit. It had been fun just to hang out with him doing normal things for once, not having to worry about me getting ill or having to fight off villians or prove myself to anybody. Not having to constantly worry about the next step in our relationship or where we were going. Not having to keep secrets from anyone.

Here I sat. A real woman, a strong woman, a proud woman.

The chorus came up again and Neji's gruff voice joined mine, i giggled as he did an air grab. This was perfect.

I thought back to earlier in the day, after our 2 hours of shopping Neji and I had trudged back to his house with all the bags and began to put everything away, it had taken ages!, I'd sorted out all of his cupboards and we'd cleaned the whole kitchen together. It had taken us a grand total of 3 hours. They were the fastest 3 hours of my life.

Cleaning had never been so fun.

Shortly after that Hinata came home from the hospital with Hinabi. She was fine again. The antibiotics had worked and the virus hadn't spread. All the killer cells had been burnt out and she was now immune from ever getting that type of virus again.

We all hugged which looking back on it now seems cheesy but at the time it had seemed like the right thing to do.

Hinata had taken Hinabi upstairs so she could rest, Neji had suggested we go out somewhere. It was such a lovely day i knew just where i wanted to go.

And here we were.

The training field.

Where i'd had some of the best and some of the worst moments of my life. Where Neji and I had shared our first kiss, where i'd learn't so many life lessons, where i came to cry in times of sadness and where i came to work my butt off.

It was beautiful as the sun went down, and it was even more beautiful now it was night time, the stars twinkled overhead and the world seemed to be so calm and still.

I checked my watch, time had really flown, we'd been sat out in the training field for 3 hours thinking, singing and generally just enjoying each others company, it was approaching 11 pm and i wasn't in the least bit tired.

I should have been, i'd woken up at 7:30, rushed to the hospital by 8, stayed there for 6 hours until 2pm, from there i'd done 2 hours shopping and spent 3 hours cleaning Neji's Kitchen up. And now here we were laying on a field for 3 hours. 8pm all the way through to 11pm, and here i was not tired. I must be superwoman or something.

"Im not tired" I said aloud to Neji

He stopped his terrible singing and smiled at me. "You're a midnight insomniac"

I chuckled, that had been the title of the song we'd been singing, one of my favourites. A bird flew overhead with a chirp and i smiled as i looked up into the black misty sky. Anything could happen in the next few days or weeks or even months. I had gone from having my life hanging by a spiders thread to being one of the happiest girls alive.

I had Neji the guy of my dreams, and even though i had been tempted more then once by Negi who was admittedly good looking he was not to the standard of Neji. Negi would always be hot, but he would never be Nejihott. Neji was special to me and i could honestly say that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

I felt Neji shuffle closer to me and i laid down on my back, he laid next to me and we turned to face each other, looking into his eyes i could see my future mapped out infront of me. It was with him. It had always been with him.

"Move in with me?" Neji whispered

I smiled, i'd fantasised about this moment for years. I leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. A happy tear rolled down my face and his hand came up to rub it away.

"I thought you'd never ask" I replied with a happy laugh

Neji pulled me close to him and we hugged.

The next chapter of my life was just begining. I couldn't wait.

- The End -

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